Previously Funded CSUPERB Grants and Awards

CSUPERB administers and manages competitive grant programs for California State University (CSU) faculty and students.  We maintain this database of grants and awards so that applicants, administrators, and the public can view projects CSUPERB has funded since the program started making awards in 1999.

The Grants & Awards Database can be queried using the search box below or sorted using column headings.  Search terms can include names, campuses, keywords and grant/award program.

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CSUPERB Grant and Award Programs: Andreoli Faculty Service Award, Biotechnology Commercialization Challenge (2012-2013), Curricular Enhancement grants (2002 only), Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Award, Don Eden Graduate Student Research Award, Faculty Research Award, Collaborative Faculty-Student Research Seed grants,  Faculty Travel grants, Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Student Research Award, Howell-CSUPERB Research Scholar Award, CSU I-Corps (NSF-funded Innovation Corps Microgrants), Entrepreneurial Joint Venture grants, New Investigator Research Seed Grants, Presidents’ Commission Scholarships, Programmatic, Curriculum Development & Workshop grants,  Research Development grants, and Student Travel grants.


Academic YearTypeNameCampusProject TitleAmount FundedAbstract
2016-2017Curriculum Development GrantDonnelly, DermotFresnoInvestigating Chemistry Laboratories with Inquiry Projects (ICLIPs)15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017Curriculum Development GrantRasche, MadelineFullertonLearning Through Discovery: Empowering Lower Division Chemistry/Biochemistry and Mechanical Engineering Undergraduates to Engage in Cross-Disciplinary Bioengineering Research15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017Joint Venture GrantHuxford, TomSan DiegoX-ray crystallography of bispecific camelid antibodies in complex with a bacterial protein antigen25000Link to Abstract
2016-2017Joint Venture GrantOppenheim, TomasMaritimeDevelopment of a Neurosleeve System for Stroke Rehabilitation5421Link to Abstract
2016-2017Joint Venture GrantSkovran, ElizabethSan JoséCharacterizing lanthanide transport in methylotrophic bacteria for recovery of rare earths from discarded electronics25000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantAbrol, RavinderNorthridgeUnderstanding G Protein Selectivity in the Biased Signaling of Dopamine Receptors14989Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantAyala, PerlaLong BeachEngineered Composite Cardiac Patch14994Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantBengson, JesseSonomaInference of internal attentional focus by examination of scalp EEG in humans15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantBernard, JeffreyStanislausThe effects of electroacupuncture on muscle atrophy and cellular signaling in hindlimb suspended rats. 15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantEverson, DanielChicoExploiting the Chemistry of Coenzyme B12 for the Synthesis of Drug-Like Molecules15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantFleming Nuester, Emily ChicoHow do they do it? Fe-oxidizing bacteria as low temperature nanotechnologists15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantGustafson, JeffreySan DiegoDevelopment of selective RET inhibitors as therapeutic leads for drug resistant breast cancer15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantKram, KarinDominguez HillsCharacterizing the Role of a Regulatory Gene in Adaptation to a Heterogeneous Environment15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantKuhn, MistySan FranciscoSwapping Allosteric Loop Residues of a Vibrio cholerae polyamine acetyltransferase15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantLuque, AntoniSan DiegoModeling phage-bacteria dynamics in mucus: A multiscale approach to phage therapy15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantMulligan, KimberlySacramentoComparative analysis of gut microbiota in a Drosophila model of autism15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantSchaal, ChristophNorthridgeTreatment of pain along the spinal cord using focused ultrasound15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantShahrestani, ParvinFullertonUnderstanding sexual dimorphism in fighting fungal infection15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantSharma, BhartiPomonaUntangling the role of SEPALLATA homologs in floral development of Aquilegia (Columbines)15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantSo, MonicaChicoSponges for decontaminating water with endocrine-disrupting chemicals and carcinogens15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantStieber, S. Chantal E.PomonaDevelopment of X-ray Emission Spectroscopy for Understanding Enzyme Mechanism15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantTaheri-Araghi, SattarNorthridgeInteractions of Antibiotics with Natural Antimicrobial Peptides15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantTamae, DanielNorthridgeMetabolic targeting of cancer cells via the glyoxalase detoxification system15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantValdovinos, JohnNorthridgeLow-Profile Wireless Power Systems for Pediatric Mechanical Circulatory Support15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantWang, Yixian Los AngelesReal-time determination of alpha-synuclein interaction with membrane of individual living cells using surface plasmon resonance microscopy15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017New Investigator GrantWaselkov, KatherineFresnoThe Population Genetics of the Agricultural Weed Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) in the Southwestern U.S.15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017Research Development GrantBurrus, LauraSan FranciscoMechanisms of WNT1 gradient formation in the chick spinal cord15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017Research Development GrantHolland, GregorySan DiegoCollaborative Research: Moelcular and Hierarchical Structure Formed by Spider Silk Proteins14962Link to Abstract
2016-2017Research Development GrantNewcomb, LauraSan BernadinoIlluminating interactions essential for influenza RNA synthesis and processing to expose antiviral targets. 15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017Research Development GrantRoss, JosephFresnoGenetic influences on organismal adaptation to climate change15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017Research Development GrantVourlitis, GeorgeSan MarcosMetagenomic analyses of microbial abundance and diversity in semi-arid soils exposed to long-term experimental nitrogen deposition14919Link to Abstract
2016-2017Research Development GrantWhite, BrandonSan JoséTargeting triple negative breast cancer cells with walnut compounds. 15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017Research Development GrantWilkinson, KatherineSan JoséProprioceptor regulation by exercise released substances and gamma motor neurons15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017Research Development GrantWolkowicz, RolandSan DiegoDevelopment of a novel assay for the search of Zika virus protease inhibitors15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017Research Development GrantWu, WeimingSan FranciscoDesign and Synthesis of Novel SIRT1/2 Inhibitors with New Scaffolds15000Link to Abstract
2016-2017Howell-CSUPERB ScholarAlhajjar, NorhanSan DiegoCharacterization of Vaginal Colonization by Staphylococcus aureus3500
2016-2017Howell-CSUPERB ScholarHoang, Kim AnhSacramentoSteric Effects in the Computational Modeling of Cyclization Reactions of Enediynones3500
2016-2017Howell-CSUPERB ScholarLuu, JenniferSan DiegoGenetic Analyses of Mouse Repeats Important in Aggressive Colorectal Cancer3500
2016-2017Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMarquez, ElizabethPomonaEffects of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on the Severity of Candida albicans Vulvovaginal Candidiasis in Immunosuppressed Mice.3500
2016-2017Howell-CSUPERB ScholarNajera, SusanaSan DiegoCharacterization of a Bacterial Two-Component Sensor Kinase3500
2016-2017Howell-CSUPERB ScholarPrator, GraceChicomiR-375 has opposing roles in hormone secretion with α-cell and β-cell3500
2016-2017Howell-CSUPERB ScholarRamos, LaylaLong BeachAndrogen regulation of calbindin expression in the developing mouse cerebral cortex and hippocampus3500
2016-2017Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSanghera, PuneetSan JoséThe effects of lipopolysaccharide induced inflammation on spinal cord excitability3500
2016-2017Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSlarve, MatthewPomonaIn Vitro Modeling of Bacterial and Fungal Lung Infections in Cystic Fibrosis Patients3500
2016-2017Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSuasin, RajanSacramentoThe Synthesis and Design of Sulfated Glycodendrimers Against Biofilm Formation3500
2016-2017Howell-CSUPERB ScholarTellez, MiguelFullertonPurification and characterization of a small copper carrier (SCC) from blood plasma - a structural and physiological study3500
2016-2017Presidents' Commission ScholarAboulhosn, KareemSan JoséPhotoaffinity studies to identify the molecular target of pyocyanin inhibition8000
2016-2017Presidents' Commission ScholarApolinar, OmarSan MarcosBisphosphorylimides as Organocatalysts for Asymmetric Friedel–Crafts Reactions8000
2016-2017Presidents' Commission ScholarHorta, Calista San Luis ObispoIncorporation of Amino Acid Building Blocks into a Unique Type II Polyketide
2016-2017Presidents' Commission ScholarMadinehei, MahsaDominguez HillsScreening natural products for inhibitors of histone demethylases from the crude extracts of Mostuea brunonis Didr 8000
2016-2017Presidents' Commission ScholarMcPherson, Jeanne-MarieSan Luis ObispoEpigenetic analysis of candidate gene promoters in US Chinese immigrants in a longitudinal study on biobehavioral risk factors in diabetes8000
2016-2017Presidents' Commission ScholarNarvasa, CristinaFullertonInvestigating the trade-off between Drosophila longevity and immune defense8000
2016-2017Presidents' Commission ScholarPalomino, AlejandraFullerton Investigating peptidomimetic inhibitors for the botulinum neurotoxin light chain8000
2016-2017Presidents' Commission ScholarPerez Espinal, MaribelHumboldtDevelopment of an mCherry-HEXB reporter HEK293 cell line for Sandhoff disease research using CRISPR gene editing8000
2016-2017Presidents' Commission ScholarRedden, JordanBakersfieldSynthesis of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Lysyl Oxidase8000
2016-2017Presidents' Commission ScholarStevens, LeelaLong BeachInvestigating of foaming bacteria in a full-scale nitrifying and denitrifying activated sludge process. 8000
2016-2017Presidents' Commission ScholarVo, JackieSan JoséExploration of metalloproteinase inhibitor peptide against Anthrax Lethal Factor8000
2016-2017Student I-CorpsArcos Ramos, ArturoSonomaStep-Teck2500
2016-2017Student I-CorpsCastellon, JoseLos AngelesIPS Technologies2500
2016-2017Student I-CorpsDhanota, RickySan JoséTransdermal Drug Delivery Patch (DPT)2500
2016-2017Student I-CorpsHorgan, LaurenChannel IslandsThink Differently2500
2016-2017Student I-CorpsMatsushita, RyuichiLos AngelesAllShifts2500
2016-2017Student I-CorpsRodriguez, BraulioStanislausNovel Fusions2500
2016-2017Student I-CorpsSaksena, NishiSan JoséRespinostic2500
2016-2017Student I-CorpsVargas, MichaelSonomaSpecDetect2500
2016-2017Student I-CorpsVargasR, RebeccaLos AngelesThermogetics2500
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantArensburger, PeterPomona10th Annual Arthropod Genomics Symposium, Notre Dame, IN1500
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantBernard, JeffreyStanislausExperimental Biology Conference1500
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantKalyuzhnaya, Marina San Diegothe International Conference on Bio-Nano Innovation (ICBNI 2017) , The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)1500
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantLuque, AntoniSan DiegoWorkshop on geometry and shape analysis in biological sciences (Data sciences: Bridging mathematics, physics, and biology program), Singapore, Republic of Singapore1500
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantMomand, JamilLos AngelesAmerican Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting, Washington D.C.1500
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantMulligan, KimberlySacramento58th Annual Drosophila Research Conference1500
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantNewcomb, Laura San BernadinoAmerican Society for Virology - 2017 Annual Meeting, Madison, WI1500
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantPamukoff, DerekFullertonOsteoarthritis Research Society International: World Congress on Osteoarthritis1500
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantReece, JoshuaFresnoSociety of Evolution Conference1500
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantRogers, CrystalNorthridgeGordon Research Conference on Neural Crest and Cranial Placodes1477.76
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantSimocko, ChesterSan JoséPolymer Gordon Research Conference1450
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantStone, KoniStanislausAmerican Chemical Society National Meeting, San Francisco, CA1500
2016-2017Faculty Travel GrantTorres, ElizabethLos Angeles39th Annual ABLE (Association for Biology Laboratory Education) Conference, Madison, WI1170
2016-2017Student Travel GrantAlonzo, MarkPomona10th Annual Arthropod Genomics Symposium and VectorBase workshop1500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantBala, NoorLong BeachAmerican Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Meeting 2017, Chicago, IL1402
2016-2017Student Travel GrantCamacho, AlbertoNorthridgeRegional Meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology1326.76
2016-2017Student Travel GrantChokr, SimaLong BeachSociety for Neuroscience 46th Annual Meeting1439.36
2016-2017Student Travel GrantClatterbuck, CoreySan DiegoBay Area, California field sites. Includes 2 sites at Ano Nuevo Island, San Mateo County and Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, San Francisco and Santa Cruz1473.7
2016-2017Student Travel GrantFlammer, SteveSan FranciscoAmerican Society For Microbiology Microbe 2017 meeting, New Orleans, LA1393
2016-2017Student Travel GrantFregoso, FredNorthridge2017 Keystone Symposia Conference: Genomic Instability and DNA Repair joint with the meeting on DNA Replication and Recombination1500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantHarencar, JuliaSan Luis ObispoEcological Society of America, Portland, Oregon1493
2016-2017Student Travel GrantHoang, Kim AnhSacramento253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition1255
2016-2017Student Travel GrantHong, HeajinLong BeachAtherosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology , American Heart Association, Minneapolis, MN1332
2016-2017Student Travel GrantHoover, MalachiaNorthridgeAmerican Society of Cell Biology1500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantLuna, LucasSan DiegoCold Spring Harbor Conference: Eukaryotic DNA Replication and Genome Maintenance, Cold Spring Harbor, NY1500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantMahendrarajah, TaraNorthridge7th International Conference on Polar & Alpine Microbiology (PAM 2017), Nuuk, Greenland1500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantMcCready Reynolds, ShawnSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society for Microbiology General Meeting1500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantMorris, MeganSan DiegoEcological society of america annual meeting 2017, portland, Oregon1500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantMurphy, LillianSacramento58th Annual Drosophila Research Conference1257.2
2016-2017Student Travel GrantNguyen, StanleyLong BeachGordon Research Conference for Cellulases and Other Carbohydrate-Active Enzymes, Andover, NH1500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantSanghera, PuneetSan JoséAnnual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students1500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantSantos, DanielSan JoséAmerican Assciation of Immunologists, Washington DC1500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantSchramm, SaredaFullertonAmerican Society for Microbiology Microb , New Orleans, Louisiana 1430
2016-2017Student Travel GrantStrong, EdwardSan Luis ObispoPittsburgh Conference (PittCon) 20171500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantTian, MengxiSan Diego2017 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting1500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantVierra, CorySacramento253rd National American Chemical Society Meeting, San Francisco, CA1416
2016-2017Student Travel GrantVillagrana, RichardBakersfieldInternational Symposium on the Biology of Actinomycetes1500
2016-2017Student Travel GrantYarza, FaunaSan JoséAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) – Serving Society Through Science Policy1495
2016-2017Andreoli Faculty ServiceSmith, WarrenSacramentoAndreoli Faculty Service Award1000
2016-2017Faculty Research AwardPesek, JosephSan José1000
2016-2017Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardHsu, DavidFullerton2000
2016-2017Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardMiller, AaronNorthridge2000
2016-2017Don Eden Graduate Research AwardDave, NoopurFullerton1750
2016-2017Don Eden Graduate Research AwardDe La Torre, MaricruzDominguez Hills1750
2016-2017Don Eden Graduate Research AwardLi, XiangFresno1750
2016-2017Don Eden Graduate Research AwardManughian-Peter, AylaLong Beach1750
2016-2017Don Eden Graduate Research AwardRubio, JenniferPomona1750
2016-2017Don Eden Graduate Research AwardSmith, JesseChico1750
2016-2017Don Eden Graduate Research AwardTian, MengxiSan Diego1750
2016-2017Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardDhargalkar, JanhaviSan Bernardino1750
2016-2017Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardHowe, JesseSan Marcos1750
2016-2017Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardJani, SaumyaFullerton1750
2016-2017Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardKim, Sa LaNorthridge1750
2016-2017Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardMendoza Cavazos, N. CarolinaFullerton1750
2016-2017Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardPollock, Nicolette PollockLos Angeles1750
2016-2017Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardRodriguez Beltran, SandraFullerton1750
2016-2017Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardSandoval, CarinaFullerton1750
2016-2017Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardSkochko, Alexander Stanislaus1750
2016-2017Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardThompson, ClaytonSan Francisco1750
2015-2016Curriculum Development GrantKhuri, SamiSan JoséProgramming for Life Sciences: Preparing the Future Workforce15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016Curriculum Development GrantWilson, MarkHumboldtALL EARS: Active Learning Laboratory Early Authentic Research Study15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016Joint Venture GrantMcGuire, KathleenSan DiegoCan minicells be used as a probiotic approach against colon cancer?25000Link to Abstract
2015-2016Joint Venture GrantStathopoulos, ChristosPomonaWhat makes E. coli a probiotic: Searching for fitness factors in probiotic E. coli Nissle 191725000Link to Abstract
2015-2016Joint Venture GrantXu, HowardLos AngelesMining discovered natural products for high-value antibacterial inhibitor-target pairs25000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantBecker, JamesLong BeachBone Loading During Pilates Jumping Exercises15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantBrennan, CatherineFullertonUsing Psidin to Probe the Intersection of Phagocytosis and Autophagy15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantCrook, RobynSan FranciscoLinking nociceptive circuit plasticity to complex defensive behavior15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantHalim, MarlinEast BayAptamer-based sensors for rapic quantification of toxic metabolites of galactose found in patients suffering from Duarte Galactosemia15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantHawkins, BenjaminSan JoséSize-Independent Dielectrophoretic Cell Separation for Identification of Altered Cell Phenotype15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantHolland, ErikaLong BeachEnvironmental pollutants alter Ca2+ mediated gene transcription15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantJimenez Ortiz, VeronicaFullertonRole of mechanosensitive channels in the human parasite Trypanosoma cruzi15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantLi, YizeBakersfieldSemiconductor Nanomembrane Enabled Implantable Glucose Sensor15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantLoza-Coll, MarianoNorthridgeIn vivo analysis of stem cell responsiveness under stress14600Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantMallari, JeremySan BernardinoDeveloping Chemical Tools to Probe Malarial Protease Biology14900Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantMartinez, NathanielSan Luis ObispoPoint-of-Care Diagnostic Device for the Quantitative Analysis of Human Estradiol15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantMulligan, KimberlySacramentoDeveloping Drosophila melanogaster as a Model for the Identification of Environmental Chemicals that Confer Risk to Autism15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantOrchard, AlexandraFullertonDesign and Synthesis of Potential Inhibitors of the E6 Protein in high-Risk HPVs15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantOshun, JasperHumboldtIsotope Effects in ecto-mycorrhizal mining of rock moisture for Douglas-firs15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantPamukoff, DerekFullertonDiagnostic Ultrasound: A non-invasive technology to assess knee joint health14995Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantRohlfs, RoriSan FranciscoIdentifying the role of alternative splicing in adaptive evolution15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantRUIZ RUEDA, CRISTIANNorthridgeNovel Approaches to Find Inhibitors of Multiple Antibiotic Efflux Pumps 15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantSohl, ChristalSan DiegoNavigating genotoxicity: mechanistic studies with pol epsilon in carcinogenic environments15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantStachura, DavidChicoMolecular Control of the Vertebrate Hematopoietic Niche 15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantTian, FangyuanLong BeachUsing Metal Organic Framework Film as a Drug-Eluting Stent Coating15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantZhang, XiaorongSan FranciscoToward the Next-Generation Neural Controlled Artificial Arms15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantLanning, NathanLos AngelesLeigh Syndrome cell model development and therapeutic potential for Adenylate Kinase 415000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantPurse, ByronSan DiegoFluorescently Labeled Riboswitch Constructs for Ligand and Drug Discovery15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantRosenfeld, LiatSan JoséMicrofluidic-based artificial placenta for preterm babies15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016New Investigator GrantJue, NathanielMonterey BayPatterns of Gene Expression Associated with the Evolution of Hermaphroditism in Fishes15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016Research Development GrantAllen, BengtLong BeachProteomic Response of Limpets to Food and Heat Stress: Physiological Consequences of Alternative Thermal Defense Strategies15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016Research Development GrantAmagata, TaroSan FranciscoDiscovery of novel solid tumor selective cytotoxins produced by marine-derived actinomycetes15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016Research Development GrantCuajungco, MathFullertonDefining the topology and zinc transport function of transmembrane (TMEM)-163 protein15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016Research Development GrantJohnson, HopeFullertonGenetic Tools to Investigate Bacterial Manganese Oxidation15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016Research Development GrantKrishnan, KrishFresnoProtein expression and structural characterization of Lunasin: an anti-cancer peptide15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016Research Development GrantYoun, HwanFresnoStudying diverse cyclic nucleotide-sensing mechanisms displayed by a protein family15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016Research Development GrantD'Anna-Hernandez, KimberlySan MarcosThe postnatal role of hypocretin in maternal depressive-like behaviors in mice 15000Link to Abstract
2015-2016Howell-CSUPERB ScholarChokr, SimaLong BeachThe OFQ-ORL-1 system mediates Tamoxifen and ICI-182, 780 facilitation of lordosis via GPER3500
2015-2016Howell-CSUPERB ScholarLeavitt, KellySan Luis ObispoEffects of hormonal contraceptive use on the human gut microbiome and specifically Escherichia coli: A pilot study3500
2015-2016Howell-CSUPERB ScholarLiboro, Karl Los AngelesEffect of Bacteriocin-like peptide, pentocin TV35b, from Lactobacillus pentosus on Candida albicans biofilm formation 3500
2015-2016Howell-CSUPERB ScholarStrong, BrandonSan Luis ObispoPoint-of-Care Diagnostic Device for the Quantitative Analysis of Human Estradiol3500
2015-2016Howell-CSUPERB ScholarTran, AlanSan JoséAn Investigation into the Effects of Sensory Activity on Neural Circuits3500
2015-2016Howell-CSUPERB ScholarKim, Sa LaNorthridgeThe Role of ITGA1 in Pancreatic Cancer3500
2015-2016Howell-CSUPERB ScholarWhite, Kevin San DiegoAn in vitro Investigation on Proliferation, Survival, and Differential Potential of CardioClusters 3500
2015-2016Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBowlsby, AlyssaChicoFormation of Dimeric Antagonists as a Novel Treatment for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia3500
2015-2016Howell-CSUPERB ScholarVierra, CorySacramentoSynthesis and Optimization of Hexavalent Glycodendrimers as Anti-HIV Agents3500
2015-2016Howell-CSUPERB ScholarWhite, BrandyFresnoSmall Molecule Binding Sites Explored in Variable Heavy Chain Antibodies3500
2015-2016Howell-CSUPERB ScholarHernandez, KarinaFresnoThe effect of bisphosphonate drugs on metastatic breast cancer in a 3D culture model 3500
2015-2016Howell-CSUPERB ScholarThomas, Jason FresnoOxidative stress response in Staphylococcus aureus 3500
2015-2016Presidents' Commission ScholarChandrasekaran, Sita San FranciscoLigand exchange in the heme domain of Cystathionine Beta Synthase8000
2015-2016Presidents' Commission ScholarGuzman Tipan, Pablo SebastianFresnoDevelopment of Pichia pastoris as a model system to test the regulation of Myosin X.8000
2015-2016Presidents' Commission ScholarHan, David Hyung IkSan JoséThe effects of a furry friend on stress in undergraduate students8000
2015-2016Presidents' Commission ScholarHolm, Annika SonomaExamination of the Chemical Biology of Hydropersulfides: Reactions with Metalloproteins 8000
2015-2016Presidents' Commission ScholarLabanieh, CedraFullertonCharacterization of the interaction between a 70-kDa heat shock protein, HspA1A, and a lipid, phosphatidylserine, in stressed human cells8000
2015-2016Presidents' Commission ScholarLore, BrittanySan Luis ObispoIdentification of storage conditions for optimizing the shelf-life of a point-of-care device intended for the quantitation of human estradiol8000
2015-2016Presidents' Commission ScholarMcBee, ShannonFullertonPeptidomimetic molecular design for the inhibition of the West Nile virus NS2B-NS3 protease8000
2015-2016Presidents' Commission ScholarMiranda, Nadia San MarcosObesity and Immune Cell Function in the Intestine8000
2015-2016Presidents' Commission ScholarMulick, SeanSan DiegoOptimizing MicroScale Thermophoresis assays for protein:dsDNA binding8000
2015-2016Presidents' Commission ScholarPhelan, JoshuaFullertonIsolation of new manganese oxidizing bacteria8000
2015-2016Presidents' Commission ScholarTrujillo, AshleyDominguez HillsUsing molecular and physiological approaches to study the impact of temperature and pollution on coral reproduction8000
2015-20160Bingbing, LiNorthridgeManufacturing Systems Engineering & Management2500
2015-20160Claire, KomivesSan JoséMaterial & Chemical Engineering2500
2015-20160Shereazad Jimmy, GandhiNorthridgeManufacturing Systems Engineering & Management2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsAmadi, MichaelEast BayFibrex Sciences2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsBencini, KevinSan JoséSJBiomechanics2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsBlancaflor, AaronSacramentoMobile Metrics2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsJohnson, NathanielSacramentoBiliblu Biomedical2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsKaplan, RyanHumboldtLive Sorb Solutions2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsMunshi, ZarinaSan DiegoLaserClean2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsPoniente, AllenSacramentoSacramento Monitor Assistance2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsRey, JonathanLos AngelesBioNivia Tech2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsRodriguez, CelesteLos AngelesProtein Proteiniacs2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsRosa, LuisLos AngelesBioStream2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsSajjad, ShujaEast BayCalcitronics2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsShah, MadihaSan JoséVinci Diabetes2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsTringali, JonathanPomonaNeoPatch2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsVemuri, MrudulaSan JoséOVON Inc2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsYaghoobi, Ariga (Bianca)Los AngelesCryogenix2500
2015-2016Student I-CorpsZhang, ShengFresnoBioorganic Medicinal Chemistry2500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantAdams, NikkiSan Luis ObispoSociety for Integrative and Comparative Biology1500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantCrowhurst, KarinNorthridgeSabbatical research at the University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children1500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantD'Anna-Hernandez, KimberlySan MarcosSociety for Neuroscience Annual Conference1500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantDejean, LaurentFresnoSymposium on Mitochondrial Channels and Transporters569
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantGoto, JoyFresno26th International Symposium on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/Motor Neuron Disease (ALS/MND)1111
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantHG Solomon, LucySan MarcosUT Dallas ATEC & EMAC Art-Science Lab 1450
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantHuxford, TomSan DiegoKeystone Symposium—NF-kappaB and MAP Kinase Signaling in Inflammation1500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantKelber, JonathanNorthridgeAmerican Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting1500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantNarayanaswami, VasanthyLong Beach2nd Barriers of the Central Nervous System1500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantBernstein, SanfordSan Diego15th Alpbach Motors Meeting: Myosin and Muscle, and other Motors, Alpbach, Austria1500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantBrennan, CatherineFullerton100 Years of Phagocytes, Giardini Naxos, Sicily, Italy1500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantFingerman, KevinHumboldtEuropean Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands1500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantFrancis, IsoldeBakersfieldInternational Society for Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, Portland, Oregon1500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantHong, RayNorthridgeEvolutionary Biology of Caenorhabditis and Other Nematodes, Cold Spring Harbor, New York1500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantLinder, Maria CFullertonTrace Elements in Biology and Medicine, Big Sky Montana1500
2015-2016Faculty Travel GrantWolkowicz, RolandSan DiegoAcademic Drug Screening 2016, Cambridge, United Kingdom1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantBichara, VeronicaSan DiegoHCV 2015 - Hepatitis C and related viruses conference1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantEnnis, AnastasiaSan FranciscoCoastal and Estuarine Research Federation, 23rd Biennial Conference710
2015-2016Student Travel GrantKim, Sa LaNorthridgeAmerican Association for Cancer Research1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantLeavitt, Kelly San Luis ObispoAmerican Society for Microbiology General Meeting - ASM microbe 20161500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantLee, BeckySan JoséAmerican Society for Microbiology "Microbe 2016"1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantNgoi, PeterSan Francisco60th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting900
2015-2016Student Travel GrantReed, ConnorrSan DiegoHCV 2015, International Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses 1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantRojas, OmarLong Beach2015 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting1305
2015-2016Student Travel GrantSaunders, HarmonySan DiegoAnnual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantWhite, BrandyFresnoAmerican Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantCline, AndrewMonterey BayGordon Conference: Ocean Global Change Biology, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantDinh, Lauren FullertonTrace Elements in Biology and Medicine, Big Sky, Montana1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantFrazier, ColePomonaAmerican Society of Microbiology Microbe 2016, Boston, Massachusetts1099
2015-2016Student Travel GrantHaddad, RaniaFresnoSociety for the Study of Evolution 2016 Conference, Austin, TX1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantMeyers, MorganSan Francisco4th International Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantMota, ThomasLong BeachNeuroscience 2016, San Diego, CA1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantNasongkla, Chatrathip (Ann)PomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology Microbes Conference, Boston, MA1411
2015-2016Student Travel GrantPuspitasari, EvelynSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society for Microbiology (ASM) Microbe 2016, Boston, MA1460
2015-2016Student Travel GrantRenahan, TessNorthridgeEvoultionary Biology of Caenorhabditis and Other Nematodes, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantRussell, VirginiaSan FranciscoInternational Symposium in Microbial Ecology, Montreal, Quebec, Canada1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantSeibert, CharlieNorthridgeKEYSTONE SYMPOSIA: STEM CELLS AND CANCER, BRECKENRIDGE, COLORADO387
2015-2016Student Travel GrantSwenson, JohnSan FranciscoJohn Swenson, Virginia Institute of Marine science, Gloucester Point, Virginia1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantWilliams, Wesley San Diego23rd International Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses , Kyoto, Japan1500
2015-2016Student Travel GrantWingert, CharlesSan Francisco4th International Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia1500
2015-2016Andreoli Faculty ServiceCohen, AmybethFullertonAndreoli Faculty Service Award1000
2015-2016Faculty Research AwardKelly, DoranSan DiegoFaculty Research Award1000
2015-2016Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardChiem, KevinFullertonCrellin Pauling Student Teaching Award2000
2015-2016Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardTeague, KristineSan DiegoCrellin Pauling Student Teaching Award2000
2015-2016Don Eden Graduate Research AwardFlores, RachelLong Beach1750
2015-2016Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardRiggs, Lace M.San Bernardino1750
2014-2015Curriculum Development GrantWilkinson, KatherineSan JoséAligning SJSU’s Introductory Biology Core to the Vision & Change Recommendations15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Joint Venture GrantKelber, JonathanNorthridgeRNA extraction tools and methods for improved high throughput FFPE NGS25000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Joint Venture GrantNarayanaswami, VasanthyLong BeachApoE/Gold Nanoparticles as drug delivery agents across the blood brain barrier25000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Joint Venture GrantPadilla-Gamino, Jacqueline LiliaDominguez HillsIdentifying climate change resistant genotypes of the farmed Mytilus galloprovincialis: exploring the role of maternal effects25000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantArpin, CarolynnChicoGeneration of Dimeric GRB2 Antagonists to Treat Myeloid Leukemia15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantBerlemont, RenaudLong BeachHamster Gut Metagenome and Physiology14997Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantBhandari, DeepaliLong BeachUnraveling Cell Survival Mechanisms During Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantCooper, KerryNorthridgeThe role of RpoS and methylation of DNA in Escherichia coli 14895Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantDejean, LaurentFresnoRegulatory cross-talk between apoptosis and metabolism: a metabolomics study15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantEvans, AmandaFullertonContinuous Flow Synthesis of Fibromyalgia Pharmaceuticals15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantFlores, GilbertoNorthridgeMicrobial interactions in salt marsh environments through space and time14656Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantGustafson, JeffreySan DiegoAtropisomer preorganized α-helix mimics as selective inhibitors of anti-apoptotic proteins15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantIafe, RobertSan MarcosBisphosphorylimides as Organocatalysts for Asymmetric Friedel-Crafts Reactions15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantJones, EricSan Luis ObispoAmyloidogenic peptide templating and metal nanoparticle reduction: Development of a simple, instrument-free method for detection of amyloid proteins15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantLuchko, TylerNorthridgeFast, accurate drug binding calculations using controlled physical approximations15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantMiles, TimothyMonterey BayDeveloping molecular tools for the plant pathogen Rhizoctonia14300Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantMiller, LauraSan JoséInhibition of an antibiotic resistance pathway in Pseudomonas aeruginosa15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantPace, DouglasLong BeachQuantitative determination of protein synthesis rates in the human parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, and its link to host-cell invasion.15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantPurse, ByronSan DiegoModifying Drugs and Molecular Probes for Enhanced Delivery using One-Step Diazo Chemistry15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantSnyder, JamiePomonaElucidating the genome packaging and assembly of an archaeal virus15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantSwei, Andrea San FranciscoGenotypic variation in a key virulence gene in Borrelia burgdorferi15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantWang, FangDominguez HillsIdentification of genes involved in interactions of touch-sensing neurons and skin15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015New Investigator GrantWatts, KatharineSan Luis ObispoEngineering a natural product assembly line for production of the drug Carfilzomib15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Research Development GrantBuckley, NancyPomonaInvestigating the effect of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on the susceptibility to systemic C. albicans infection in mice treated with an anti-cancer drug15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Research Development GrantBurrus, LauraSan FranciscoValidation of NPC2 and PPT1 as regulators of Wnt signaling15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Research Development GrantCrow, KarenSan FranciscoComparing correlates of mating strategy and female Bateman gradients in the wild using next generation sequencing15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Research Development GrantDudgeon, StevenNorthridgeAsexuality and the cryptic species identification problem14730Link to Abstract
2014-2015Research Development GrantKlisch, StephenSan Luis ObispoExperimental and computational analyses of joint and tissue loading in ACL reconstructed and contralateral knees15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Research Development GrantLema, SeanSan Luis ObispoGenetic and epigenetic variation in pitx1 as a basis for temperature-mediated morphological divergence 15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Research Development GrantMahmoodi, HamidSan FranciscoHardware-Software Co-Design Platform for Efficient Brain Modeling Research15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Research Development GrantRiggs, BlakeSan FranciscoA deficiency-based modifier screen for regulation of ER shaping GTPase, Atlastin15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Research Development GrantWaters, ElizabethSan DiegoBoechera likes it very hot: thermotolerance mechanisms in plants.15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Research Development GrantWolkowicz, RolandSan DiegoA cell based assay for the search of competitors of HIV-1 Envelope processing 15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Research Development GrantXu, HowardLos AngelesThe role of hemO gene cluster in virulence of Acinetobacter baumannii15000Link to Abstract
2014-2015Research Development GrantChen, Qiao-HongFresnoOptimization of Diarylpentadienones as Chemotherapeutics for Prostate Cancer15000
2014-2015Howell-CSUPERB ScholarAparicio Valenzuela, JoyFresnoThe expression of the Alzheimer’s disease associated protein tau and the development of associated cognitive decline in Drosophila melanogaster.3500
2014-2015Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBermudez, AndresSan DiegoIdentification of the GBS Bacterial Factor that Contributes to Tight Junction Disruption in Brain Endothelium3500
2014-2015Howell-CSUPERB ScholarDuenas, AnnalisaSan JoséThe Effects of Developmental Ethanol Exposure on Neuropeptide F Signaling in Drosophila melanogaster3500
2014-2015Howell-CSUPERB ScholarFuentes, LukasLong BeachLysine and glutamate residues in the C-terminal domain of human apolipoprotein A-I are responsible for oligomerization 3500
2014-2015Howell-CSUPERB ScholarGladfelder, JoshuaChicoInhibiting the Proliferation of Breast Cancer Cells by the use of Dimeric Binders of the Grb2 SH2 Domain3500
2014-2015Howell-CSUPERB ScholarHetrick, LindsayPomonaFunctional Study of Bmi1 in Breast Cancer cells3500
2014-2015Howell-CSUPERB ScholarLeighton, AnnaSan DiegoA molecular approach to Myosin Storage Myopathy (MSM) disease mechanism through in vivo and in vitro assays3500
2014-2015Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMerana, GeilFresnoStudy of the Effects of California Particulate Matter Samples on the Production of Reactive Oxygen Species in Alveolar Macrophages3500
2014-2015Howell-CSUPERB ScholarPhan, JessicaLong BeachOvarian steroid hormone regulation of progesterone receptor-Src kinase signaling pathway3500
2014-2015Howell-CSUPERB ScholarRidder, AaronLong BeachAndrogen regulation of Sfswap protein expression in the developing mouse cortex and hippocmapus3500
2014-2015Howell-CSUPERB ScholarTran, JaimeLong BeachMass Spectrometric Determination of the Conformation of Apolipoprotein E3 in High Density Lipoproteins3500
2014-2015Howell-CSUPERB ScholarVillarreal, Kaycee Long BeachThe Effect of Dialkyl Bis-Phosphates on Beta-Amyloid Formation3500
2014-2015Presidents' Commission ScholarAspili, AnthonySan DiegoIdentifying a unknown microbial species isolated from the kelp forest offshore Pt. Loma, San Diego8000
2014-2015Presidents' Commission ScholarDarkera, JerusalemSan JoséDirected Growth of fibroblasts into micropatterned geometries8000
2014-2015Presidents' Commission ScholarIslam , NuzhatFullertonUsing RNAi and fluorescent microscopy to study gene function in phagosome maturation 8000
2014-2015Presidents' Commission ScholarLagunas-Robles, GermanPomonaCharacterization of Transposable Element Sequences in the Genome of the Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii)8000
2014-2015Presidents' Commission ScholarLee, TimmyFresnoSynthesis of silybin derivatives as cytotoxic chemotherapeutics8000
2014-2015Presidents' Commission ScholarLichti, NathanSan Luis ObispoSpatial learning and neuroplasticity in male and female Western Fence Lizards8000
2014-2015Presidents' Commission ScholarMassey, Joshua HumboldtUsing Nanodiscs to Investigate Transcriptional control By Anabaena Sensory Rhodopsin8000
2014-2015Presidents' Commission ScholarNarang, ShymaliEast BayCytotoxic Effects of Ptilosarcone on Cancer Cell Lines8000
2014-2015Presidents' Commission ScholarNguyen, HoangSan JoséElectrical measurements of microfluidic M. smegmatis biofilm growth using electrical impedance spectroscopy8000
2014-2015Presidents' Commission ScholarPham, NhutLong BeachBiocementation of Long Beach Sands for Soil Strength Improvement8000
2014-2015Presidents' Commission ScholarSampson, EllenChicoStudy of a Novel Domino Reaction that Builds Molecules of Therapeutic Interest8000
2014-20150Kumagai, AkihikoSacramento2500
2014-20150Erogbogbo, FolarinSan José2500
2014-20150Rohwer, ForestSan Diego2500
2014-20150Wolkowicz, RolandSan Diego2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsAllen, A'LesterSan José: Personalized cancer diagnostic tool…2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsArango, GabrielaSonomaWaste Water Reclamation and Reuse: Green waste water treatment using the water fern Azolla…2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsBarker, BrentSonomaThe Statin Research and Support Page: Isoprenoid geranylgeraniol market….2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsEstephan, ReneePomonaPolyPotable: Reverse osmosis mechanism with waterbottle filter…2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsForer, DanielSacramentoSafe Scope: Wireless stethoscope that has a data logging backend for diagnostic analytics…2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsHaire, AlexisSan José: Hydroxyapatite Sol-Gel as a coating on orthopedic implants2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsKim, Alyssa M.San DiegoBoron Labs: Developing new routes for the synthesis of functionalized vinylboronic derivatives applied in medicine and biotechnology.2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsLane, TaylorPomonaPolyProbiotic: Vaginal microflora suppository with a sustained release mechanism…2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsLim, AlinaSan JoséAkia: Protection Thin Film (PTF)…2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsPradel, Jean SebastienSan DiegoUltraProbe: Non-linear laser wave mixing spectroscopy coupled with capillary electrophoresis for low limit detection of colorectal cancer biomarker protein.2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsSmith, CampbellSonomaPD Analytics: Parkinson's Disease tremor quantification product…2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsSoder, KyleSan JoséMANTIS Medical Imaging: Mobile Visualization Clinic Device2500
2014-2015Student I-CorpsTilwani, AneshkumarSan JoséLightItUp: Sustainable, Inexpensive, Biocompatible, Photostable and Biodegradable Luminescent Nanoparticles2500
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantAlemán, ElvinStanislaus249th ACS National Meeting & Exposition: "Chemistry of Natural Resources"1500
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantCappuccio, JennyHumboldtThe Molecular foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1500
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantKhoo, I-HungLong Beach2014 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Healthcare Innovation & Point of Care Technologies Conference1012.2
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantMcGuire, Kathleen LSan DiegoThe role of tumor microenvironment in prostate cancer of African Americans1500
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantMiyamoto, AlisonFullertonAmerican Society of Matrix Biology Biennial Meeting1426
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantStathopoulos, ChristosPomona115th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology1495
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantMogul, RakeshPomona40th Scientific Assembly of the Committee on Space Research1500
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantLauer, AntjeBakersfield59th Annual Meeting of the Coccidioidomycosis Study Group1095
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantLent, DavidFresnoSociety for Neuroscience1500
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantStout, DavidLong Beach2015 EMN Biomaterials Conference1500
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantHaas-Stapleton, EricLong BeachAnnual Meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology1500
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantHolland, GregorySan DiegoMagnetic Resonance Research Center (MRRC) at Arizona State University (ASU)1130
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantRoss, JosephFresnoU.C. Davis1318
2014-2015Faculty Travel GrantPal, SaikatSan Luis Obispo25th Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics1467.2
2014-2015Student Travel GrantAgajanian, MeganNorthridgeAmerican Society for Cell Biology Annual Conference1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantAllawala, AnushaSan JoséAnnual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students1494
2014-2015Student Travel GrantDavis, AliciaSan BernardinoAmerican Society for Microbiology 1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantHancock, Bryan San DiegoInternational Conference on Gram Positive Pathogens (ICG+P) 1139.5
2014-2015Student Travel GrantKim_B, BrandonSan DiegoInstitute of Hygiene and Microbiology at University of Würzburg 1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantLopez, MitchellSan FranciscoAnnual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantMai, EricaSan FranciscoSociety for Comparative and Integrative Biology1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantMaxwell, RhianneSan Luis ObispoComparative Nutrition Society Symposium1035.59
2014-2015Student Travel GrantMiller_A, AaronNorthridgeExperimental Biology1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantMiller_E, EricSan DiegoTechnical University of Kaiserslautern, Biophysics and Medical Physics Research Laboratory1256
2014-2015Student Travel GrantNicholas, JenniferLong BeachCalifornia Water Environment Association392.76
2014-2015Student Travel GrantTruong, Phu San FranciscoAmerican Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantValadez, JessicaFullertonSociety for Neuroscience1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantVu, ViSan Diego67th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics1401
2014-2015Student Travel GrantSalomon, AlexanderLong BeachSociety for the Study of Reproduction1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantHorn, JamesLong BeachASBMB - Experimental Biology1070
2014-2015Student Travel GrantMontgomery, JordanFresno20th International C. elegans Meeting1275
2014-2015Student Travel GrantSilva, JoshuaFullertonExperimental Biology1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantCampbell, KevinSan Luis ObispoSociety of Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantNalbandyan, LinetteNorthridge2015 Keystone Symposia Conference: Genome Instability and DNA Repair1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantLek, MarkLong Beach2015 Scientific Sessions Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, Peripheral Vascular Disease (ATVB/PVD)1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantEl Mecharrafie, NadjaSan DiegoInternational Society for Stem Cell Research1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantNguyen, PhucLong BeachAmerican Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantJackson, RenaeLong Beach25th Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics1500
2014-2015Student Travel GrantLane, TaylorPomonaGeneral Meeting of American Society for Microbiology725.66
2014-2015Student Travel GrantThorsen, TrevorSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society For Microbiology General Meeting1500
2014-2015Andreoli Faculty ServiceSelvaduray, GunaSan JoséAndreoli Faculty Service Award1000
2014-2015Faculty Research AwardCrawford, CynthiaSan BernardinoFaculty Research Award1000
2014-2015Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardEwing, PeterLos AngelesCrellin Pauling Student Teaching Award2000
2014-2015Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardMadrid , DanaeSan DiegoCrellin Pauling Student Teaching Award2000
2014-2015Don Eden Graduate Research AwardDavis, AliciaSan BernardinoCharacterization of Influenza Nucleoprotein body domain as antiviral target.1750
2014-2015Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardChui, AshleyFullertonOligomeric stathmin dissolves to its monomeric state under high pressure as evidenced by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy1750
2013-2014Curriculum Development GrantKitts, ChristopherSan Luis ObispoA Case-Study Based Introductory Biotechnology Course Including Assessment for Retention in the Biotechnology Minor 7470Link to Abstract
2013-2014Curriculum Development GrantNguyen, HaoSacramentoSustainable Science: Redesign of the Introduction to Cells, Molecules and Genes Laboratory15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014Joint Venture GrantChen, JosephSan FranciscoStreamlining gene deletions in bacteria22319Link to Abstract
2013-2014Joint Venture GrantHong, RayNorthridgeMode of Action of Boron-Based Anthelmintic Compounds in C. elegans15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014Joint Venture GrantJimenez-Flores, RafaelSan Luis ObispoStudy of the increase in activity of corn-produced Hepatitis B vaccine by supercritical CO2.25000Link to Abstract
2013-2014Joint Venture GrantTolmasky, MarceloFullertonDealing with the antibiotic resistance crisis: the search for inhibitors of aminoglycoside modifying enzymes25000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantBrennan, CatherineFullertonRole of Psidin in the Regulation of Phagosome Maturation15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantBrooks, CoryFresnoNanobodies for the Neutralization of Listeria monocytogenes15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantCappuccio, JennyHumboldtAnabaena Sensory Rhodopsin Nanodiscs to Probe Transcriptional Regulation 15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantCline, TroyChicoMechanism and functional impact of influenza virus replication in macrophages15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantEvans, TylerEast BayFunctional characterization of temperature-regulated gene expression in zebrafish15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantFrancis, ClintonSan Luis ObispoFitness consequences of anthropogenic noise exposure in nesting songbirds15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantGousset, KarineFresnoMicroproteomic analysis of laser capture microdissected cells forming TNTs15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantHamadani, KambizSan MarcosExpanding the Scope of Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantHawkins, BenjaminSan JoséMicrofluidic Devices for Multiplexed Growth and Analysis of Mycobacterium smegmatis Biofilms15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantKelber, JonathanNorthridgePEAK1-Mediated HER2 Functions and Herceptin Resistance in Breast Cancer15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantMcFrederick, QuinnFresnoFlower- and bee-associated bacteria as pollinator probiotics5305Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantMonerawila Keppetipola, NiroshikaFullertonRole of Post-Translational Modifications in the Splicing Activity of Polypyrimidine Tract Binding Protein15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantOwerkowicz, TomaszSan BernardinoHeart Repair and Regeneration in Reptiles15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantParham, JamesFullertonSequencing and bioinformatics of slider turtle genomes: A system for evolutionary studies, conservation, and student opportunity.14705Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantSalik, ErtanPomonaUltrasensitive and Robust Fiber Optic Biosensor for Rapid Immunoassays15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantSkovran, ElizabethSan JoséElucidation of the complex regulatory network controlling methanol dehydrogenase expression in Methylobacterium extorquens15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantSteele, Andrew PomonaInvestigation the Role of Dopamine Receptor 1 Neurons in Mediating Circadian Rhythms Entrained by Feeding15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantTapavicza, EnricoLong BeachAb Initio Modeling of Vitamin D Photosynthesis in solution15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantWilkinson, KatieSan JoséThe Effect of Obesity on Muscle Sensory Neuron Function15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014New Investigator GrantCline, Troy ChicoMechanism and functional impact of influenza virus replication in macrophages15000
2013-2014Research Development GrantBrusslan, JudyLong BeachGenetic Analysis of Histone Methyltransferases and Demethylases in Leaf Senescence15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014Research Development GrantFeuer, RalphSan DiegoCharacterization of a Novel Exit Strategy for Coxsackievirus B (CVB) via Shed Microvesicles Displaying Autophagosomal Markers15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014Research Development GrantIniguez, SergioSan BernardinoConsequences of Ketamine exposure during adolescence on drug-seeking behavior in adulthood.11680Link to Abstract
2013-2014Research Development GrantKeller, DavidChicoA primate-specific double-negative feedback loop between microRNA-375 and the transcriptional repressor CREM.15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014Research Development GrantKelley, ScottSan DiegoDevelopment of Mobile Bioinformatics Training Apps for Biotechnology10700Link to Abstract
2013-2014Research Development GrantKinziger, AndrewHumboldtUsing environmental DNA in water samples for presence/absence detection of endangered species15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014Research Development GrantLivingston, BrianLong BeachAnalysis of conserved proteins involved in skeleton formation15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014Research Development GrantLogan, CherylMonterey BayRoles of acclimatization & adaptation in responding to climate change15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014Research Development GrantRasche, MadelineFullertonStructural Biology of Archaeal and Bacterial Dihydromethanopterin Reductases15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014Research Development GrantSummers, MichaelNorthridgeCharacterization of cyaobacterial lipid droplets15000Link to Abstract
2013-2014Research Development Grantvan der Geer, PeterSan DiegoIdentification of a novel phosphotyrosine-binding domain in STS-111985Link to Abstract
2013-2014Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBautch, SamariahFresnoStability Engineering of Nanobodies for the Detection and Neutralization of LIsteria monocytogenes3500
2013-2014Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBradford, LindsaySan DiegoContribution of Bacterial Fibrinogen Binding Glycoproteins to Streptococcal Colonization and Disease 3500
2013-2014Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBrambila, Amanda San DiegoCompensatory Gene Expression in Neonatal Cardiocytes: Silencing Techniques3500
2013-2014Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBubalo, NinaSan JoséSex Differences in Cytokine Production and Macrophage Presence in Muscle Tissue in Response to Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)- Induced Inflammation 3500
2013-2014Howell-CSUPERB ScholarDalphin, MatthewFullertonInvestigating Copper-Containing Components of the Blood Plasma3500
2013-2014Howell-CSUPERB ScholarGarcia Castillo, JesseLos AngelesRole of Candida albicans yeast casein kinase I in governing the expression of secreted aspartyl protease required for initiating vulvovaginitis.3500
2013-2014Howell-CSUPERB ScholarLuu, YenSan DiegoAdapting current Dengue virus assays to all serotypes through multiplexing to allow high through screening for potential inhibitors3500
2013-2014Howell-CSUPERB ScholarNguyen, Patricia (Nhi)Long BeachStructural analysis and binding mechanism of apolipoprotein E cholesterol binding domain by fluorescence spectroscopy3500
2013-2014Howell-CSUPERB ScholarNguyen, Phuc Huu Ba (Sam)Long BeachUse of a Novel Metal Binding Protein for Toxic Metal Remediation.3500
2013-2014Howell-CSUPERB ScholarPorter, CassandraChicoSTI Testing, Sexual Behavior & Related Health Outcomes Amongst College Females3500
2013-2014Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSiracusa, MatthewFullertonThe effect of non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms on the function of the human cytosolic 70-kDa heat shock protein, HSPA1A3500
2013-2014Howell-CSUPERB ScholarWu, Jodie Chih Ching San JoséA Mutagenesis Screen to Identify Genes Required for Developmental Ethanol Response in Drosophila melanogaster3500
2013-2014Presidents' Commission ScholarCholewczynski, AnnaSan DiegoSynthesis of Novel Hepatitis C Virus Inhibitors8000
2013-2014Presidents' Commission ScholarGandhi, AumLong BeachFactors Influencing Gordonia amarae Switching their Growth Strategies in a Bench Scale Activated Sludge Reactors8000
2013-2014Presidents' Commission ScholarGlass, BreannaSan MarcosInvestigations of HSP33 for in vitro translation applications8000
2013-2014Presidents' Commission ScholarHilliard, SethPomonaDetection of gluten content of food samples on a cell phone8000
2013-2014Presidents' Commission ScholarHolmberg-Douglas, NatalieChicoInvestigating Grb7 Inhibition by Use of Small Molecules8000
2013-2014Presidents' Commission ScholarJefford, PaigeHumboldtAssaying the Substrate Activities and Enantioselectivities of Five New Baeyer-Villiger Monooxygenases toward Aryl Sulfides 8000
2013-2014Presidents' Commission ScholarMartinez, JulioMonterey BayAssessing Microbial Bioremediation in a Woodchip Bioreactor for Pollutant Removal8000
2013-2014Presidents' Commission ScholarPadmanabhan, ShreejitSan JoséEffects of chronic inflammation on muscle mechanical properties8000
2013-2014Presidents' Commission ScholarRogers, UmuNorthridgeSECRETED BACTERIAL PROTEASE INHIBITORS OF THE HUMAN SKIN MICROBIOME8000
2013-2014Presidents' Commission ScholarRyczek, CameronEast BayA configural analysis of spatial learning8000
2013-2014Presidents' Commission ScholarWarmack, JenniferHumboldtPreventing Pseudo-Nitzschia Blooms through Forward Osmosis Treatment of Wastewater8000
2013-2014Presidents' Commission ScholarZaytseva, DaryaSan JoséEffects of fatigue on Group III/IV afferent behavior in the inflamed skeletal muscle8000
2013-2014Faculty Travel GrantAbramson, TzviaSan JoséInternational Bordetella Meeting 20131500
2013-2014Faculty Travel GrantCappuccio, Jenny HumboldtThe Molecular Foundry a Department of Energy User Facility at Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory780
2013-2014Faculty Travel GrantOrtega, JustusHumboldtAmerican College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting1315
2013-2014Faculty Travel GrantRoss, JosephFresnoEvolution 20141500
2013-2014Faculty Travel GrantWilkinson, KatherineSan JoséExperimental Biology 1500
2013-2014Faculty Travel GrantAsvapathanagul, PitipornLong BeachAmerican Society for Microbiology 2014, 114th General Meeting1500
2013-2014Faculty Travel GrantBrooks, Cory FresnoThe 28th Annual Symposium of the Protein Society1350
2013-2014Faculty Travel GrantMauldin, KasuenSan JoséNational Institutes of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements Research Practicum1500
2013-2014Faculty Travel GrantNarayanaswami, VasanthyLong BeachArteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology 2014 Scientific Sessions1500
2013-2014Faculty Travel GrantSkovran, ElizabethSan JoséGordon Conference on the Molecular Basis of C1 Metabolism1500
2013-2014Faculty Travel GrantZhang, JinsongChicoConduct research, collect data and learn nano technique1500
2013-2014Student Travel GrantCutting, AndrewSan DiegoGordon Research Conference on Autophagy in Stress, Development and Disease1500
2013-2014Student Travel GrantEllison, SilasSan FranciscoGladstone Genomics Core, University of California, San Francisco1500
2013-2014Student Travel GrantFetsko, AlexandraSan DiegoAcademic Screening Workshop1116.64
2013-2014Student Travel GrantKelsey, EmmaSan JoséPacific Seabird Group Annual Meeting1430
2013-2014Student Travel GrantMcDevitt, ShanaSan FranciscoCSHL's Programming for Biology course1500
2013-2014Student Travel GrantMonsanto, Megan San DiegoAmerican Heart Association Scientific Sessions1450
2013-2014Student Travel GrantPaaske, LaurenLong BeachSociety for Neuroscience1200
2013-2014Student Travel GrantPham, KevinFresnoThe Evolution 2014 Conference1195.39
2013-2014Student Travel GrantRamos, SasharySan Diego247th ACS National Meeting1475
2013-2014Student Travel GrantSahni, MalikaFresnoAmerican Association of Cancer Research1435
2013-2014Student Travel GrantYee, WilliamSan José2013 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting950
2013-2014Student Travel GrantIkeda, ChristopherSan FranciscoChristopher E. Ikeda1500
2013-2014Student Travel GrantMilewicz, UrszulaSan DiegoAmerican Chemical Society Meeting1130
2013-2014Student Travel GrantMorris, Megan San DiegoAmerican Microbiology Society1500
2013-2014Student Travel GrantMovahedin, MohammadrezaFresnoThe 28th Annual Symposium of the Protein Society1315
2013-2014Student Travel GrantSaperi, AmaliaPomonaAmerican Society for Virology (ASV) 33rd Annual Meeeting1200
2013-2014Student Travel GrantSpaulding, JosephSan FranciscoSitka, Alaska1349
2013-2014Student Travel GrantSpencer, JenniferFullertonInternational Union of Microbiological Societies Congresses 20141500
2013-2014Student Travel GrantVerma, NehaSan DiegoInternational Conference on Transcription by RNA Polymerase I, III, IV, AND V: OddPols 20141500
2013-2014Student Travel GrantVu, HuongSan JoséGordon Conference on the Molecular Basis of C1 Metabolism1500
2013-2014Student Travel GrantWalters, LauraSan MarcosUniversity of Calgary, laboratory of Dr. Peter Facchini1500
2013-2014Student Travel GrantWood, ShannonNorthridgeEMBO Workshop: Stalked alpha-Proteobacteria and Relatives: From Genes to Structure1392
2013-2014Andreoli Faculty ServiceRead, BetsySan MarcosAndreoli Faculty Service Award1000
2013-2014Faculty Research AwardRawat, MamtaFresnoFaculty Research Award1000
2013-2014Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardBowler, JeannetteSan FranciscoCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award1750
2013-2014Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardNakama, KatherineFullertonCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award1750
2013-2014Don Eden Graduate Research AwardLin, DavidFullertonDiscovery and characterization of inhibitors of enzymes responsible for multidrug resistance1750
2013-2014Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardFlores, RodolfoLong BeachMethamphetamine-induced reward during adolescence is differentially modulated by juvenile exposure to methylphenidate in male and female rats1750
2013-20140Singh, ManmeetSacramentoStem-PATCH1000
2013-20140Bardo, Melissa RoseSacramentoStem-PATCH1000
2013-20140Hernandez, Kristen RebeccaSacramentoStem-PATCH1000
2013-20140Kreun, Jordan AlexanderSacramentoStem-PATCH1000
2013-20140Low, WilliamSacramentoMachine Vision for the Blind500
2013-20140Anderson, DavidSacramentoMachine Vision for the Blind500
2013-20140Garcia, FernandoSacramentoMachine Vision for the Blind500
2013-20140Guiliano, Joseph ThomasSacramentoMachine Vision for the Blind500
2013-20140Feranil, MarkSacramentoVeras - Vital/Environmental Risk Assessment System500
2013-20140Bloss, Michael StevenSacramentoVeras - Vital/Environmental Risk Assessment System500
2013-20140Schlaefer, Gabriel RobertSacramentoVeras - Vital/Environmental Risk Assessment System500
2013-20140Torres, LindaSacramentoVeras - Vital/Environmental Risk Assessment System500
2012-2013Curriculum Development GrantWorks, CarmenSonomaThinking Like a Scientist: A Freshmen Year Experience for Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors at Sonoma State University 13479Link to Abstract
2012-2013Joint Venture GrantAcey, RogerLong BeachA Prototype membrane Filter for Removal and Recovery of Heavy Metals25000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Joint Venture GrantGomez, FrankLos AngelesDevelopment of Paper-Based Microfluidic Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISAs)24625Link to Abstract
2012-2013Joint Venture GrantLauzon, CarolEast BayRapid Bacterial Identification by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy25000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Joint Venture GrantMcGuire, KathleenSan DiegoRole of stroma in racial disparities of prostate cancer25000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Joint Venture GrantRank, NathanSonomaEvolutionary significance of variation at metabolic enzyme proteins25000Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantAsgari, ShadnazLong BeachA Model-based Method for Assessment of Cerebrovascular Changes 14924Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantBarrett, CraigLos AngelesMassively parallel sequencing technology in native leafless orchid conservation genetics15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantChen, Qiao-HongFresnoDevelopment of Curcumin Analogs for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer14640Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantClement, SandraSan Luis ObispoCharacterization of protein phosphatase interactions with the mRNA binding protein tristetraprolin14718Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantForward, Keith PomonaContinuous Pharmaceutical Production by Free Surface Electrospinning 15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantFraser, DeborahLong BeachComplement and the Macrophage Lipidome15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantFrench, RachaelSan JoséCellular and Immune Responses to Developmental Ethanol Exposure in Drosophila 15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantIniguez, SergioSan BernardinoFunctional consequences of Prozac exposure during early development on ERK signaling within the ventral tegmental area of the brain15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantKyte, BrianHumboldtSynthesis of Optically Pure Sulfoxides by Flavin Monooxygenases14462Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantLin, JosephSonomaElucidating the Role of Peroxiredoxin 1 in B Cell Signal Transduction15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantLogan, CherylMonterey BayOcean acidification and hypoxia effects on gene expression in juvenile rockfish14997Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantMackelprang, RachelNorthridgeA Climate Wild Card: Permafrost Microbes and Global Warming13940Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantOrtega, Justus HumboldtEffects of Aging and Physical Activity on the Metabolic Cost of Locomotion14170Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantRoss, JosephFresnoMitochondrial Dysfunction and Hybrid Incompatibility in Caenorhabditis briggsae 15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantRoy, ScottSan FranciscoThe function of alternative splicing in fungi15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantSchwans, JasonLong BeachAtomic level mutagenesis to investigate enzymatic general base catalysis15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantSkovran, ElizabethSan JoséCharacterization of a novel glyoxylate production pathway in Methylobacterium extorquens15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantWani, M. ArifBakersfieldSub-Space Grid Based Approach for Cancer Classification Using Gene Expression Profiles15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013New Investigator GrantWilkinson, KatieSan JoséDo females experience greater sensory neuron dysfunction in muscle following inflammation?15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Research Development GrantBrook, DavidSan JoséDevelopment of verdazyl radicals as paramagnetic probes for biological and biochemical systems15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Research Development GrantCrawford, Cynthia San BernardinoLong-term consequences of early Ritalin exposure on cocaine intake14730Link to Abstract
2012-2013Research Development GrantMcReynolds, KatherineSacramentoExploring Microwave Reacions to Synthesize Novel, Bioactive Glycoconjugates15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Research Development GrantMendoza, JoseSan MarcosUnique Roles of Heat Shock Proteins Hsp60 and Hsp10 from Helicobacter pylori15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Research Development GrantNissen, RobertLos AngelesDefining temporal and tissue requirements for wdr68 in craniofacial development15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Research Development GrantSavage, TomSacramentoIdentification of the gene encoding geranyl diphosphate synthase involved in biosynthesis of the marine neurotoxin domoic acid15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Research Development GrantSpence, JohnSacramentoShedding Light on Quinoxalenediyne Reactivity15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Research Development GrantValdes, AngelPomonaMolecular biogeography of North Pacific sea slugs15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Research Development GrantVanHoven, MiriSan JoséInvestigation of the role of normal and prolonged sensory activity on neural circuits 15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Research Development GrantWolkowicz, RolandSan DiegoA cell-based platform for the discovery of cellular substrates for HIV-1 protease15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Research Development GrantYeung, MarieSan Luis ObispoMetagenomics approach to evaluate dairy products quality15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Research Development GrantZhang, JinsongChicoOrganic Linker Molecules to Couple Nanomaterials15000Link to Abstract
2012-2013Howell-CSUPERB ScholarCovarrubias, KenyaFresnoEvaluation of Pesticide Involvement in Breast Epithelial Cells3500
2012-2013Howell-CSUPERB ScholarFeng, JoshuaLong BeachThe Effect of Phthalate Esters on Neuron Development3500
2012-2013Howell-CSUPERB ScholarFletcher, ErinSan DiegoAnalysis of oral microbiota in human cancer patients3500
2012-2013Howell-CSUPERB ScholarKyees, JessicaLong BeachProteomic analysis of oxidative modification of apolipoprotein E, an anti-atherogenic protein3500
2012-2013Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMcIntyre, LauraSan DiegoPrevious Coxsackievirus Infection Restricted T cell Migration into the Central Nervous System and Reduced Signs of Disease in a Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis3500
2012-2013Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMilbrandt, LauraChannel IslandsEffects of TCTP silencing on Uterine Cancer Cell Lines3500
2012-2013Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMoran, AshleyLong BeachOvarian angiogenic factor mRNA and protein are altered by the estrous cycle, photoperiod, and inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases in Siberian hamsters3500
2012-2013Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMordaunt, CharlesFullertonIdentification of MT-038, a tissue selective LXR modulator that inhibits apoE secretion in human astrocytoma cells3500
2012-2013Howell-CSUPERB ScholarNguyen, VanFullertonGene expression analysis of the cancer-associated transmembrane (TMEM)-176A and 176B proteins3500
2012-2013Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSchroeder, MatthewFullertonThe role of proprotein convertase based cleavage of microfibril-associated glycoprotein-2 (MAGP-2) in activation of Notch1 signaling3500
2012-2013Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSlutskyy, YuriySacramentoTotal Synthesis of Jomthonic Acid A3500
2012-2013Howell-CSUPERB ScholarZamudio Montes de Oca, AliciaSan DiegoLasting alterations in neural stem and progenitor cells following coxsackievirus infection and accelerated course of disease in a transgenic mouse model for Alzheimer's Disease3500
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarAndrews, MauraSan Luis ObispoVirulence characterization of viable-but-nonculturable Vibrio parahaemolyticus 8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarBlackburn, DanielSan FranciscoSynthesis and Study of 6-HaloUMP as Inhibitors for ODCase8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarBrambilla, DanielNorthridgeThe roles of ITGA1 and its upstream regulator HIF1A in pancreatic cancer cell cycle regulation8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarEscobedo, JimmyNorthridgeProduction of Recombinant Lipid-Binding Protein OBI-18000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarHomen, Jaimey SonomaQuantum Yield Determination of an Iron PhotoCORM for Therapeutic Delivery of CO. 8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarJimenez, VanessaSan JoséElucidating the Molecular Mechanism of Axon Outgrowth Termination in C. elegans8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarJuarez, MatthewLos AngelesIdentifying the kinase(s) which phosphorylate serine 212 in Drosophila Mad during Wnt signaling8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarKraemer, LauraSan Luis ObispoInvestigating the role of 14-3-3 in the p38 MAP kinase-dependent inactivation of TTP, a key mRNA binding protein regulating cytokine gene expression in mammalian cells. 8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarMandawe, RemieSan JoséDoes inflammation or sex affect muscle fatigability?8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarPlascencia, OctavioLong BeachStudy of Enzymatic Biochemical Reactions with High-Throughput Microfluidics8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarSahami, EdvinMonterey BayBacterial Mechanisms of Bioremediation in the Molera Wetland8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarWai, NathanPomonaComputational Simulation of Blood Flow in the Human Carotid Artery Bifurcation8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarWetton, NicholeChannel IslandsMetabolic Profiling of Human Normal and Cancer Cell Lines using Phenotype MicroArray Analysis8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarWilliams, RyanSan DiegoX-ray crystallography of Holliday junction:peptide complexes8000
2012-2013Presidents' Commission ScholarZoghi, ShayanFresnoAnalysis of BMAA Impact on Learning/Memory and Biochemical Protein Processing in Drosophila melanogaster8000
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantBush, JasonFresno2012 American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting (San Francisco)1500
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantDenetclaw, WilfredSan FranciscoGordon Research Conferences/Nitric Oxide Formation and Signaling by NO and Reactive Nitrogen Oxides/Ventura Beach Marriott/Ventura California1500
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantFrench, RachaelSan José54th Annual Drosophila Research Conference1500
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantHong, RayNorthridgeThe International C. elegans Meeting at UCLA760
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantParmar, NitikaChannel IslandsASBMB/Experimental Biology 2013 Meeting, Boston , MA1500
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantStathopoulos, ChristosPomona113th General Meeting of ASM/Denver, Colorado1480
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantTsukimura, BrianFresnoSan Francisco, CA1085
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantYamazaki, KatrinaLos AngelesExperimental Biology 20131500
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantAsgari, ShadnazLong Beach2013 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference1500
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantGallegos, MariaEast Bay19th International Caenorhabditis elegans Meeting 1228
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantLauer, AntjeBakersfield57th Meeting of the Coccidioidomycosis Study Group250
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantLogan, CherylMonterey BayUC Davis Bioinformatics Short Course1500
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantMiyamoto, AlisonFullertonGordon Research Conference-Elastin, Elastic Fibers, and Microfibrils1500
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantRetallick, KeelaSan Luis Obispo2013 American Society of Animal Science1500
2012-2013Faculty Travel GrantSeong, JaehoonPomona2013 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting1500
2012-2013Student Travel GrantBraschayko, ElizabethFresnoSociety for Integrative and Comparative Biology539
2012-2013Student Travel GrantFarhad, RaminFullerton8th International Copper conference, Alghero, Sardinia Italy1500
2012-2013Student Travel GrantHerrera, AndreaLos AngelesExperimental Biology 20131500
2012-2013Student Travel GrantHonaker, LindaSan DiegoAmerican Chemical Society National Meeting1500
2012-2013Student Travel GrantKumar, MeghaFresno8th Annual World Stem Cell Summit (2012)1500
2012-2013Student Travel GrantPineda, KrisSacramentoGordon Research Conferences, Energy, Materials and Environmental Advances is Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms, Galveston, Texas1500
2012-2013Student Travel GrantRamos, Cassandra San JoséAmerican Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology1500
2012-2013Student Travel GrantSalinas, AudreySan FranciscoTrips to Collect Field Samples for Molecular Analyses1500
2012-2013Student Travel GrantTrujillo, AdrianaSan DiegoBiophysical Society Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA1500
2012-2013Student Travel GrantTsueng, GingerSan DiegoNeuroscience 2012 - Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting1488
2012-2013Student Travel GrantBortolazzo, AnthonySan JoséGreat Lakes Bioinformatics Conference 2013, Pittsburgh, PA 1050
2012-2013Student Travel GrantCastaneda, AngelicaPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology General Meeting1465
2012-2013Student Travel GrantFranco, JoySan JoséSociety for Neuroscience, 2013, San Diego, CA1477
2012-2013Student Travel GrantGrupe , ArthurHumboldt2013 American Phytopathological Society/Mycological Society of America Joint Meeting1475
2012-2013Student Travel GrantKarzai, Hoomai FullertonExperimental Biology 2013 (ASBMB)/Boston, MA1500
2012-2013Student Travel GrantLam, CarolineFullertonPlant Biology 2013; Providence, RI (student)1500
2012-2013Student Travel GrantPatras, KatySan DiegoInternational Conference on Gram-Positive Microorganisms1500
2012-2013Student Travel GrantVaiente, MatteoSan Luis ObispoAmerican Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN1485
2012-2013Student Travel GrantWu, Kevin FullertonPlant Biology 20131500
2012-2013Andreoli Faculty ServiceRitchey, JamesSacramentoAndreoli Faculty Service Award1000
2012-2013Faculty Research AwardKitts, ChristopherSan Luis ObispoFaculty Research Award1000
2012-2013Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardManata, GregoryHumboldtCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award1750
2012-2013Don Eden Graduate Research AwardRatib, NicoleFullertonUsing qRT-PCR to Investigate Transcriptional Regulation by the Response Regulator ChvI in Sinorhizobium meliloti 1750
2012-2013Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardBurtea, Alexander FullertonDiscovery of a Potent Small Molecule Inhibitor for the Botulinum Neurotoxin type A Protease1750
2012-20130Chouzhyk, IgorSacramentoAutologous Thrombin Device1000
2012-20130Dela Cruz, CarloSacramentoAutologous Thrombin Device1000
2012-20130Horton, KaylaSacramentoAutologous Thrombin Device1000
2012-20130Showalter, MeganSacramentoAutologous Thrombin Device1000
2012-20130Hernandez, MisaelPomonaAccommodair500
2012-20130Martinez, LesliePomonaAccommodair500
2012-20130Stein, PaulPomonaAccommodair500
2012-20130Sullivan, NickPomonaAccommodair500
2011-2012Curriculum Development GrantEroy-Reveles, AuraSan FranciscoBoosting Research Self-Efficacy through an Applied Biochemistry Research Course15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Curriculum Development GrantLanderholm, ThomasSacramentoAdapting Molecular, Microscopic and Cybertechnologies to Interdisciplinary Teaching and Research of a Large-Scale Scientific Problem15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Joint Venture GrantCohen, RandyNorthridgeUse of transplanted pluripotent, human-derived stem cells as possible therapy for neurodegenerative diseases25000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Joint Venture GrantDoran, KellySan DiegoDevelopment of a novel immunobiotic peptide for the control of bacterial infection25000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Joint Venture GrantFarahmand, FaridSonomaDeveloping a High-precision Movement Monitoring System for Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy Treatments 25000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Joint Venture GrantMarayong, PanaddaLong BeachDevelopment of a Vibrotactile Device to Enhance Residual Limb Proprioception in Persons with Amputation25000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Joint Venture GrantMárquez-Magaña, LeticiaSan FranciscoPilot Study to Find Genetic Link among Women with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer25000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantAlemán, ElvinStanislausSingle Molecule Assay to Study the Base Flipping Mechanism of DNA Repair Enzymes15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantFrench, RachaelSan JoséThe Role of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Pathway in Mediating Developmental Ethanol Effects15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantGoto, JoyFresnoBehavioral and Biochemical Analysis of Neurotoxin-treated Fruit Flies15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantKeralapura, MallikaSan JoséEffect of compression on ultrasound HIFU heating patterns in tissue-mimicking vascular phantoms15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantLema, SeanSan Luis ObispoDevelopment of Epigenetic Tools to Assess Experiential Influences on Nonapeptide Endocrine Regulation15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantLogan, CherylMonterey BayPhysiological responses of the California sea mussel to thermal stress15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantMauldin, KasuenSan JoséAnthropometric method for estimating percent body fat in high-risk pregnant women15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantMiyamoto, AlisonFullertonBiochemical characterization of a novel protein processing site in the extracellular matrix protein, MAGP215000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantPage, MichaelPomonaSynthesis of Biodiesel-Based Polymers Using Robust, Efficient, and Orthogonal (REO) Approaches15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantRoy, ScottSan FranciscoIdentifying trans-splicing from next-generation sequence data 14000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantSalzameda, NicholasFullertonOptimization of a Small Molecule Inhibitor for the BoNT/A Catalytic Domain15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantShaffer, ScottSan JoséMonitoring egg attendance behavior using smart technology: A novel tool to investigate the effects of environmental temperatures on Cassin's Auklets11000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantVey, JessicaNorthridgeStructural studies of the daunorubicin biosynthetic enzyme DnmZ.15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantVoss, AndrewPomonaSkeletal muscle dysfunction in a transgenic mouse model of Huntington's disease15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012New Investigator GrantYamazaki, KatrinaLos AngelesPrevention of mitochondrial dysfunction in the setting of Type 2 Diabetes15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantBergdahl, MikaelSan DiegoEfficient Syntheses of New Hepatitis C Virus Inhibitors Based on our HCV IRES-RNA Small Molecule X-Ray Structure15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantChoi, Jai-PilFresnoInvestigation of the Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Properties of Molecule-Like Gold Nanoparticles for Future Biological Sensors15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantCohen, Cynthia SarahSan FranciscoCalibrating highly variable selected and neutral markers for bottlenecked population15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantCohen, MichaelSonomaGeneration and activity of nitro-isoprenes in plants under heat stress15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantDomingo, CarmenSan FranciscoRole of miR-206 in muscle development15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantIchimura, AndrewSan FranciscoWater Purification with Visible Light: Remediation of Organic Pollutants and Bacteria using Hydrogen-Doped Titanium Dioxide15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantLivingston, BrianLong BeachSkeletal proteomes in echinoderms and the evolution of biomineralization15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantMothé, BiancaSan MarcosThe development of next generation sequencing methods to characterize the immunogenetics of animals used in biomedical research15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantMurray, SeanNorthridgeSpoT-dependent upregulation of polyhydroxybutyrate synthesis in Caulobacter crescentus by blocking de novo lipid biosynthesis15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantReeder, TodSan DiegoNext-Generation DNA Sequencing, Non-Model Organisms, and Evolutionary Biology15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantRoberts, LindaSacramentoInfluence of amphiphiles on fibril formation in Apolipoprotein A-I15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantSehgal, RavinderSan FranciscoGenetic mechanisms of host specificity of malaria15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantTorres, ElizabethLos AngelesCharacterization of novel secreted luciferases from bioluminescent crustaceans.15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Research Development GrantVanHoven, MiriSan JoséInvestigation of the Role of the Receptor Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase CLR-1 in Synaptic Partner Recognition15000Link to Abstract
2011-2012Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBasilio, LuigiFullertonFunctional characterization Mucolipin-1 and Transmembrane-163 Proteins3000
2011-2012Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBeal, AngelaPomonaVaccine Strategies for Protecting Poultry Against Avian Influenza Infection: Liposomal M2e and NP Plasmid Vaccines3000
2011-2012Howell-CSUPERB ScholarCarmona, ElleseSan DiegoThe Role of Extracellular Matrix Proteins in Group B Streptococcal Penetration of Host Cell Barriers3000
2011-2012Howell-CSUPERB ScholarDreikorn, StephanieFullertonFurin processing of the secreted extracellular matrix protein microfibril-associated
glycoprotein-2 (MAGP-2)
2011-2012Howell-CSUPERB ScholarKivlahan, KellySan DiegoAn Efficient Preparation of New Hepatitis C Virus Inhibitors3000
2011-2012Howell-CSUPERB ScholarLin, Yu-HueyPomonaSerine/Threonine Phosphorylation Regulates TWIST1 Function in Promoting Breast Cancer Cell Invasion3000
2011-2012Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMiller, KristineSan JoséAn investigation into the Effect of Synaptic Activity on Synaptic Partner Recognition3000
2011-2012Howell-CSUPERB ScholarTapia, JazmaLos AngelesAssessing lipid-derived innate immune factors in amniotic fluid and vernix caseosa protecting
against intrauterine infections
2011-2012Howell-CSUPERB ScholarTran, Tuyen NgocLong BeachSecond hand smoke exposure may predispose women to heart disease3000
2011-2012Howell-CSUPERB ScholarVierra, NicholasChico3’ RACE of a low-abundance microRNA in pancreatic beta cells3000
2011-2012Howell-CSUPERB ScholarYale, AndrewFullertonAnalysis of Furin Enzymatic Activity on the Maturation and Secretion of Microfibril-associated Glycoprotein-23000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarAdamek, RebeccaFullertonDevelopment of a FRET Assay for the Discovery of West Nile Virus NS3 Protease Inhibitors8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarApplesmith, Matt SonomaAcquisition of NMR Structural Data for Membrane-Associated Antimicrobial Peptides: A Summer Research Immersion in Protein NMR8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarArab, NikiSan BernardinoExamination of Mechanisms of Plant Growth Promotion in Variovorax paradoxus EPS8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarDang, AndySan JoséDevelopment of Analytical Methods for the Determination of Metabolites as Potential Biomarkers8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarFakhro, SamerLos AngelesStimulating Peripheral Nerves to Induce Rehabilitative Changes in Spinal Circuitry8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarHernandez, SophiaFullertonInvestigation of the association of soluble intracellular manganese in Pseudomonas putida GB-1 and its corresponding mutant8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarKunicki, Matthew Long BeachButyrylcholinesterase Expresion in Developing Neural Tissue8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarLanger, Melissa PomonaEffect of Nicotine on Streptococcus mutans Adherence8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarLe, JenniferSan JoséRevisiting the Thermodynamics of Protein-Inhibitor Binding8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarLe, KhoiSan DiegoTransforming biodiesel by-products to more valuable chemicals8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarMilbrandt, LauraChannel IslandsTCTP as a Regulator of mTOR Signaling8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarMrdroosian, MelinaNorthridgeRequirement for RAD52 in Recruitment of Rad10 in Single-strand Annealing8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarMuzzio, AmandaSan Luis ObispoHormonal regulation of organic anion transporting protein (OATP) transcriptional dynamics in a teleost fish model for endocrine-disruption and toxicological research8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarNaqvi, SayyadaSan JoséDetermination of Nickel Leaching Rates for Implantable Biomedical Nitinol Devices8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarOthman, RodawSan DiegoCrystal structure of an hLSD1:CoREST1:Compound complex8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarPratico, KristaSan Luis ObispoIdentifying bacterial contributors to flock production in algal growth ponds; a means to optimizing biomass harvesting for biofuel production from wastewater treatment8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarSavage-Low, LeoChicoSynthesis and study of 1,4-benzodioxanes8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarSerra, LorrayneEast BayInvestigating Mechanisms of Neurite Termination in C. elegans8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarSinghrao, NavidSan FranciscoMethanol synthesis from carbon dioxide, water, light, and titanosilicate-18000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarSlutskyy, YuriySacramentoTotal Synthesis of (-)-Tatarinoid B8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarTriana, ChristopherSan DiegoThe Effects of Boron on Iron Metabolism and Regulation in a Marine Bacterium8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarWiles, KathrynHumboldtInvestigation of Horizontal Gene Transfer and Biogeography among Thermoacidophilic Isolates from Lassen Volcanic National Park, California, USA.8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarYik, EricFullertonStructure-Function Studies of Thermodesulfovibrio yellowstonii ADPGlucose Pyrophosphorylase8000
2011-2012Presidents' Commission ScholarZhu, Peng-YiLos AngelesPromoter Swapping analysis of Casein Kinase I paralogs in Candida albicans8000
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantBush, JasonFresnoUS HUPO1385
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantCohen, RandyNorthridgeSociety for Neuroscience938.55
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantEivers, EdwardLos AngelesDrosophila Research Conference1500
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantHadaegh, AhmadSan MarcosAmerican Chemical Society610
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantSmall, AlexanderPomonaBiophysical Society1130
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantStumph, WilliamSan DiegoKeystone Symposia on Eukaryotic Transcription and Non-coding RNAs1500
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantWolkowicz, RolandSan DiegoWorld Congress on Biotechnology1500
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantHoh, EunhaSan DiegoNational Children's Study Workshop Program at Teratology Society 52nd Annual Meeting840
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantMartinez, AndresSan Luis ObispoPoint of Care Diagnostic Workshop1500
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantMolloy, StephanieEast BayASM General Meeting516.4
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantNarayanaswami, VasanthyLong BeachArteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology1500
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantNewcomb, LauraSan BernardinoAmerican Society for Virology1500
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantOberholzer-Vandergon, VirginiaNorthridgeEvolution Meetings1500
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantPark, HyunsookLos Angeles ASM conference on Candida and Candidiasis1500
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantWang, Chung-ESacramentoInternational Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology1491.6
2011-2012Faculty Travel GrantWaters, ElizabethSan DiegoSociety for Molecular Biology and Evolution1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantArmoskus, ChrisLong BeachNeuroscience1495
2011-2012Student Travel GrantCampbell, ChristopherSonomaACS1424
2011-2012Student Travel GrantChavez, RobertSan Luis ObispoBioInterface1000
2011-2012Student Travel GrantContreras, CynthiaFresnoExperimental Biology1245
2011-2012Student Travel GrantDwivedi, PankajLong BeachAnnual Biophysical Society1113
2011-2012Student Travel GrantJohnson, Amy JoSan FranciscoInternational Conference on Thermophiles Research1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantKim, BrandonSan DiegoMicrobial Pathogenesis and Host Response1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantKombazdjian, MaryNorthridgeSociety for Neuroscience927.6
2011-2012Student Travel GrantLialiutska, TetianaSan JoséExperimental Biology1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantMedina, RebecaFullertonASBMB1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantNguyen, TuanSan JoséAAI1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantPeterson, JoshuaHumboldtSociety for Neuroscience 20111432
2011-2012Student Travel GrantSimonetti, NicoleSan DiegoPlant and Animal Genome490
2011-2012Student Travel GrantVerga, MichaelSan FranciscoGordon Research Conference- Genes & Behavior1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantAllen, SeanSan FranciscoSociety for Developmental Biology Meeting1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantClancy, DarraghSan FranciscoBamfield Marine Centre1220
2011-2012Student Travel GrantCorona, ChristineSacramentoBakersfield, CA596
2011-2012Student Travel GrantHeinz, HeatherSan DiegoWorld Congress of Herpetology1145
2011-2012Student Travel GrantHernandez, RoyLong BeachLipoprotein Metabolism Gordon Research Seminar and Conference1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantHoltz, MarianneEast BayNational Water Quality Monitoring Council Meeting1493.77
2011-2012Student Travel GrantKellar, Danielle San Francisco Schistosoma mansoni Maitenance Class, BRI1400
2011-2012Student Travel GrantLarsen, SeanSan BernardinoAmerican Society for Virology1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantLee, CarlynFullertonInternational Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Technology (ICBBT)1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantLim, Yan WeiSan DiegoInternational Symposium on Microbial Ecology1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantMahserejian, ShantNorthridgeInternational Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (iCBBE) 1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantMihaltcheva, SirmaEast BayAmerican Society for Microbiology202
2011-2012Student Travel GrantNguyen, Nhu-YPomonaInterscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantTekie, LidiaSan FranciscoAssociation for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantUehling, JessieHumboldtMycological Society of America1500
2011-2012Student Travel GrantWang, Ken-DerFullertonPlant Biology1460
2011-2012Andreoli Faculty ServiceTong, WilliamSan DiegoAndreoli Faculty Service Award1000
2011-2012Faculty Research AwardZhou, FeimengLos AngelesFaculty Research Award1000
2011-2012Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardMorales, ErickFullertonCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award1750
2011-2012Don Eden Graduate Research AwardJones, MelissaLong BeachDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1750
2011-2012Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardKatebian, BehrodNorthridgeGlen Nagel Undergraduate Student Research Award1750
2011-20120Dalton, RebeccaSacramentoCSUPERB-I2P Early-stage Biotechnology Commercialization Challenge1000
2011-20120Camacho, JoseSacramentoCSUPERB-I2P Early-stage Biotechnology Commercialization Challenge1000
2011-20120Gee, NeilSacramentoCSUPERB-I2P Early-stage Biotechnology Commercialization Challenge1000
2011-20120Hebert, MichaelSacramentoCSUPERB-I2P Early-stage Biotechnology Commercialization Challenge1000
2010-2011Curriculum Development GrantLee, StevenSan JoséForensic Biometrics Course Development15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Curriculum Development GrantAdler-Moore, JillPomonaIntegrating Dance with Biotechnology as an Effective Means of Teaching Science to both Non-Science and Science Students15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Curriculum Development GrantKitts, ChristopherSan Luis ObispoIntegrating Molecular Forensics Modules into the Undergraduate Science Curriculum15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Joint Venture GrantBermudes, DavidNorthridgeLive Bacterial Vectors Containing Single-Stranded Phage for Delivery of siRNA25000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Joint Venture GrantFukuto, JonSonomaStudies on the Biosynthesis of HNO10000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Joint Venture GrantMay-Newman, KarenSan DiegoDesign of a cell printing device for human stem cell monolayer culturing25000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Joint Venture GrantMcNeil, MelanieSan JoséBio-printing of Mammalian Cells21700Link to Abstract
2010-2011Joint Venture GrantXu, HowardLos AngelesMechanism of pathogenesis of multidrug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii24500Link to Abstract
2010-2011New Investigator GrantCheruzel, LionelSan JoséAlginate-encapsulated hybrid P450 enzymes as novel light-driven biocatalyst15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011New Investigator GrantLin, JosephSonomaGeneration of Antibodies to Characterize the Alternative Adaptive Immune Response in the Sea Lamprey, Petromyzon marinus15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011New Investigator GrantLo, Chih-ChengLong BeachDevelopment of Miniaturized Assays for High-Throughput Biological Analysis with Label-Free UV Imaging Detection15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011New Investigator GrantLucero, ClaudiaSacramentoEnantioselective 1,4-Additions of Allyl Indium Reagents to α, β -Unsaturated Aldehydes15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011New Investigator GrantMartinez, AndresSan Luis ObispoPoint-of-care paper-based displacement immunoassays13535Link to Abstract
2010-2011New Investigator GrantMendez, SergioLong BeachDevelopment of High-Throughput Microfluidics to Study Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011New Investigator GrantStrand, ChristySan Luis ObispoQuantification of Neurogenesis and Gliogenesis in Adult Python Brains14310Link to Abstract
2010-2011New Investigator GrantTodgham, AnneSan FranciscoUsing comparative genomics to assess the impacts of global climate change on an important marine calcifier, the owl limpet, in the rocky intertidal of the Northeastern Pacific Ocean15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011New Investigator GrantWinstead, CandaceSan Luis ObispoComparing the Innate Immune Response of Intestinal Epithelial Cells to Vibrio pathogens15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantAcey, RogerLong BeachAryl Dialkyl Phosphates as Inhibitors of β-Amyloid Peptide Formation15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development Grantde Bellard, Maria ElenaNorthridgeEvolution of Glial Cells14500Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantEldon, ElizabethLong BeachOrgan development in early embryos: connecting signaling with cell movement15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantHedin, MarshalSan DiegoTranscriptomics, Species Discovery, and the Evolution of Reproductive Proteins in Harvestmen13900Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantHoh, EunhaSan DiegoUntargeted analysis using GCxGC/TOF-MS for a thorough investigation of persistent and bioaccumulative chemicals in Pacific marine species15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantKelson, EricNorthridgeBiruthenium transfer hydrogenation catalysts for pharmaceutical synthesis15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantLillig, JenniferSonomaMutagenesis and Modeling Studies of the Antimicrobial Peptide Carnobacteriocin B214992Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantMalone, CindyNorthridgeRole of HIF1α in Reprogramming Fibroblasts to Pluripotency15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantMcReynolds, KatherineSacramentoDevelopment of Novel Oxime-linked Glycodendrimers as Potential Microbicides15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantNarayanaswami, VasanthyLong BeachPotential use of reconstituted HDL with apolipoprotein E as a nanovehicle to transport and target bioflavonoids as therapeutic agents15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantNewcomb, LauraSan BernardinoClarify the role of host nuclear export factors in influenza mRNA nuclear export15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantNissen, RobertLos AngelesBridge funding for the analysis of the Wdr68-Dyrk1b complex15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantSimonis, UrsulaSan FranciscoMitochondria-Targeted Porphyrinic Pigments- Synthesis and In Vitro Studies14999Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantStathopoulos, ChristosPomonaStructural Determinants of Proteolysis of a Bacterial Serine Protease15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantSzick-Miranda, KathyBakersfieldIdentification of novel antifungal compounds from cutaneous bacteria isolated from Rana catesbeiana (North American Bullfrog) and Bufo boreas halophilus (California Toad).15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantUhde-Stone, ClaudiaEast BayPhosphoproteomics to Unravel Plant Signal Transduction Pathways in Response to Phosphorus Deficiency15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Research Development GrantWolkowicz, RolandSan DiegoA T-cell based multiplex assay for inhibitors of HIV-1 protease resistant to existing drugs15000Link to Abstract
2010-2011Howell-CSUPERB ScholarCheng, DuHumboldtStudy of Transmission Routes of Rickettsia Species in Ixodes Pacificus by Real-time PCR3000
2010-2011Howell-CSUPERB ScholarDiaz, AnthonyDominguez HillsLoss of Sulfhydyl Groups Induced by Ionizing Radiation Can Impair the Activity of the Plasma Membrane Ca2+ Pump3000
2010-2011Howell-CSUPERB ScholarDonovan, LaurenFullertonThe Role of MAGP2 in the Promotion of Cancer by Activating Notch Receptors in an Ovarian Cancer Epithelial Cell Line3000
2010-2011Howell-CSUPERB ScholarJimenez, AlyssaSan DiegoColonization of the Female Reproductive Tract by Group B Streptococcus3000
2010-2011Howell-CSUPERB ScholarJoyo, AnyaSan DiegoTie-2 Receptor as a Novel Reporter of Cardiac Stem Cell Differentiation into Endothelial Cells3000
2010-2011Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSimmons, JamieLong BeachInteraction between Matrix Metalloporeinases and Steridogenesis: Potential Mediation Ovarian Recreudescence in Siberian Hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)3000
2010-2011Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSouthgate, LindsaySan DiegoPrior Coxsackievirus B3 Infecton of the Neonatal Central Nervous System and Altered Disease Course in a Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis3000
2010-2011Howell-CSUPERB ScholarTariq, FayhaPomonaIdentification of the Substrate Binding Site of a Virulence Protein of E. coli UTI3000
2010-2011Howell-CSUPERB ScholarTorres, JoeSan DiegoStable Retroviral Expression of Peptide Inhibitors of HIV-1 Integrase3000
2010-2011Howell-CSUPERB ScholarWagle, BivekEast BayToward the Bioengineering of Micronutrient-enrinched Crops to Fight Global Anemia3000
2010-2011Howell-CSUPERB ScholarWakefield, AlyssaSan DiegoTotal Synthesis of Azaspirene: a Novel Angiogenesis Inhibitor3000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantBourget, GulhanFullertonThe Western North American Region Annual Meeting954
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantBush, JasonFresnoAmerican Association of Cancer Research1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantHarrison, ChristopherSan DiegoPittCon1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantKorb, MicheleEast BayNational Association of Biology Teachers' Workshop964
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantLillig, JenniferSonomaIsothermal Titration Calorimetry Data Acquisition1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantLukeman, PhilipPomonaFoundations of Nanoscience1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantMagie, CraigFresnoSociety for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantManley, StevenLong Beach2011 ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantNikolaidis, NikolasFullertonAmerican Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantSalmassi, TinaLos AngelesASM General Meeting1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantAcey, RogerLong BeachAmerican Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantAn, Jung-haStanislausAssociation for Women in Mathematics & International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics 1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantBrusslan, JudyLong BeachEpigenetics World Congress1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantBuckley, ThomasSonomaAmerican Society of Plant Biologists Annual Meeting877
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantBurrus, LauraSan FranciscoWnt Meeting1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantLinder, MariaFullertonExperimental Biology 20111000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantPrince, JamesFresno3rd International Phytophthora capsici Meeting1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantRawat, MamtaFresnoInternational Conference on Gram-Positive Microorganisms, Montecatini Terme, Italy1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantTsai, Houng-WeiLong BeachNeuroscience 2011/Washington, DC1000
2010-2011Faculty Travel GrantWolkowicz, RolandSan DiegoInternational Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses, Seattle, Washington1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantAskari, SinaLos AngelesIEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantAugustus, AngelaLos AngelesASM General Meeting1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantBenoun, JosephNorthridgeGenomic Instability and DNA Repair1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantContreras, CynthiaFresnoExperimental Biology1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantKhalili, SetarehFresnoSociety for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantLiao, SindySan FranciscoASBMB Annual Meeting1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantPankov, Alexander San FranciscoResearch in Computational Biology (RECOMB)1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantParrilla, LeahLong BeachExperimental Biology1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantPatel, ArtiLong BeachLawrence Berkeley National Lab/Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantRoberts, AnneLos AngelesASM General Meeting1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantVydha, SrilathaSan DiegoPittCon1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantAchay, ZyraSan Luis ObispoSociety of Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantAguado, LaurenSan DiegoInternational Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantChavez, Elena PomonaAmerican Society of Virology1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantFeatherstone, SydneyLong BeachSociety for the Study of Reproduction Annual Meeting940
2010-2011Student Travel GrantKato, MallorySan JoséCongress on Steroid Research901
2010-2011Student Travel GrantMcCallister, ChelseaFullertonAmerican Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Meeting1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantMorales, AmandaFullertonGeneral Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantReyes, GabrielHumboldtWestern Section of the Wildlife Society860.75
2010-2011Student Travel GrantSilvieva, Plamena San DiegoInternational Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses1000
2010-2011Student Travel GrantTeh, Yuan HanPomonaAmerican Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting1000
2010-2011Andreoli Faculty ServiceXu, HowardLos AngelesAndreoli Faculty Service Award1000
2010-2011Faculty Research AwardEskandari, SepehrPomonaFaculty Research Award1000
2010-2011Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardArnold, PeteSonomaCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award750
2010-2011Don Eden Graduate Research AwardSchott, JasonFullertonDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1750
2010-2011Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardRicarte, FloranteLong BeachGlen Nagel Undergraduate Student Research Award1750
2009-2010Curriculum Development GrantBremer, MartinaSan JoséDevelopment of Introductory Biotechnology Course15000Link to Abstract
2009-2010Curriculum Development GrantConcepcion, ArturoSan BernardinoDeveloping Projects for the Advanced Bioinformatics I: Sequence Analysis Course15000Link to Abstract
2009-2010Curriculum Development GrantMazzag, BoriHumboldtIntroductory Mathematical Modeling for Biotechnology11115Link to Abstract
2009-2010Curriculum Development GrantMcNeil, MelanieSan JoséImplementation of Bioengineering Laboratory Course14369Link to Abstract
2009-2010Curriculum Development GrantOtt, LisaChicoEquipment for Interdisciplinary Biofuels Research in the collaborative Center for Ecosystem Research15000Link to Abstract
2009-2010Joint Venture GrantStone, BradleySan JoséContinuous-flow PCR in Microfluidic Microdroplets24500Link to Abstract
2009-2010Joint Venture GrantBurrus, LauraSan FranciscoPorcupine Bioconformatics25000Link to Abstract
2009-2010Joint Venture GrantDoran, KellySan DiegoCharacterization of a novel adjuvant for treatment of MRSA infection and vaccine development25000Link to Abstract
2009-2010Joint Venture GrantRussell, ScottStanislausCharacterization of Pichia expressed AhRCD553 post-translational modifications related to anti-tumor activity24893Link to Abstract
2009-2010Joint Venture GrantSingh, RahulSan FranciscoComputational Phenomics-Based High-Throughput Drug Discovery24900Link to Abstract
2009-2010Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBonneau, AshleyChannel IslandsSilencing of the Rheb Gene in Ovarian Cancer Cells Using RNA Interference3000
2009-2010Howell-CSUPERB ScholarContreras, CynthiaFresnoThe Mechanism of Bisphosphonate-Induced Downregulation of CYR61 in Breast Cancer3000
2009-2010Howell-CSUPERB ScholarEichelsdoerfer, JonathanFullertonTrace Metal Dyshomeostasis in Human Lysosomal Storage Disease3000
2009-2010Howell-CSUPERB ScholarLee, JamesLos AngelesFunctional Analysis of the Casein kinase pathway in Candida albicans vulvovaginitis3000
2009-2010Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMcMichael, CarlingLong BeachIncreases in MMP-1, MMP-3, and ADAM-17 proteases during ovarian recrudescence in Siberian hamsters3000
2009-2010Howell-CSUPERB ScholarPankov, AlexanderSan FranciscoDifferent Genomic signatures associated to Estrogen Receptor (ER) status in breast cancer patients3000
2009-2010Howell-CSUPERB ScholarPetro, ChrisPomonaLiposomal vaccine technologies for protecting poultry against H5~9 Influenza virus3000
2009-2010Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSlugocki, TimSan DiegoSysntesis of Sansalvamide A Derivatives and Cytotoxicity in Brest Cancer Cell Lines3000
2009-2010Howell-CSUPERB ScholarTrapani, VincentSacramentoβ-Lactosyl Amine Glycodendrimer Synthesis by Means of an Amide Linkage 3000
2009-2010Howell-CSUPERB ScholarUpton, HeatherFresnoCharacterization of Bacillithiol Disulfide Reductase3000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantBushoven, JohnFresnoInternational Association of Plant Biotechnology (IAPB) Congress and In Vitro Biology Meeting1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantCohen, RandyNorthridgeSociety for Neuroscience824.1
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantDinsdale, ElizabethSan DiegoAmerican Society of Limnology and Oceanographic: Ocean Sciences Meeting1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantGoto, JoyFresnoSociety for Free Radical Biology and medicine (SFRBM) Annual Meeting1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantHaas-Stapleton, EricLong BeachEntomological Society of America500
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantO'Halloran-Cardinal, KristenSan Luis ObispoBioInterface 2009 Annual Conference537
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantPillai, MuraliSonomaInternational Conference on Biotechnological Solutions for Environmental Sustainability1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantRussell, ScottStanislausAmerican Chemical Society581
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantSrinivasan, ChandraFullertonSociety for Free Radical Biology and Medicine (SFRBM) Annual Meeting1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantThompson, StaceyLos AngelesPlant and Animal Genome1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantYu, Xiao-Hua (Helen)San Luis ObispoIEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantZhao, YuanxiangPomonaSOT Annual Meeting1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantBaljon, ArletteSan DiegoAmerican Physical Society980
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantCao, YuFresnoIEEE Computer Society Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Biomedical Image Analysis (MMBIA10)1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantKantardjieff, KatherinePomonaEurpean Crystallographic Association1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantMarayong, PanaddaLong BeachAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers Design of Medical Devices Conference1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantMazzag, BoriHumboldtSociety for Mathematical Bioloy 20101000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantMolloy, StephanieEast BayAmerican Society for Microbiology1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantNarayanaswami, VasanthyLong BeachNeuroTalk 20101000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantSmith, ChristopherSan Francisco2010 IUSSI1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantSzick-Miranda, KathyBakersfieldAmerican Society for Microbiology1000
2009-2010Faculty Travel GrantWaters, ElizabethSan DiegoPlant Biology 20101000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantHoffman, JoshuaSan DiegoRocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantJohnson, SarahSan Luis ObispoSociety for Integrative and Comparative Biology1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantKhumsupan, PanuponLong BeachBiophysical Society1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantKorovina, NadezhdaSacramentoAmerican Chemical Society1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantLucas, MitchellFresnoPlant and Animal Genome1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantMaxfield, JessicaSan FranciscoWill Hennig Society, Ninth International Workshop on Phylogenetic Methods400
2009-2010Student Travel GrantNair, RejiSan DiegoOrganic Reaction Catalysis Society1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantOo, SandaNorthridgeNeuroscience1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantParker, EvanStanislausAmerican Chemical Society329
2009-2010Student Travel GrantPatel, ArtiLong BeachBiophysical Society1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantRay, ShatarupaFullertonAmerican Society for Microbiology1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantSanathara, NaynaLong BeachInternational Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantYousef, MohannadFullertonAmerican Chemical Society919
2009-2010Student Travel GrantClayton, NicolaSacramentoAmerican Chemical Society752.39
2009-2010Student Travel GrantHunter, HenrySan FranciscoArthropod Genomics Symposium1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantKarfilis, KateSan Luis ObispoGordon Research Conference on Meiosis1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantLaird, TeresaSan FranciscoDrosophila Research Conference1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantLien, AnhFullertonAmerican Society for Microbiology1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantMelloy, SandySan FranciscoInternational Symposium for Microbial Ecology1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantSeiber, KathyEast BayAmerican Society for Microbiology1000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantSobhanian, SohaFullertonPlant Biology 20101000
2009-2010Student Travel GrantTan, BrandonPomonaAmerican Society of Virology975
2009-2010Student Travel GrantTeng, CamillaSan FranciscoSociety for Developmental Biology1000
2009-2010Andreoli Faculty ServiceKoch, RobertFullertonAndreoli Faculty Service Award1000
2009-2010Faculty Research AwardSegal, AncaSan DiegoFaculty Research Award1000
2009-2010Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardManlove, AmilieaEast BayCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award750
2009-2010Don Eden Graduate Research AwardKarlin, JustinNorthridgeDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1750
2009-2010Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardBerriman, MichaelFullertonGlen Nagel Undergraduate Student Research Award1750
2009-20100Bushoven, JohnFresnoInduction of Somatic Embryogenesis in Jatropha curcas L. Cell Cultures15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Fuse, MegumiSan FranciscoSystemic responses to tissue damage and regeneration14995Link to Abstract
2009-20100Gallegos, MariaEast BayMolecular and cellular mechanisms driving mechanosensory neurite tiling in C. elegans15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Gherman, BenjaminSacramentoComputational Investigation of the Catalytic Mechanism of the Metalloenzyme Peptide Deformylase via Functionalization of a Biomimetic Ligand System15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100González, EnidSacramentoMetagenomic and Metabolic Study of Bacteria in California Vernal Pools14174Link to Abstract
2009-20100Johnson, HopeFullertonMn(II) oxidation and peroxide stress tolerance in bacteria15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Keller, DavidChicoRegulation of microRNA-375 by cyclic-AMP in pancreatic beta cells15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Keralapura, MallikaSan JoséTrans-rectal Ultrasound Strain Imaging for Prostate Thermal Therapy15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Kim, Yu JungSan BernardinoStudy of Hvmar1 transposition in human cells.14948Link to Abstract
2009-20100Marayong, PanaddaLong BeachGait Analysis of Bilateral Transtibial Amputees14975Link to Abstract
2009-20100Miranda, JamesSacramentoDiastereo- and Enantioselective Epoxidations using Chiral Salen Vanadium Catalysts15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Murray, JamesEast BayChemical Warfare in the Ocean: How Marine Slugs Prey Upon Toxic Animals15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Murray, SeanNorthridgeIdentification and overexpression of bacterial esterases useful in synthetic chemistry15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Nikolaidis, NikolasFullertonFunctional annotation of the lipid-binding regions of HSPA1A, a member of the Hsp70 protein family15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Parmar, NitikaChannel IslandsIsolation and Identification of Novel Bioplastic Producing Bacteria14650Link to Abstract
2009-20100Sacco, MelanieFullertonDevelopment of a new model system to investigate the molecular basis of disease resistance in plants15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Saiki, DavidBakersfieldTowards Thermal Lens Spectroscopy to Study Thermal Stability of Insulin Hexamers in Solution15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Small, AlexanderPomonaComputational Methods for Fluorescence Imaging of Cells with Nanometer Resolution14936Link to Abstract
2009-20100Summers, MichaelNorthridgeCyanobacterial Biofuel Production15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Szlavik, RobertSan Luis ObispoDetermination of Peripheral Nerve Conduction Velocity Distributions Using a Novel Electrophysiology Technique14919Link to Abstract
2009-20100Tsai, Houng-WeiLong BeachIdentification of Novel Sexually Dimorphic Genes in the Mouse Brain15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100VanHoven, MiriSan JoséGenetic Analysis of Signals that Terminate Axon Outgrowth15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Venkataraman, SatchiSan DiegoPositioning and Manipulation of Micro and Nano-Sized Particles Using Acoustic Manipulation and In-Plane Stress Actuation15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Victor, TaraDominguez HillsA pilot study to investigate the feasibility and utility of a biologically-based somatic psychotherapy for treating PTSD symptoms in OEF/OIF Veterans with comorbid chronic pain14890Link to Abstract
2009-20100Voss, AndrewPomonaExamining a novel signaling mechanism in skeletal muscle: Implications for treating muscle fatigue and myotonia14987Link to Abstract
2009-20100Youn, HwanFresnoA reverse genetics study of a potential cAMP sensor from Pseudomonas aeruginosa15000Link to Abstract
2009-20100Zhao, YuanxiangPomonaA New Method for Culturing Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells15000Link to Abstract
2008-2009Curriculum Development GrantStarkey, LauriePomonaDevelopment of Online Tutorials for the Organic Chemistry Laboratory5000Link to Abstract
2008-2009Curriculum Development GrantVarkey, JacobHumboldtDevelopment of Stem Cell Laboratory Course14791.7Link to Abstract
2008-2009Curriculum Development GrantWang, TeiliDominguez HillsFluorometer Instrumentation Enhancement15000Link to Abstract
2008-2009Curriculum Development GrantCollins, ElaineSan JoséSCCBEP Bioprocessing Curriculum Development and Dissemination15000Link to Abstract
2008-2009Curriculum Development GrantLee, StevenSan JoséFluorescence Applications in Molecular Biology and Forensic Science Course Development15000Link to Abstract
2008-2009Curriculum Development GrantSreenivasan, AparnaMonterey BayThe Development of an Interdisciplinary Laboratory Course that Addresses Local Water Quality Issues in the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Regions15000Link to Abstract
2008-2009Joint Venture GrantCohen, MichaelSonomaIntegrated Biological Wastewater Scrubbing and Biogas Production25000Link to Abstract
2008-2009Joint Venture GrantLee, StevenSan JoséOptimizing DNA Stabilization and Storage of Forensic DNA Samples using Polymers25000Link to Abstract
2008-2009Joint Venture GrantMiranda, JamesSacramentoDevelopment of an Economically Efficient Route to the Amino Acid Statine5000Link to Abstract
2008-2009Joint Venture GrantTolmasky, MarceloFullertonThe Race Against Antibiotics Resistance: Searching for Inhibitors of Aminoglycoside Modifying Enzymes25000Link to Abstract
2008-2009Joint Venture GrantLauzon, CarolEast BayRapid Detection, Identification and Characterization of Shiga toxin Producing E. coli in Foods25000Link to Abstract
2008-2009Joint Venture GrantLin, Wei-JenPomonaSynthesis and Antimicrobial Effect of Amorphous Magnesium Oxide Aerogel25000Link to Abstract
2008-2009Joint Venture GrantXu, HowardLos AngelesIdentification of Antibacterial Compounds and their Cellular Targets20800Link to Abstract
2008-2009Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBaker, MichelleSan DiegoIkappaBalpha C-Terminus as a Potential Substrate and Inhibitor of IKKbeta Subunit3000
2008-2009Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBorgo, BenjaminSan FranciscoComputational Modeling of FRAP Experiments3000
2008-2009Howell-CSUPERB ScholarEggers, CrystinSacramentoDevelopment of a method to Quantitate Vitamin D3 Metabolites in Brest Cancer Cell by HPLC with an Aerosol Charge Detector3000
2008-2009Howell-CSUPERB ScholarEvans, JeffreyFullertonThe Possible Involvement of a Novel Mammalian Gene in Cancer Metastasis3000
2008-2009Howell-CSUPERB ScholarFisher, KaitlinSonomaMonitoring Binding Affinities of Piscicocins V1a and V1b Under Varying Lipid Compositions using Fluorescence Spectroscopy3000
2008-2009Howell-CSUPERB ScholarGarrett, ErinFullertonA Role for MAGP2 in Ovarian Cancer3000
2008-2009Howell-CSUPERB ScholarHilt, SilviaSacramentoMechanism of Amyloid Formation in Apolipoprotein A-I3000
2008-2009Howell-CSUPERB ScholarNguyen, AnnieFullertonPotential Role of Zip 8 in Iron Release from Lysosomes3000
2008-2009Howell-CSUPERB ScholarRitchey, JourdanFresnoThe Mechanism of Orlistat-induced Cell Death in Ovarian Carcinoma3000
2008-2009Howell-CSUPERB ScholarWang, LeeSan DiegoChemical Synthesis of Epi-Micromide: a Cytotoxic Agent against Cancer3000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantBernstein, SanfordSan DiegoBiophysical Society Annual Meeting1000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantDixon, RoySacramento60th Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy500
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantGherman, BenjaminSacramento42nd Western Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society708.16
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantLee, StevenSan José19th International Symposium on Human ID1000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantMcBride, ToddBakersfield2008 American Physiological Society Meeting,500
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantMiller, KevinFresno19th International Symposium on Human Identif1000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantOelschlaeger, PeterPomona2nd World Conference on Magic Bullets (Ehrlich II)500
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantO'Halloran-Cardinal, KristenSan Luis ObispoTissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Int'l Society (TERMIS)500
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantRawat, MamtaFresnoInternational symposium on glutathione and related thiols in microorganisms and plants500
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantRiley, LarryFresnoSociety for Integrative and Comparative Biologists500
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantSinchak, KevinLong BeachSociety for Neuroscience1000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantThompson, JeffSan BernardinoAmerican Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting1000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantZhang, JinsongChico236th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition500
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantZhao, YuanxiangPomonaStem Cell Meeting on the Mesa207
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantZhong, JianminHumboldt11th International Conference on Lyme Borreliosis and Other Tick-borne Diseases500
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantBush, JasonFresno100th Annual American Association of Cancer Research (AACR)1000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantFischhaber, PaulaNorthridgeAmerican Society for Microbiology Conference 'DNA Repair and Mutagenesis: From Molecular Structure to Human Disease'1000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantGallegos, MariaEast Bay17th International Caenorhabditis elegans Meeting950
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantHuxford, TomSan DiegoKeystone Symposium - Antibodies as Drugs1000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantKantardjieff, KatherineFullertonNational User Facility Organization National Meeting936
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantLinder, MariaFullertonExperimental Biology 20091000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantLukeman, PhilipPomonaFoundations of Nanoscience 2009927
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantMay-Newman, KarenSan DiegoAmerican Society of Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) Annual Meeting1000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantOkada, KazunoriSan FranciscoIEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro1000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantVanHoven, MiriSan José17th International Caenorhabditis elegans Meeting1000
2008-2009Faculty Travel GrantWhite, JosephSan JoséExperimental Biology Meeting1000
2008-2009Student Travel GrantAlayari, NakissaSan DiegoBiophysical Society Annual Meeting 2009900
2008-2009Student Travel GrantAwwad, KhaldeyahEast BayACS Spring 2009 National Meeting & Exposition750
2008-2009Student Travel GrantCampanale, JosephSan Luis ObispoThe Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology900
2008-2009Student Travel GrantChu, RowenaFresnoU.S. Human Proteome Organization750
2008-2009Student Travel GrantDesai, AnnaEast Bay237th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition750
2008-2009Student Travel GrantEngland, KellieSacramento42nd Western Regional ACS Meeting600
2008-2009Student Travel GrantGould, ElizabethHumboldtSociety for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2008750
2008-2009Student Travel GrantLouie, JacquelineEast BayInternship at the International Atomic Energy Agency900
2008-2009Student Travel GrantLucas, MitchellFresnoPlant and Animal Genome750
2008-2009Student Travel GrantSanathara, NaynaLong Beach38th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience900
2008-2009Student Travel GrantTabor-Godwin, JennaSan DiegoInfectious Diseases of the Nervous System: Pathogenesis and Worldwide Impact900
2008-2009Student Travel GrantTaqavi, PouyanFullerton236th ACS National Meeting & Exposition900
2008-2009Student Travel GrantWatterson, MichelleSacramento236th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition832
2008-2009Student Travel GrantYamamoto, FumikoFresno5th International Congress of Nematology900
2008-2009Student Travel GrantAngly, FlorentSan Diego3rd Congress of European Microbiologists (FEMS 2009)1000
2008-2009Student Travel GrantBurke, ThomasSan JoséExperimental Biology Annual Meeting 2009451
2008-2009Student Travel GrantCassano, JenniferEast BayCenter for Education in Proteomics Analysis961
2008-2009Student Travel GrantKarlin, JustinNorthridgeDNA Repair and Mutagenesis: From Molecular Structure to Human Disease1000
2008-2009Student Travel GrantMoore, DestayeNorthridgeAmerican Society for Microbiology Conference on DNA Repair and Mutagenesis: From Molecular Structure to Human Disease1000
2008-2009Student Travel GrantMorrison, Chevaun FullertonExperimental Biology1000
2008-2009Student Travel GrantPatel, ArtiLong BeachArteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology Council of the American Heart Association Annual Conference 20091000
2008-2009Student Travel GrantSchmieder, RobertSan DiegoIntelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and European Conference on Computational Biology (ISMB/ECCB)1000
2008-2009Student Travel GrantSultan, OmarEast BayInternship at the International Atomic Energy Agency1000
2008-2009Student Travel GrantTsang, Kwong ChuPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology 109th General Meeting880
2008-2009Student Travel GrantWilner-Hall, DanaSan DiegoIntelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and European Conference on Computational Biology (ISMB/ECCB)1000
2008-2009Student Travel GrantYadegarynia, Sina San JoséExperimental Biology811
2008-2009Andreoli Faculty ServiceKantardjieff, KatherineFullertonAndreoli Faculty Service Award1000
2008-2009Faculty Research AwardBurrus, LauraSan FranciscoFaculty Research Award1000
2008-2009Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardSprowl, StephanieFullertonCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award750
2008-2009Don Eden Graduate Research AwardLim, ShannonFullertonDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1750
2008-2009Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardEvans, JeffreyFullertonGlen Nagel Undergraduate Student Research Award1750
2008-20090Crowhurst, KarinNorthridgeProbing the role of protein dynamics in human BDNF using NMR spectroscopy15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Hosten, SerkanSan FranciscoDetecting Chromosome Clustering in Human Lymphocytes15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Patel, NilayFullertonInduction of ApoE Gene Expression by an Anti-fungal Agent15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Abramson, TzviaSan JoséIntestinal inflammation in human is associated with elevated blood alpha4beta7 plasmablasts15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Alas, StevePomonaInflammatory Response to Experimental Human Prosthetic Metal Alloys13758Link to Abstract
2008-20090de la Torre, JoséSan FranciscoStudent Research on the Isolation and Characterization of Thermophilic Nitrifiers15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Dillon, JesseLong BeachProteomics-based Screening of Halophilic Microorganisms for Novel Enzymes15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Edwards, RobertSan DiegoCell Phone Bioinformatics15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Fisher, KirstenLos AngelesPhylogenetic and Physiological Diversity of the Model Desiccation Tolerant Moss, Syntrichia ruralis14995Link to Abstract
2008-20090Fogle, EmilySan Luis ObispoHuman Serine Hydroxymethyltransferase: An Anticancer Target15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Goto, JoyFresnoMetal Ion Homeostasis and Oxidative Stress in a Fruit Fly Model of Alzheimer’s Disease15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Hafernik, JohnSan FranciscoEcoinformatics of the new California Academy of Sciences 'Green Rooftop'15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Jayasinghe, SajithSan MarcosElucidating the Structure of Thin Aggregative Fimbriae of Salmonella15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090LeDuc, DanikaEast BayElucidating the Molecular Mechanism of Selenium Hyperaccumulation in Stanleya pinnata15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Liu, JunjunPomonaFunctional study of a novel Xenopus polo-like kinase 1 substrate15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Lukeman, PhilipPomonaPositional Photocleavage Control of Nucleic Acid Nanoswitches14965Link to Abstract
2008-20090Masiello, TonyEast BayDetermination of Nitrogen-Oxide Flux Values from Soil Using FT-IR Spectroscopy15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Miyamoto, AlisonFullertonA role for MAGP-2 in ovarian cancer15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Ott, LisaChicoPreparation and Optimization of New Biodiesel Fuels from Locally Grown Almonds15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Postma, HendrikNorthridgeTransverse conductance of ssDNA in graphene nanogaps15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Russell, ScottStanislausRapid detection of plasmid-encoded protein toxins from Bacillus spores via matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Selvaduray, GunaSan JoséFatigue Testing of Metallic Wires for Medical Implants14600Link to Abstract
2008-20090Sinchak, KevinLong BeachColocalization of proopiomelanocortin and nociceptin receptor mRNA expression in neurons that project to the medial preoptic nucleus9670Link to Abstract
2008-20090Spady, ThomasSan MarcosApplying biotechnology towards bear conservation14992Link to Abstract
2008-20090Stathopoulos, ChristosPomonaCharacterization of Novel Virulence Factors of Yersinia pestis, the Causative Agent of Plague15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Teh, Kwok-SiongSan FranciscoDirected Migration of Cells Through the Influence of Metal Oxide nanowires on Lamellipodia Filopodia, and Focal Adhesions15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Tenney, CharlesFresnoA Staggered Array of Pinhole Cameras for Nuclear Imaging of the Breast15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Thompson, StaceyLos AngelesRisk assessment of trees with novel traits through population genomics15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Wolkowicz, RolandSan DiegoConstruction of a random peptide library for nuclear expression in mammalian cells15000Link to Abstract
2008-20090Zhao, YuanxiangPomonaThe Effect of Bisphenol A On The Adipogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells14895Link to Abstract
2007-2008Curriculum Development GrantBallard, RuthSacramentoDevelopment of a state-of-the art laboratory-based course in Forensic Biology11283Link to Abstract
2007-2008Curriculum Development GrantFischhaber, PaulaNorthridgeCSUN Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Instructional Tissue Culture Facility15000Link to Abstract
2007-2008Curriculum Development GrantKantardjieff, KatherinePomonaRevolutionizing a computational biochemistry curriculum with interactive documents, case studies and presentations14690Link to Abstract
2007-2008Curriculum Development GrantPeavy, ThomasSacramentoDevelopment of a Graduate Level Cell & Molecular Methods and Techniques Course14155Link to Abstract
2007-2008Curriculum Development GrantStathopoulos, ChristosPomonaUpdating the Infrastructure of a Diagnostic Microbiology Teaching Laboratory14955Link to Abstract
2007-2008Joint Venture GrantBernstein, SanfordSan DiegoGene Expression Abnormalities in a Genetic Model of Cardiac Disease23300Link to Abstract
2007-2008Joint Venture GrantKomives, ClaireSan JoséLC/MS-based isotopomer analysis of bacteria for enhanced product formation25000Link to Abstract
2007-2008Joint Venture GrantMcAlpine, ShelliSan DiegoDetermining the mechanism of action for novel anticancer agents: Sansalvamide A derivatives25000Link to Abstract
2007-2008Joint Venture GrantMothé, BiancaSan MarcosThe identification of cellular immune responses against influenza vaccines25000Link to Abstract
2007-2008Joint Venture GrantYoungblom, JaneyStanislausGenotypic and Phenotypic Association Studies of a Human Chromosomal Disorder25000Link to Abstract
2007-2008Howell-CSUPERB ScholarArndt, JustinLong BeachSECM Investigation of ds-DNA bout to Au Electrodes in the Presence of Intercalators3000
2007-2008Howell-CSUPERB ScholarChan, Yin Pik BeckyLos AngelessiRNA Targeting of Adenylyl Cyclase Types V and VI in the Rat Ovary3000
2007-2008Howell-CSUPERB ScholarCheng, Ran (Diana)FullertonEnvironmental Trigger for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Women3000
2007-2008Howell-CSUPERB ScholarHartono, StellaPomonaAnalysis of Mitochondrial Distribution in a Single Muscle Fiber as an Age Dependent Factor3000
2007-2008Howell-CSUPERB ScholarJohnson, SarahSan Luis ObispoProtein Expression Profiles as Biomarkers in Arrow Goby, Clevelandia ios, for exposure to persistent organic pollutants3000
2007-2008Howell-CSUPERB ScholarNasiadko, KatarzynaSan DiegoWomen and Heart Disease: Armet as a Protective Gene in the Heart3000
2007-2008Howell-CSUPERB ScholarRobinson, KathrynFresnoIdentification and Analysis of Multi-drug Resistance in Mycobacterium smegmatis3000
2007-2008Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSkidmore, MichaelSacramentoSynthesis of Sulfated Cellobiose Glycodendrimer for the Inhibition of HIV Binding3000
2007-2008Howell-CSUPERB ScholarVasko, RobertSan DiegoExploration of Sansalvamide A as a Small Molecule Inhibitor of Hsp90 to Target Brest Cancer3000
2007-2008Howell-CSUPERB ScholarWilliams, VirginiaFullertonSmc01580/81, Candidate Target Genes of a Signaling Pathway in Microbe-host Interactions3000
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantAcey, RogerLong BeachRegional American Chemical Society Meeting860
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantBaljon, ArletteSan DiegoAnnual Meeting of the Biophysical Society851.4
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantBush, JasonFresno4th Annual US HUPO "Proteomics & Beyond"430
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantKantardjieff, KatherineFullertonSSRL/LCLS Users' Meeting and Workshops430
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantLee, StevenSan José18th International Symposium on Human ID860
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantPesek, JosephSan JoséAustralasian Association of Clinical Biochemi430
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantRiley, LarryFresnoSociety for Integrative and Comparative Biolo860
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantSelvaduray, GunaSan JoséInternational Medical Devices Technical Conference430
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantSharma, ShantanuPomonaAmerican Chemical Society 234th National Meet855.7
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantWaters, ElizabethSan DiegoPlant Biology & Botany 2007860
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantAlpargu, GulhanFullertonJoint Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada500
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantArsuaga, JavierSan FranciscoInternational Workshop on International Work500
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantBrelles-Mariño, GracielaPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology500
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantGherman, BenjaminSacramento48th Sanibel Symposium492.8
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantHuxford, TomSan DiegoKeystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular B500
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantLee, StevenSan JoséSpring 2008 California Association of Crimina418
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantLin, Wei-JenPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology Annual Meet710
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantOberholzer-Vandergon, VirginiaNorthridgeSociety for the Study of Evolution1000
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantPeterson, DanSan Luis ObispoExperimental Biology 2008825
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantPineda, AngelFullertonSPIE Medical Imaging500
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantSalmassi, TinaLos AngelesASM General Meeting1000
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantSmith, ChristopherSan Francisco2nd Arthropod Genomics Symposium1000
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantStathopoulos, ChristosPomona33rd Congress of the Federation of the European Biochemical Societies (FEBS)500
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantSummers, MichaelNorthridgeAmerican Society for Microbiology General Mee1000
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantVazquez, Maria ElenaSan FranciscoWorkshop on Knots and Macromolecules II500
2007-2008Faculty Travel GrantWhite, AndreaChicoAmerican Society for Microbiology General mee1000
2007-2008Student Travel GrantAguilar, ArturoSan José18th International Symposium on Human Identif645
2007-2008Student Travel GrantCayenne, AndreaSan FranciscoSociety for Integrative and Comparative Biology774
2007-2008Student Travel GrantClabaugh, KimberlySan José18th International Symposium on Human Identification774
2007-2008Student Travel GrantConstable, DavidPomona3rd Advances Against Aspergillosis774
2007-2008Student Travel GrantDevadi, Rama LakshmiFresnoSociety for Interative and Comparative Endocr768.84
2007-2008Student Travel GrantDisman, WilliamSan DiegoAmerican Chemical Society 234th National Meet611.46
2007-2008Student Travel GrantDutz, StephenPomona234th American Chemical Society National Meet761.89
2007-2008Student Travel GrantFlores, ArturoSan FranciscoSPIE Medical Imaging Conference 2008765.4
2007-2008Student Travel GrantFlynn, DanielSan DiegoDanny Flynn410.87
2007-2008Student Travel GrantGhochani, MariamSan Diego2008 Biophysical Society Meeting761.1
2007-2008Student Travel GrantKristianto, JasminSan FranciscoJoint Meeting of the Biophysical society 52nd774
2007-2008Student Travel GrantLapera, StephanieSan Diego234th American Chemical Society National Meet724.98
2007-2008Student Travel GrantManzanilla, ElaineSacramentoAnnual Biomedical Research Conference for Min774
2007-2008Student Travel GrantMiller, AmberSan DiegoAmerican Society for Cell Biology774
2007-2008Student Travel GrantOdigie, KingsleySan JoséThe Eighteenth International Symposium on Hum774
2007-2008Student Travel GrantOrtmann, LeannSan DiegoAssociation of Plant Biologists Joint Congress752.5
2007-2008Student Travel GrantRysavy, SteveSan FranciscoSPIE Medical Imaging Conference765.4
2007-2008Student Travel GrantWalker, AliciaFresnoSICB Annual Meeting752.5
2007-2008Student Travel GrantCameron, ToddPomonaASM 108th General Meeting675
2007-2008Student Travel GrantCheung, AnnieLos AngelesAmerican Society for Microbiolgy 108th Genera900
2007-2008Student Travel GrantElston, MatthewChico2008 National American Chemical Society Meeti735
2007-2008Student Travel GrantHedges, KathrynHumboldtModel Organisms in Human Biology 2900
2007-2008Student Travel GrantJohnson, JanelleSan FranciscoJoint Annual Meeting: American Society of Plant Biologists and Sociedad Mexicana de Bioquimica900
2007-2008Student Travel GrantKlein-McDowell, MollySan FranciscoAmerican Association for Cancer Research 2008900
2007-2008Student Travel GrantKwan, GordonLos AngelesAmerican Society of Biochemistry and Molecular900
2007-2008Student Travel GrantLakkaraju, HemaSan JoséBiophysical Society Annual Meeting362.82
2007-2008Student Travel GrantLin, Ying-hanPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology 108th Gener900
2007-2008Student Travel GrantNilmeier, SaraFresno6th International Symposium on Fish Endocrino900
2007-2008Student Travel GrantSaw, KaySan FranciscoSpring 2008 ACS National Meeting & Exposition900
2007-2008Student Travel GrantSayre, TobiasSan FranciscoThe IEEE International Workshop on Bioinforma900
2007-2008Student Travel GrantStone, BrandeeChicoAmerican Society for Microbiology General Mee900
2007-2008Student Travel GrantSultan, OmarEast Bay92nd Annual Meeting of the Pacific Branch Ent767.6
2007-2008Student Travel GrantZeitouni, NathalieLong Beach52nd annual Wind River Conference on Prokaryo900
2007-2008Andreoli Faculty ServiceCalderón-Urrea, AlejandroFresnoAndreoli Faculty Service Award750
2007-2008Faculty Research AwardMcQueen, NancyLos AngelesFaculty Research Award750
2007-2008Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardKlein-McDowell, MollySan FranciscoCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award500
2007-2008Don Eden Graduate Research AwardMassie, GloetaSan Luis ObispoDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1500
2007-2008Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardGonzalez, JacobFullertonGlen Nagel Undergraduate Student Research Award1500
2007-20080Mason, AndrewLong Beach2007/8 Continuation, Core (FEMCA)50000
2007-20080Cuajungco, MathFullertonProtein Interactome Analysis of the TRPML 1 Ion Channel15000Link to Abstract
2007-20080Earley, RyanFresnoRecptor-Mediated shifts in serotonin metabolism: implications for aggressive behavior15000Link to Abstract
2007-20080Escorza-Trevino, SergioLos AngelesDevelopment of a powerful new genetic marker (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or SNPs) for marine mammal conservation applications15000Link to Abstract
2007-20080Gillespie, BlakeChannel IslandsThe Stability and folding of CusF, a novel copper-binding protein14690Link to Abstract
2007-20080Kassegne, SamuelSan DiegoA New high-collection efficiency biochip for molecular diagnostics and pathogen separations15000Link to Abstract
2007-20080Kristan, DeborahSan MarcosImmune response and susceptibility during virus-nematode co-infection as a model for human hook-worm HIV infection15000Link to Abstract
2007-20080Murray, SeanNorthridgeRegulated transcription and proteolysis of master regulators during a bacterial cell cycle15000Link to Abstract
2007-20080Peavy, ThomasSacramentoDevelopment of Methods to Isolate, Quantify and Assay oligosaccharides involved in the block to polyspermic fertilization15000Link to Abstract
2007-20080Smith, ChristopherSan FranciscoComputational prediction and in vivo verification of insect ribosomal entry sites15000Link to Abstract
2007-20080Szick-Miranda, KathyBakersfieldThe role of r-protein S15a in Ribosome Heterogeneity15000Link to Abstract
2007-20080Wen, XinLos AngelesInvestigation of the Binding of Toxic Metal Ions to a Zinc Finger Containing Protein15000Link to Abstract
2007-20080White, AndreaChicoMolecular Genetic Analysis of Reduced Phosphorus Metabolic Pathways in Diverse Soil Bacteria14650Link to Abstract
2007-20080Wolkowicz, RolandSan DiegoDevelopment of GFP as a biosensor for the search of protease inhibitors14993Link to Abstract
2007-20080Zhong, JianminHumboldtReal-time PCR studies of infection and transmission of Rickettsia in Ixodes pacificus Ticks13434Link to Abstract
2007-20080Mason, AndrewLong BeachPrinciples and Applications of MALDI-TOF-TOF in Proteomics and Biotechnology14614
2007-20080Patel, NilayFullertonDevelopment of Stem Cell Laboratory courses in the CSU system15000
2006-2007Curriculum Development GrantBaysdorfer, ChrisEast BayBiotechnology Program Expansion at California State University, East Bay10000Link to Abstract
2006-2007Curriculum Development GrantBlee, KristopherChicoLearning Enzyme Catalysis: An inquiry based approach15000Link to Abstract
2006-2007Curriculum Development GrantLee, StevenSan JoséAdvanced Forensic Biotechnology Program Development15000Link to Abstract
2006-2007Curriculum Development GrantSelvaduray, GunaSan JoséDevelopment of Laboratory for Evaluating Biocompatibility of Materials for Medical Devices14950Link to Abstract
2006-2007Joint Venture GrantBenson, SteveEast BayEffects of Telmisartan on Proliferation and ECM Synthesis in Cardiac and Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells16000Link to Abstract
2006-2007Joint Venture GrantDu, WinncySan JoséDesign of Fiber Optic Structure for Intravascular Artery Plaque Inspection22480Link to Abstract
2006-2007Joint Venture GrantKantardjieff, KatherinePomonaStructural Biology of the embCAB Gene Products in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis23760Link to Abstract
2006-2007Joint Venture GrantMcReynolds, KatherineSacramentoStudies Directed Towards the Synthesis of Anti-Viral Glycodendrimers27000Link to Abstract
2006-2007Joint Venture GrantMeyer, ChristopherFullertonStructure-function Studies of the Bacterial ADP-Glucose Pyrophosphorylases27000Link to Abstract
2006-2007Joint Venture GrantPorter, EdithLos AngelesIdentification of Novel Lipid-based Antimicrobials at the Genomic and Functional Level8000Link to Abstract
2006-2007Joint Venture GrantSharp, SandraLos AngelesDevelopment of Solexa SBS Direct Sequencing as a Global Assay for ChIP in Large Genomes27000Link to Abstract
2006-2007Howell-CSUPERB ScholarCasey, JenniferLong BeachInvestigation of the dynamical interaction of ibuprofen with human serum albumin2500
2006-2007Howell-CSUPERB ScholarCox, CasandraLong BeachElucidating the Chemical Mechanisms behind the Carcinogenic Activity of Nitrosamines2500
2006-2007Howell-CSUPERB ScholarHessom, JessicaFullertonInvestigation into how and why MnSO4 is the preferential form of manganese supplementation for combating oxidative stress in aging2500
2006-2007Howell-CSUPERB ScholarRodriguez, RodrigoSan DiegoFolate Medicated Sansalvamid A: a Novel Selective Anti-Cancer Agent2500
2006-2007Howell-CSUPERB ScholarRynearson, KevinSan DiegoDi-Sanslavamide A Synthesis2500
2006-2007Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSojka, Sunny-JuneSan Luis ObispoProteomics of Gametogenesis in C. elegans2500
2006-2007Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSt. John, JessicaSan Luis ObispoDevelopment of an Immunoassay for 5-S-Cysteinyldopa2500
2006-2007Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSwancutt, KatyLong BeachThe Free-Radical Chemistry of Anti-Cancer Drugs Under Physiological Conditions 2500
2006-2007Howell-CSUPERB ScholarTran , TungFullertonIsolation of Inhibitory Peptides of the Aminoglycoside Resistant Enzyme AAC(6')-Ib2500
2006-2007Howell-CSUPERB ScholarVrooman, LisaLong BeachMMP expression during the estrus cycle of Siberian Hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)2492
2006-2007Howell-CSUPERB ScholarZbieg, JasonSan DiegoSynthesis of Virginamycin M1 a Streptogramin Type A antibiotic2500
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantArenas-Mena, CesarSan DiegoThe Developmental Biology of the Sea Urchin- XVII1000
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantCohen, RandyNorthridgeSociety for Neuroscience500
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantFrey, TerrenceSan DiegoThe 4th International Congress on Electron Tomography550
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantGassner, GeorgeSan Francisco20th Enzyme Mechanisms Conference500
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantLee, StevenSan JoséAmerican Academy of Forensic Science1000
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantMcAlpine, ShelliSan DiegoNational American Chemical Society773
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantMoh, MelodySan JoséIEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, Special Session on "Application of Wireless and Sensor Networks on Medical and Health Care"1000
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantMyers, MichaelLong BeachBiophysical Society 51st Annual Meeting500
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantOuyang, XiangFullerton2006 Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association1000
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantWang, XiongFullertonThe 6th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology1000
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantZhang, JinsongChicoAmerican Chemical Society 233th National Meeting1000
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantAbramzon, NinaPomonaThe 34th IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science1000
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantArenas-Mena, CesarSan DiegoWest Coast Regional Developmental Biology Meeting523
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantDomingo, CarmenSan FranciscoWest Coast Regional Developmental Biology meeting664.75
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantEarley, RyanFresnoSociety for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology 11th Annual Meeting964.44
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantErden, IhsanSan FranciscoInternational Conference on Organic Chemistry (ICOC)500
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantLin, Wei-JenPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology1000
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantSrinivasan, ChandraFullertonExperimental Biology 2007 (ASBMB)1000
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantStathopoulos, ChristosPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology500
2006-2007Faculty Travel GrantXu, HowardLos AngelesAmerican Society for Microbiology General Meeting1000
2006-2007Student Travel GrantBallinger, KristySan José17th International Symposium on Human Identification900
2006-2007Student Travel GrantBray, JonathanPomonaThe 15th International Conference on Atomic Processes in Plasmas450
2006-2007Student Travel GrantChang, LindsaySan Luis ObispoSociety for Intagrated and Comparative Biology (SICB) Annual Meeting500
2006-2007Student Travel GrantCook, Courtney San JoséAAFS Annual Meeting750
2006-2007Student Travel GrantGlick, DouglasSacramento232nd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition275
2006-2007Student Travel GrantHitt, LaurenSan Luis ObispoSociety for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB)655
2006-2007Student Travel GrantHo, Yi-Hsuan (Elisha)FullertonBiometals 2006818.71
2006-2007Student Travel GrantJohnson, SarahSan Luis ObispoSociety for Integrative and Comparative Biology 2007 Annual Meeting675
2006-2007Student Travel GrantNguyen, MichelleSan FranciscoAmerican Society for Cell Biology 46th Annual Meeting900
2006-2007Student Travel GrantOtrubova, KaterinaSan DiegoAmerican Chemical Society National Meeting342
2006-2007Student Travel GrantPark, DanielFullerton2006 IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology810
2006-2007Student Travel GrantPlanutyte, LinaFullertonBiometals Symposium615
2006-2007Student Travel GrantRavula, SuchitraSan Diego232nd ACS National meeting550
2006-2007Student Travel GrantReyes, JesusLong BeachInternational congress on the biology of fish475
2006-2007Student Travel GrantSauble, EricFullertonBiometals 2006810
2006-2007Student Travel GrantSegura, AnnaFullertonInternational Biometals Symposium800
2006-2007Student Travel GrantSilva, BrieSan JoséPromega 17th International Symposium on Human Identification900
2006-2007Student Travel GrantWegley, LindaSan DiegoAmerican Society Limnology & Oceanography 2007 Aquatic Sciences Meeting900
2006-2007Student Travel GrantAmer, AdeelFullertonExperimental Biology 2007 (ASBMB)120
2006-2007Student Travel GrantBray, JonathanPomonaIEEE Pulsed Power and Plasma Science Conference120
2006-2007Student Travel GrantCampbell, JanetFresnoSociety for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology804.18
2006-2007Student Travel GrantGonzalez, JacobFullertonExperimental Biology 2007900
2006-2007Student Travel GrantGuerra, MelissaFresnoAmerican Society for Microbiology (ASM)900
2006-2007Student Travel GrantHo, Yi-Hsuan (Elisha)FullertonExperimental Biology 2007120
2006-2007Student Travel GrantJohnson, ArtFresnoASM 107th General Meeting120
2006-2007Student Travel GrantKelly, ShannonDominguez HillsWorld Congress of Malacology900
2006-2007Student Travel GrantLiau, Wei-SiangPomona16th International C. elegans Meeting844
2006-2007Student Travel GrantLin, Ying-HanPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology900
2006-2007Student Travel GrantLitzie, NicoleSonomaAmerican Chemical Society 233rd National Meeting & Exposition900
2006-2007Student Travel GrantMirsoian, AnnieLos Angeles107th General ASM Meeting900
2006-2007Student Travel GrantNguyen, KellyFullertonExperimental Biology Annual Meeting750
2006-2007Student Travel GrantReal, LilianLos AngelesAmerican Society for Microbiology General900
2006-2007Student Travel GrantRojas, BenFullertonAmerican Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology120
2006-2007Student Travel GrantSauble, EricFullertonExperimental Biology 2007120
2006-2007Student Travel GrantSprowl, StephanieFullertonExperimental Biology 2007  Annual Conference (ASBMB)900
2006-2007Student Travel GrantSusoeff, MichaelFullertonExperimental Biology Annual Meeting750
2006-2007Student Travel GrantToribio, AntonioFresnoAmerican Society for Microbiology120
2006-2007Student Travel GrantWiig, JaredFullertonExperimental Biology 2007 (ASBMB)750
2006-2007Andreoli Faculty ServiceWang, Ching-HuaChannel IslandsAndreoli Faculty Service Award750
2006-2007Faculty Research AwardGomez, FrankLos AngelesFaculty Research Award750
2006-2007Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardDon, MichelleFullertonCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award500
2006-2007Don Eden Graduate Research AwardLai, RickyFullertonDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1500
2006-2007Don Eden Graduate Research AwardSmith, PeterPomonaDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1500
2006-2007Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardCorleto, JoseFullertonGlen Nagel Undergraduate Student Research Award1500
2006-20070Mason, AndrewLong Beach2006/7 Continuation, Core (FEMCA)50000
2006-20070Adams, NikkiSan Luis ObispoMass Spectroscopy Analysis of Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on the Proteome of Sea Urchin Embryos13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Bush, JasonFresnoIdentification of Membrane Biomarkers from staged pancreatic cancer cells by quantitative proteomics.13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Chen, EstherFullertonTarget Genes of ExoS-ChvI, a Signaling Pathway Critical for Bacteria-plant Symbiosis13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Chu, DianaSan FranciscoDefining Histone Variant Function in Sperm Chromosome Structure13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Escobar, MatthewSan MarcosCharacterization of Plant Responses to Acidic Soils: A Molecular Approach13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Huxford, TomSan DiegoBiochemical Characterization of Human and Fly IkappaB Kinases13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Kellen-Yuen, CynthiaSacramentoCrystallographic Analysis of Substrate Binding Determinants in Yeast and Human Kynureninase13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Krug, PatrickLos AngelesPopulation Genetics and Molecular Identification of Marine Invasive Species13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Miranda, JamesSacramentoIntramolecular vinylcyclopropane Radical Cyclization-Fragmentation13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Mogul, RakeshPomonaLanthanide Chelates for Phosphotyrosine Detection13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Myers, MichaelLong BeachThe Role of Maxi-K Channels in a Viral Therapy for Glioma Cell Cancer13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Okada, KazunoriSan FranciscoComputer-Assisted Image Analysis for Differential Diagnosis in Dentistry13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Riley, LarryFresnoProteomic Analysis of Glucose Metabolism in Tilapia13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Sommerhalter, MonikaEast BayInvestigating the Putative role of TM0159 as a Noncanonical Nucleotide Triphosphatase13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Stein, Mary-PatNorthridgeIdentification of L. pneumophila effector complexes required for Intracellular Survival13443.19Link to Abstract
2006-20070Tomanek, LarsSan Luis ObispoAnalysis of the Ciona intestinalis Stress Proteome with Differential Gel Electrophoresis (DIGE)13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Wang, Ching-HuaChannel IslandsDevelopment of a Human Neural Stem Cell Model for Drug Screening for Alzheimer's Disease13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Waters, ElizabethSan DiegoTowards Indentifying Novel Genes and Pathways in Plant cold and Freezing Stress Tolerance13235.18Link to Abstract
2006-20070Zhang, JinsongChicoTotal Synthesis and Biological Activity Study of Neolignans13500Link to Abstract
2006-20070Gillespie, BlakeChannel IslandsModernizing the Biochemistry Curriculum: Molecular Graphics and Modeling in the Classroom and Laboratory15000Link to Abstract
2006-20070Thompson, JeffSan BernardinoCSUPERB Stem Cell Workshop14700
2005-2006Curriculum Development GrantCalderón-Urrea, AlejandroFresnoApplication of 4D Microscopy to Study Early Development in the Plant Parasitic Nematode Meloidogyne incognita12578.26Link to Abstract
2005-2006Curriculum Development GrantDavis, RogerSan DiegoThe Bioscience Center Metabolics Core15000Link to Abstract
2005-2006Curriculum Development GrantHonda, JeffreySan JoséUse of the CO II Gene as a Species Indicator for Forensically Important Files: A Forensic Entomology Laboratory Exercise6420Link to Abstract
2005-2006Curriculum Development GrantKhachikian, CristLos AngelesEnvironmental Biorestoration13676Link to Abstract
2005-2006Curriculum Development GrantKoch, RobertFullertonCABS Curriculum Phase 3: Introduction of Inter-campus Collaborations15000Link to Abstract
2005-2006Curriculum Development GrantMcCurdy, AlisonLos AngelesExpansion of a CSULA Drug Discovery Class14989Link to Abstract
2005-2006Curriculum Development GrantPeavy, ThomasSacramentoDevelopment of a Molecular Graduate Laboratory Curriculum in Cell and Molecular Biology12805Link to Abstract
2005-2006Curriculum Development GrantThompson, JeffSan BernardinoTissue Culture Workstation for Teaching and Research7000Link to Abstract
2005-2006Joint Venture GrantKitts, ChristopherSan Luis ObispoBacterial Methane Cycling in a Petroleum Contaminated Aquifer28000Link to Abstract
2005-2006Joint Venture GrantLin, Wei-JenPomonaDNA Microarray Analysis of Clostridium botulinum21750Link to Abstract
2005-2006Joint Venture GrantLivesay, DennisPomonaPhylogenetic Similarity Maximization: A New Algorithm for Polygenetic Motif Detection28700Link to Abstract
2005-2006Joint Venture GrantMacher, BruceSan FranciscoCharacterization of Antigas Recognized by Anti-cancer Antibodies30000Link to Abstract
2005-2006Joint Venture GrantMcAlpine, ShelliSan DiegoSynthesis of Novel C-2 Symmetrical Marocycles and their Biological Activity30000Link to Abstract
2005-2006Joint Venture GrantSabbadini, RogerSan DiegoBacterial Minicells: A Novel Vaccine Delivery Mechanism30000Link to Abstract
2005-2006Joint Venture GrantTsoukas, ConstantineSan DiegoActin Dynamics in T Lymphocyte Activation28535Link to Abstract
2005-2006Howell-CSUPERB ScholarAlbertella, MichelleDominguez HillsThe Effects of Prenatal Androgen Exposure on Depression and Immunity in Women2500
2005-2006Howell-CSUPERB ScholarChen, AmeliaSan DiegoRole of FGFR4 in the Metabolic Syndrome2415
2005-2006Howell-CSUPERB ScholarCorliss, MarlenaChicoVitamin B12-Inspired Cobalt Compounds and Their Applications to the Catalyti Degradation of PCBs2000
2005-2006Howell-CSUPERB ScholarCottage, ChristopherSan DiegoMyocardinal Regeneration Using Cardiac Stem Cells2500
2005-2006Howell-CSUPERB ScholarGlick, DouglasSacramentoSynthesis of Glycodendrimer Cores from Simple Ether-Based Building Blocks2500
2005-2006Howell-CSUPERB ScholarHarmston, Christina FresnoCharacterization of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Bep Genes2500
2005-2006Howell-CSUPERB ScholarLee, CristineChannel IslandsMetal Homeostasis in Drosophila Nervous System2500
2005-2006Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMulvihill, MelindaSonomaClass II a Bacteriocins2500
2005-2006Howell-CSUPERB ScholarStyers, ThomasSan DiegoSansalvamide A Peptidomimetics2500
2005-2006Howell-CSUPERB ScholarUmeh, ChiomaDominguez HillsEffect of Diabetes on Vaginal Smooth Muscle Cell Fibrosis, Apoptosis, and Oxidative Stress in Rat Model2500
2005-2006Howell-CSUPERB ScholarWhite III, RichardEast BayMetabolic Engineering of Ecoli with Lactic Acid Bacterial Genes that Affect the Glycoslaytions of Plant Bioflavonoids 2500
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantBernstein, SanfordSan DiegoGordon Research Conference; Muscle: Contractile Proteins500
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantBrinegar, ChrisSan José5th Biennial Conference of the Systematics Association500
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantCohen, Cynthia SarahSan FranciscoSecond Bi-annual Conservation Genetics Symposium500
2005-2006Faculty Travel Grantde Bellard, Maria ElenaNorthridgeGordon Research Conference on MYELIN500
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantFrey, TerrenceSan DiegoBiophysical Society Annual Meeting500
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantGoodman, AnyaSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting500
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantLauzon, CarolEast BayPierce's Disease Research Symposium852
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantMyers, MichaelLong BeachBiophysical Society Annual Meeting783
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantRoberts, LindaSacramentoNineteenth Symposium of The Protein Society467
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantStillman, JonathonSan FranciscoSociety for Integrative and Comparative Biology1000
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantTerrill, RogerSan JoséFederation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Socieities500
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantThompson, JeffSan BernardinoAmerican Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting919
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantTong, WilliamSan DiegoSymposium on Optical Biochips and Biosensors for Nucleic Acids and Proteins Sponsored By International Society for Optical Engineering.500
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantWhipple, FrederickFullertonMolecular Biology of Bacteria and Phages1000
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantDong, WinnyPomonaMaterials Research Society, International Spring Meeting1000
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantKellen-Yuen, CynthiaSacramentoAmerican Chemical Society1000
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantLin, Wei-JenPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology800
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantPal, BijayPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology950
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantRawat, MamtaFresnoGenetics of Industrial Microorganisms500
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantRech, SabineSan JoséAmerican Society of Microbiology450
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantSiering, PatriciaHumboldtAmerican Society for Microbiology1000
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantSpence, JohnSacramentoAmerican Chemical Society1000
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantWaters, ElizabethSan DiegoGenomes, Evolution and Bioinformatics995
2005-2006Faculty Travel GrantWilson, MarkHumboldtAmerican Society for Microbiology1000
2005-2006Student Travel GrantBrown, JosephSan DiegoAmerican Chemical Society National Meeting763.65
2005-2006Student Travel GrantCoffey, DavidSan BernardinoAmerican Society of Cell Biology627.7
2005-2006Student Travel GrantCoulier, RobertSan BernardinoComputational Systems Bioinformatics 2005726.08
2005-2006Student Travel GrantElmatari, DojaPomonaThe Iternational Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering Annual Meeting750
2005-2006Student Travel GrantGomes, VictoriaFresnoInternational Plant and Animal Genome XIV Conference614
2005-2006Student Travel GrantLai, RickyFullertonExperimental Biology 2006880
2005-2006Student Travel GrantLin, Yi-Hsuan PomonaAnnual International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering Conference750
2005-2006Student Travel GrantLopez, DeniseFresnoWest Coast Bacterial Physiologists604
2005-2006Student Travel GrantNguyen, VanSan BernardinoAmerican Society for Cell Biology 794
2005-2006Student Travel GrantParker, JohnFullertonBacteria & Phages 2005 Conference851.04
2005-2006Student Travel GrantSingleton, MarcFullertonMolecular Genetics of Bacteria and Phages Conference850
2005-2006Student Travel GrantWilliams, DaimeyonSan BernardinoAmerican Society for Cell Biology794
2005-2006Student Travel GrantAevermann, BrianSan DiegoSMBE750
2005-2006Student Travel GrantAnacker, AllisonHumboldtAmerican Society for Microbiology375
2005-2006Student Travel GrantBirshan, DanielFullertonAmerican Society for Microbiology900
2005-2006Student Travel GrantCarter, DonnieHumboldtAmerican Society for Microbiology900
2005-2006Student Travel GrantChou, EllySan FranciscoClinical Virology Symposium900
2005-2006Student Travel GrantDorado, JosephSan JoséAmerican Society for Microbiology450
2005-2006Student Travel GrantDoshi, DhavalFullertonASBMB Annual  Meeting750
2005-2006Student Travel GrantJaved, ReemSan DiegoAmerican Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology835
2005-2006Student Travel GrantNguyen, ChristineFullertonASBMB Annual  Meeting900
2005-2006Student Travel GrantOngaro, Jr, JamesFullertonASBMB Annual  Meeting900
2005-2006Student Travel GrantPoland, MyeshaFullertonASBMB Annual  Meeting558
2005-2006Student Travel GrantPratt, CindyLong BeachASBMB Annual Meeting900
2005-2006Student Travel GrantReddy, MadhuriSan José13th Workshop on Vitamin D450
2005-2006Student Travel GrantSoukup, TimSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society for Microbiology900
2005-2006Student Travel GrantTorres, MariaPomona2006 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting620
2005-2006Student Travel GrantWan, Chung Ping LeonLong BeachASBMB Annual Meeting900
2005-2006Student Travel GrantWiig, JaredFullertonASBMB Annual  Meeting750
2005-2006Student Travel GrantYang, DavidPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology900
2005-2006Andreoli Faculty ServiceVarkey, JacobHumboldtAndreoli Faculty Service Award750
2005-2006Faculty Research AwardSabbadini, RogerSan DiegoFaculty Research Award750
2005-2006Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardRajan, MichaelEast BayCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award750
2005-2006Don Eden Graduate Research AwardWatanabe, GoFullertonDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1500
2005-2006Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardBoyd, VelekaSan DiegoGlen Nagel Undergraduate Student Research Award1500
2005-20060Mason, AndrewLong Beach2005/6 Initial CSUPERB Core Facility (FEMCA)50000
2005-20060Prince, JamesFresnoCSUPERB Discretionary Grant5000
2005-20060Thompson, JeffSan BernardinoCSUPERB Discretionary Grant7000
2005-20060Arbogast, BrianHumboldtComparative Molecular Evolution of Whale Ectoparasites10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Arenas-Mena, CesarSan DiegoGene Regulatory Networks in Hydroides elegans Embryos10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Choi, Hee KwangDominguez HillsThe Role of Lipid Rafts in Integrin- and Prolactin-dependent Activation of STAT5 in Mammary Epithelial Cells10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Clark, DanielChicoMicrobial Metabolism of Propane and Propylene10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Cohen, Cynthia SarahSan FranciscoPhenoSVM: A Machine Learning Method and Tool for Association Mapping of Complex Genetic Traits9700Link to Abstract
2005-20060Denton, AmyChannel IslandsMolecular Evolution of Freezing Tolerance in Crop Plants10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Edwards, DanielChicoBiochemical Investigation of the Terminal Prenyltransferase Step in Lyngbyatoxin A Biosynthesis10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Goodman, AnyaSan Luis ObispoPhosphoregulation of the Yeast Actin-binding Proteins10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Hampton, PhilipChannel IslandsContinuous Organic Synthesis: Pharmaceutical Chemistry in a STT™ Reactor10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Han, JianchaoDominguez HillsDeveloping Graph Algorithms in Finding Gene Communities from Online Literature10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Immoos, ChadSan Luis ObispoIdentifying Anitbodies for Biomarkers of Malignant Melanoma10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Kelley, ScottSan DiegoDesign and Development of Broad-spectrum Bacterial Vaccine10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Lillard, SheriNorthridgeQuantitative Bioassays for Lactate Dehydrogenase mRNA and Enzyme in Single Cells10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Mazzag, BoriHumboldtComputational Investigation of Ca2+- Release Sites Consisting of Type I and Type II IP3 Receptors9980Link to Abstract
2005-20060Nissen, RobertLos AngelesCharacterization of a Zebrafish Mutant as a Model for Williams-Beuren Syndrome10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Peterson, DanSan Luis ObispoTissue-Specific Regulation of Lipogenesis by the Transcription Factors SREBP and ChREBP10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Shpak, ElenaFullertonRole of EKIP1 Protein in ERECTA Receptors-like Kinase Mediated Signaling Pathway10000Link to Abstract
2005-20060Works, CarmenSonomaPrimary Structural Investigation of Two Novel Chomium(III)-proteins10000Link to Abstract
2004-2005Curriculum Development GrantBlee, KristopherChicoIntroducing Biotechnology to Introductory Biology Students with Two Investigative Labs13000Link to Abstract
2004-2005Curriculum Development GrantCasem, Merri LynnFullertonImplementation of Inquiry-based Laboratories as an Introduction to Biotechnology Research15000Link to Abstract
2004-2005Curriculum Development GrantChen, LilySan FranciscoDevelopment of a Collaborative Biomedical Curriculum among Three Regional CSU Campuses15000Link to Abstract
2004-2005Curriculum Development GrantGirman, DerekSonomaCore DNA Analysis Facility Infrastructure Support for University and K-12 Research and Education10750Link to Abstract
2004-2005Curriculum Development GrantHanrahan, GradyLos AngelesThe Development of Chemometric Strategies for Undergraduate Training in Biotechnology Research10833Link to Abstract
2004-2005Curriculum Development GrantKibak, HenrikMonterey BayBiotechnology and Bioinformatics Skills Development13077Link to Abstract
2004-2005Curriculum Development GrantKoch, RobertFullertonCABS Curriculum Phase 2: Creating an Environment for Industry-oriented Cross-disciplinary Projects and Internships9800Link to Abstract
2004-2005Curriculum Development GrantMaloy, StanleySan DiegoIntegrating Experimental Genomics into the Undergraduate Curriculum15000Link to Abstract
2004-2005Joint Venture GrantAdler-Moore, JillPomonaThe Role of CD4 and CD8 Cells in Protecting Mice from HSV2 Mucosal and Neurological Infection Following Immunization with Lipsomal HSV2-gD Vaccine24924Link to Abstract
2004-2005Joint Venture GrantBergdahl, MikaelSan DiegoTotal Syntheses of Pseurotin Analogs; New Chemical Methodology Toward Novel Angiogenesis Inhibitors24700Link to Abstract
2004-2005Joint Venture GrantKingsbury, KevinSan Luis ObispoModel Hydrogels: Towards Tougher Corneal Transplant Materials22900Link to Abstract
2004-2005Joint Venture GrantKoch, RobertFullertonEnhancing the Performance of a Leica Confocal Spectral Microscope21982Link to Abstract
2004-2005Joint Venture GrantMcGuire, KathleenSan DiegoAcquisition of a Flow Cytometer for SDSU12000Link to Abstract
2004-2005Joint Venture GrantOechel, WalterSan DiegoSpectroscopic Instrumentation for San Diego State University Ecology Programs25000Link to Abstract
2004-2005Joint Venture GrantPrince, JamesFresnoNematode Resistance Genes in Pepper (Capsicum annuum)14500Link to Abstract
2004-2005Joint Venture GrantTolmasky, MarceloFullertonIdentification of Brucella abortus Virulence Factors by Microarray Analysis25000Link to Abstract
2004-2005Joint Venture GrantTroncale, LenPomonaMicroarrayer Techniques Learning, Research, and Industrial Innovation Facility for Los Angeles Cluster Campuses; Alpha Innotech Collaboratory25000Link to Abstract
2004-2005Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBanker, KellySonomaIsolation, Purification and Characterization of a Chromium(III) Binding Peptide from Bovine Liver2500
2004-2005Howell-CSUPERB ScholarIdangodage, ThanukiLong BeachUsing a-KTx Mutants to Probe the Structure of Large Conductance Potassium Channels2500
2004-2005Howell-CSUPERB ScholarJohnson, ToddFresnoDetermination and Analysis of Function of L-Ergothioneine in Mycobacterium2500
2004-2005Howell-CSUPERB ScholarJohnston, JenniferSan DiegoNovel Antibiotics: Macrocyclic Peptides Designed to Trap Holliday Junctions2500
2004-2005Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMcClaskey, DavidSan DiegoSynthesis of Novel Antibiotic Derivatives from the Type A Streptogramin, Virginiamycin M12500
2004-2005Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMoffatt-Blue, ChantelleLong BeachApoptotic Mediation of Ovarian Regression in Siberian Hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)2500
2004-2005Howell-CSUPERB ScholarParry, EmilySan DiegoSynthesis of Derivatives of Sansalvamide2500
2004-2005Howell-CSUPERB ScholarPelletier, NicoleSan DiegoIn Vitro Study of Nonezymatic Glycation and AGE Production in Albumin and Collagen2500
2004-2005Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSalami, AzadehPomonaFolate Status and DNA Methylation in Women2448
2004-2005Howell-CSUPERB ScholarTibbetts, RachellFullertonRole of Fibroblasts in Tumor Metastasis2500
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantCohen, AmybethFullerton2004 SACNAS Meeting375
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantFoster, KrishnaLos AngelesAGU Fall Meeting750
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantFuse, MegumiSan FranciscoSociety for Neuroscience1000
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantHan, JianchaoDominguez HillsIEEE Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Bio320
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantKelly, ColleenSan DiegoJoint Statistical Meetings400
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantKitts, ChristopherSan Luis ObispoInternational Society for Microbial Ecology1000
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantKrug, PatrickLos AngelesWestern Society of Naturalists375
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantLauzon, CarolEast BayPierce's Disease Symposium943
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantLee, StevenSan JoséInternational Symposium on Human ID700
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantMcAlpine, ShelliSan DiegoCombinatorial Chemistry Gordon Conference750
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantMoh, MelodySan JoséBroadband Wireless Networking Symposium750
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantSavage, ThomasSacramentoIntegrating Plant Omics Research136
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantSilverman, MichaelPomonaSociety for Neuroscience472.5
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantTakahashi, M. KathleenLong BeachAmerican Soc for Cell Biology Annual Meeting500
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantWaters, ElizabethSan DiegoPlant and Animal Genome XIII Conference500
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantAbramzon, NinaPomonaICOPS 2005 32nd International Conference on Plasma Science1000
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantKhuri, SamiSan JoséResearch Trends in Science and Technology500
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantKomives, ClaireSan JoséNational American Chemical Society500
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantLivesay, DennisPomonaGordon Research Conference - Proteins500
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantMcQueen, NancyLos AngelesExperimental Biology 2005954
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantMcReynolds, KatherineSacramento229th American Chemical Society National Meeting960
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantMedh, JheemNorthridgeENDO 2005, Annual Meeting of Endocrine Society500
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantMedh, RheemNorthridgeENDO 2005, Annual Meeting of Endocrine Society539
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantMothé, BiancaSan MarcosAmerican Society for Virology700
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantPal, BijayPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology1000
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantParr, LesleeSan JoséPacific Estuarine Research Society689
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantSalmassi, TinaLos AngelesAmerican Society for Microbiology1000
2004-2005Faculty Travel GrantWolfe, GordonChicoAmerican Society for Microbiology General Meeting950
2004-2005Student Travel GrantAmbannavar, RanjanaEast BayPierce's Disease Symposium750
2004-2005Student Travel GrantChu, VinhEast BayEntomological Society of America900
2004-2005Student Travel GrantEngelbrektson, AnnaSan Luis ObispoInt'l. Symp. On Microbial Ecology278.5
2004-2005Student Travel GrantEscamilla, OmarNorthridgeAmerican Society for Cell Biology900
2004-2005Student Travel GrantJoaquin, JonathanPomonaSecond Int'l. Workshop on Microplasmas100
2004-2005Student Travel GrantLiotta, LisaSan DiegoGRC Combinatorial Chemistry800
2004-2005Student Travel GrantLung, DominicSan Luis ObispoInt''l. Symp. On Microbial Ecology623.16
2004-2005Student Travel GrantNguyen, HailinhSan Luis ObispoInt''l. Symp. On Microbial Ecology623.16
2004-2005Student Travel GrantPhillips, WendySan Luis ObispoInt''l. Symp. On Microbial Ecology750
2004-2005Student Travel GrantShimoide, AlanSan FranciscoInt'l. Symp. Electronic Imaging: Science & Technology185.7
2004-2005Student Travel GrantTelukuntla, LavanyaEast BayPierce's Disease Symposium750
2004-2005Student Travel GrantWrighton, KellySan Luis ObispoInt'l. Symp. On Microbial Ecology750
2004-2005Student Travel GrantAvalos, ShaunaPomonaAmerican Society for Virology (24th Annual Meeting)900
2004-2005Student Travel GrantBrown, PatriciaChicoAmerican Society for Microbiology280
2004-2005Student Travel GrantCabrera, AnthonyFullertonExperimental Biology280
2004-2005Student Travel GrantCarroll, ChrisSan Diego228th American Chemical Society National Meeting150
2004-2005Student Travel GrantChan, MonicaPomonaAmerican Society For Microbiology280
2004-2005Student Travel GrantConstable, DavidPomonaFocus on Fungal Infections744
2004-2005Student Travel GrantCruz, RebeccaLong BeachAmerican Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (ASBMB)900
2004-2005Student Travel GrantDrexler, AnnaSan FranciscoInvertebrate Neuropeptide Conference900
2004-2005Student Travel GrantEltgroth, Matthew ChicoASLO 2005 Aquatic Sciences Meeting280
2004-2005Student Travel GrantKekec, AhmetSan DiegoNational American Chemical Society50
2004-2005Student Travel GrantLa, DavidPomonaAnnual International conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB)900
2004-2005Student Travel GrantLopez, PatriciaNorthridge87th Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society900
2004-2005Student Travel GrantLorenzi, AllisonSan FranciscoAmerican Society of Limnology and Oceanography Aquatic Sciences180
2004-2005Student Travel GrantMcDowell, MonicaLos AngelesAmerican Society of Microbiology280
2004-2005Student Travel GrantMedina, SoniaSan Diego229th American Chemical Society National Meeting160
2004-2005Student Travel GrantNadell, AmySonomaAmerican Chemical Society Conference646
2004-2005Student Travel GrantShimoide, AlanSan FranciscoSecond Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV 2005)900
2004-2005Student Travel GrantStewart, BarbaraSan MarcosAmerican Society for Virology900
2004-2005Student Travel GrantTran, LynnPomonaAmerican Society for Microbiology900
2004-2005Student Travel GrantWang, YuSan FranciscoCytochromes P450: Biochemistry, Biophysics and Bioinformatics900
2004-2005Student Travel GrantWatanabe, GoFullertonAmerican Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (ASBMB)520
2004-2005Andreoli Faculty ServiceSharp, SandraLos AngelesAndreoli Faculty Service Award750
2004-2005Faculty Research AwardAdler-Moore, JillPomonaFaculty Research Award750
2004-2005Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardRacolta, AdrianaFullertonCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award750
2004-2005Don Eden Graduate Research AwardBarakat, NoraSan DiegoDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1500
2004-2005Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardHolsclaw, CynthiaSan FranciscoGlen Nagel Undergraduate Student Research Award1500
2004-20050Oechel, WalterSan DiegoCSUPERB Discretionary Grant25000
2004-20050Acey, RogerLong BeachNovel Inhibitors of Butyrylcholinesterase: Potential Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Diseases10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Constable, JohnFresnoThe Role of WRKY-like Transcription Factors in Senescence of Podophyllum peltatum9700Link to Abstract
2004-20050Dillon, JesseLong BeachUsing Molecular Tools to Characterize the Microbial Diversity of the Salton Sea10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Dong, WinnyPomonaStudy of Sol-Gel Silica Microparticles for Injectable Controlled Drug Delivery10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Fuse, MegumiSan FranciscoKnockdown of Eclosion Hormone by RNA Interference in the Tobacco Hornworm, Manduca sexta9991Link to Abstract
2004-20050Hillers, KennethSan Luis ObispoRegulation of Meiotic Crossing Over in Saccharomyces cerevisiae10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Komives, ClaireSan JoséDevelopment of Kinetic Model for Bacillus methanolicus10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050O'Gara, BruceHumboldtProtection from Oxidative Damage by Pharmacological Stimulation of Heat Shock Proteins10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Savage, ThomasSacramentoRegulatory Properties of Pyruvate Kinase Isozymes in Plants10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Singh, RahulSan FranciscoSurface-Based Query-Retrieval of Molecules in Structural Databases10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Slowinska, KatarzynaLong BeachHydrophobic Interactions in Control of Delivery Rate in Targeted Drug Delivery Systems10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Spence, JohnSacramentoLight Activated Enediyne Pro-Drugs10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Srinivasan, ChandraFullertonInvestigating the Oxygen Radical Scavenging Properties of Ionic Manganese in C. Elegans10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Stessman, Nhu-Y TranStanislausDevelopment of a Ferrocene Carbaldehyde based Chiral Auxiliaries for use in the Synthesis of Unnatural Amino Acids10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Terrill, RogerSan JoséInfrared Biosensors Based on Nanoparticle Surface Plasmon Resonance10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Uhde-Stone, ClaudiaEast BayAssessment of Phosphorus-Deficiency Responsive Genes in Transformed Roots of White Lupin10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Wilson, MarkHumboldtMolecular Analysis of Conjugative Plasmids Involved in Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Degradation in Humboldt Bay, CA10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Xu, HowardLos AngelesConstruction of Staphylococcus aureus Strains Over-expressing Essential Genes for Antibiotics Discovery10000Link to Abstract
2004-20050Komives, ClaireSan JoséSummer Short Course on Bioprocess Technology for High School Teachers6700
2004-20050Mason, AndrewLong BeachPrinciples and Applications of Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy Workshop13182
2003-2004Curriculum Development GrantAlex, LisaPomona3D Visualization of Biomolecules1400Link to Abstract
2003-2004Curriculum Development GrantBenson, SteveEast BayBioinformatics Instrumentation Enhancement8327Link to Abstract
2003-2004Curriculum Development GrantCollins, ElaineSan JoséSJSU/Santa Clara County: Biotechnology Curriculum Development and Dissemination14800Link to Abstract
2003-2004Curriculum Development GrantKageyama, GlennPomonaSEM Digital Capture And Enhancement of Microscopy center imaging system7900Link to Abstract
2003-2004Curriculum Development GrantKantardjieff, KatherinePomonaStructural biology of chicken muscle lactate dehydrogenase: a contemporary biochemistry laboratory8540Link to Abstract
2003-2004Curriculum Development GrantKoch, RobertFullertonDeveloping two specialized, multidisciplinary biotechnology courses for the CABs curriculum15000Link to Abstract
2003-2004Curriculum Development GrantKrug, PatrickLos AngelesDevelopment of a Drug Discovery class at CSULA11909.48Link to Abstract
2003-2004Curriculum Development GrantPorter, EdithLos AngelesNew cd "Innate Immunity"7620Link to Abstract
2003-2004Curriculum Development GrantPullman, DavidSan DiegoDevelopment of Biologically-Oriented Experiments in the Undergraduate Physical Chemistry Lab4425Link to Abstract
2003-2004Curriculum Development GrantSevier, DaleSan DiegoDistance-Learning Course Development and Presentation : GLC and GCP13875Link to Abstract
2003-2004Curriculum Development GrantWorks, CarmenSonomaDevelopment of a Biochemistry Concentration14999.5Link to Abstract
2003-2004Joint Venture GrantBallard, RuthSacramentoValidation of Reduced Volume Polymerase Chain Reaction (rv-PCR) for DNA Forensic Casework16000Link to Abstract
2003-2004Joint Venture GrantBernstein, SanfordSan DiegoHigh Spatial Resolution Enzyme Kinetic Analysis Using Novel Laser Methods15500Link to Abstract
2003-2004Joint Venture GrantCohen, AmybethFullertonExpression of the Fab Fragment of the Anti-cocaine Antibody in the Green Alga Chlamydomonas19400Link to Abstract
2003-2004Joint Venture GrantEwing, NicholasSacramentoDevelopment of a Large-scale, Low-cost Protein Expression System in Tomato23800Link to Abstract
2003-2004Joint Venture GrantJacobs, DonaldNorthridgeBioinformatic study on correlating protein flexibility with function25000Link to Abstract
2003-2004Joint Venture GrantKitts, ChristopherSan Luis ObispoThe effect of probiotic bacteria on fecal flora and symptoms of patients undergoing antibiotic therapy.22900Link to Abstract
2003-2004Joint Venture GrantPesek, JosephSan JoséPlanar Electrokinetics Chromatography Columns23000Link to Abstract
2003-2004Joint Venture GrantTomasek, PaulNorthridgeDevelopment of a Bioelectrode to Rapidly Detect Pathogenic Bacillus cereus and Bacillus anthracis16000Link to Abstract
2003-2004Joint Venture GrantTong, WilliamSan DiegoUltrasensitive Atomic Fingerprinting of Chemical Agents25000Link to Abstract
2003-2004Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBriones, MarisaNorthridgeMutational Analysis in Dyskeratosis Congenita2500
2003-2004Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBurr, ShaneSacramentoSulfated Colominic Acid and its anti-HIV Activity2500
2003-2004Howell-CSUPERB ScholarFoust, JustinSonomaCharacterization of key structural elements in the activity of anti-Listerial bacteriocin piscicocin V1b2500
2003-2004Howell-CSUPERB ScholarHoward, KeikoFresnoCreation and characterization of a "gene knockout" mutant of thiol peroxidase2500
2003-2004Howell-CSUPERB ScholarKennedy, LisaSan Luis ObispoKinetic Characterization of the Plasmodia falciparum Protein Kinase 6 (PfPK6)2500
2003-2004Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMorgan, TerrySonomaCharacterization of key structural elements in the activity of anti-Listerial bacteriocin piscicocin V1a2500
2003-2004Howell-CSUPERB ScholarRoser, MarySan BernardinoThe Effect of Trehalose on Heat Shock Proteins in Drosophila melanogaster2500
2003-2004Howell-CSUPERB ScholarScott, SarahSan Luis ObispoKinetic Study of PfPK62500
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantBernstein, SanfordSan DiegoAmerican Society for Cell Biology 849
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantBrinegar, ChrisSan JoséRedwood Region Forest Science Symposium 505
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantCohlberg, JeffreyLong BeachBiophysical Society 1000
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantEwing, NicholasSacramentoAnnual Meeting of the American Society of Plant Biologists 500
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantKelly, ColleenSan DiegoJoint Statistical Meetings 1000
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantMcAlpine, ShelliSan DiegoNational ACS meeting in New York1000
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantMoh, MelodySan JoséIEEE Computer Communications Workshop 1000
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantParr, LesleeSan JoséThe XV Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals 950
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantRyu, TaeFullertonRECOMB 2004: The Eighth Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology 500
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantSharp, SandraLos AngelesAmerican Society for Cell Biology 671
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantStauffer, HowardHumboldtEURING 2003 Technical Meeting (European Union for Bird Ringing) 898.61
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantAcey, RogerLong BeachASBMB 1000
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantBernstein, SanfordSan DiegoBiophysical Society Annual700
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantElrod, SusanSan Luis ObispoEuropean Fungal Genetics Conference 1000
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantGrotjahn, DouglasSan DiegoOrganic Reactions Catalysis Society 725
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantHarding , EthelyndaFresnoAmerican Society for Microbiology 938
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantKomives, ClaireSan JoséAmerican Chemical Society 2004641
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantMcAlpine, ShelliSan DiegoBioorganic Gordon Conference 500
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantNichols, ChristopherChicoAmerican Chemical Society National500
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantSchineller, JeffreyHumboldtAmerican Chemical Society National1000
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantSiering, PatriciaHumboldtAmerica Society for Microbiology500
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantSo, WasinSan JoséReconnect Conference 2004: Computational Biology500
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantWilson, MarkHumboldtAmerican Society for Microbiology500
2003-2004Faculty Travel GrantWright, AliceFresnoAmerican Society for Microbiology 1000
2003-2004Student Travel GrantAtherton, AdrianSan Diego226th American Chemical Society National Meeting 685
2003-2004Student Travel GrantBonilla, JanetLos AngelesThe American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting 900
2003-2004Student Travel GrantBriggs, RonSan DiegoAmerican Chemical Society 2003 National Meeting 685
2003-2004Student Travel GrantCarroll, ChrisSan Diego226th Annual ACS Meeting 600
2003-2004Student Travel GrantCulpepper, JackSan JoséIEEE Computer Communications Workshop 603
2003-2004Student Travel GrantGrigorian, MelinaNorthridgeSociety for Neuroscience 900
2003-2004Student Travel GrantLally, DavidSan FranciscoPlant Biology 2003 546
2003-2004Student Travel GrantMedina, SoniaSan Diego226th ACS National Meeting 900
2003-2004Student Travel GrantSarno, ReneeFullertonInterscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 900
2003-2004Student Travel GrantShale, MaggieSan DiegoAmerican Chemical Society National Meeting 800
2003-2004Student Travel GrantToledo, ClaudiaNorthridgeSociety for Neuroscience 900
2003-2004Student Travel GrantWilde, ChristinaSan MarcosSociety for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 708.84
2003-2004Student Travel GrantAguilar, LitzSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society of Microbiology 500
2003-2004Student Travel GrantBurrow, LeisahSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society of Microbiology 500
2003-2004Student Travel GrantColeman, RonaldFullertonASBMB & IUBMB Conference 700
2003-2004Student Travel GrantCorral, RicardoSan DiegoAmerican Chemical Society 666.8
2003-2004Student Travel GrantDavison, MichelleFresnoAmerican Society of Microbiology 750
2003-2004Student Travel GrantEngelbrektson, AnnaSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society of Microbiology 500
2003-2004Student Travel GrantGhosoph, JenniferFresnoAmerican Society of Microbiology 900
2003-2004Student Travel GrantGray , LawrenceFullertonExperimental Biology900
2003-2004Student Travel GrantHarris, MarkNorthridgeSociety for the Study of Evolution900
2003-2004Student Travel GrantLertsethtakarn, PaphaveeFresnoAmerican Society of Microbiology 750
2003-2004Student Travel GrantMettlen, ErinNorthridgeExperimental Biology 900
2003-2004Student Travel GrantMomb, JessicaHumboldtAmerican Chemical Society 900
2003-2004Student Travel GrantNguyen, VincentFullertonASBMB & IUBMB Conference 700
2003-2004Student Travel GrantOztug, ZeynepLong BeachAnnual Biophysical Society Meeting 868.34
2003-2004Student Travel GrantPan, Po-ShenSan DiegoAmerican Chemical Society 666.8
2003-2004Student Travel GrantPhillips, WendySan Luis ObispoAmerican Society of Microbiology 900
2003-2004Student Travel GrantRao, SphoorthyPomonaAmerican Society of Microbiology 900
2003-2004Student Travel GrantSchmidt, LeighFresnoAmerican Society of Microbiology 625
2003-2004Student Travel GrantSereno, RobertStanislausAmerican Chemical Society 750
2003-2004Student Travel GrantVelo, TatianneFullertonExperimental Biology 600
2003-2004Student Travel GrantWrighton, KellySan Luis ObispoAmerican Society of Microbiology 500
2003-2004Andreoli Faculty ServiceBrinegar, ChrisSan JoséAndreoli Faculty Service Award750
2003-2004Faculty Research AwardMeyer, ChristopherFullertonFaculty Research Award750
2003-2004Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardSchafer, JuliaSan DiegoCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award750
2003-2004Don Eden Graduate Research AwardLa, DavidPomonaDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1500
2003-2004Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research AwardHernandez, JimmyFullertonGlen Nagel Undergraduate Student Research Award1500
2003-20040Boothby, JohnSan JoséCSUPERB Discretionary Grant7034
2003-20040Kantardjieff, KatherineFullertonCSUPERB Discretionary Grant14800
2003-20040Abramzon, NinaPomonaInvestigation of Sterilization and Bacterial Biofilms Destruction Using Gas Discharge Plasmas10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Aurelio, OscarFullertonRole of the Zig-7 Gene in Defects of the Rol-6COL3A1 Gene of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type IV10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Blee, KristopherChicoImpacts of Induced Plant Defense Gene Products on Rhizospere Microbiota9911Link to Abstract
2003-20040Brelles-Mariño, GracielaPomonaDetection and Characterization of Quorum-Sensing Compounds of Plan-Associated Bacteria10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Coticone, SulekhaFresnoY Chromosome Based Short Tandem Repeats for Forensic Typing of Sexual Assault Cases10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Demboski, JohnPomonaSurvey and Characterization of Nuclear Markers Across Diverse Mammalian Taxa10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Eggers, DarylSan JoséEffects of Silica Cinfinement on Silica-Interacting Biomolecules10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Groziak, MichaelEast BaySynthesis of Tethered Nucleotides for DNA and RNA Biotechnologies10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Kim, Chul-HyunEast BaySingle Molecule pulling study on RNA pseudonot10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Kirvan, ChristineSacramentoIdentification of Human Neuronal Antigens in Sydenham's Chorea by Novel Use of Phage Display10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Kotchevar, AnneEast BayCytochrome P450 Metabolism of Emerging Organic Contaminants10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Lillig, JenniferSonomaCharacterization of Key Amino Acids in the Membrane Activity of Anti-Listerial Bacteriocins10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Lindert, LisaSan Luis ObispoMechanistic Study of PfPK6, a protein kinase from the malarial parasite Plasmodia flaciparum10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040McAlpine, ShelliSan DiegoThe Development of Organozinc Chemistry for the Synthesis of Novel Antibiotics9500Link to Abstract
2003-20040McReynolds, KatherineSacramentoSynthesis of Water-Soluble dendrimers as multivalent drug carrier molecules10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Porter, EdithLos AngelesLipids: Effectors in Innate Immunity10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Rawat, MamtaFresnoThe Role of Ergothioneine in Mycobacteria 10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Rohwer, ForestSan DiegoDevelopment of Bark Beetle Biocontrol Methods10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Silverman, MichaelPomonaRequest for Microscopy Equipment to Investigate the Targeting of Synaptic Proteins in Neurons9820Link to Abstract
2003-20040Stessman, Nhu-Y TranStanislausSynthesis of a redox active analogue of guanine10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Waters, ElizabethSan DiegoThermal Tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana: Undergraduate Research in Plant Biotechnology10000Link to Abstract
2003-20040Acey, RogerLong BeachPhage Display and its application to proteomics14928
2003-20040Meyer, ChristopherFullertonPolymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Workshops for Community College and High School Educators7910
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantAcey, RogerLong BeachAntibody Engineering using Phage Display20000Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantAllen, WilliamHumboldtInstruction and Research in Forestry Biotechnology for Undergraduate Students13000Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantChatfield, DaleSan DiegoUpgrading a MALDI Mass Spectrometer for Teaching and Research10916Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantChristmann, JamesSonomaImplementation of New Course Development - Introduction to Bioinformatics19832Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantIzaguirre, EnriqueSonomaFilms and Tubular Bio-photonics Materials for Optical Sensors16050Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantKantardjieff, KatherinePomonaElements of Structure-based Drug Design Workshop14875Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantMacher, BruceSan FranciscoInterfacing Mass Spectrometry with Database Searching for Proteomics Research10000Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantMatthes, DavidSan JoséDevelopment of an Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Bioinformatics Curriculum: Phase II15300Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantMetcalf, AnthonySan BernardinoBiotechnology Equipment for Enhancing Curriculum15630Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantNichols, ChristopherChicoDevelopment of a Combinatorial Chemistry Laboratory Course using Automation20000Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantRichardson, WilliamSan DiegoDevelopment of a Course in Molecular Modeling 11120Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantWen, LongSan DiegoGenomics Workshop4000Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantWolfe, GordonChicoAcquisition of a Genetic Analysis Software Package for Bioinformatics Education and Research9570Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantWright, AliceFresnoElectronic Guide for Basic Techniques in Biotechnology and Microbiology20000Link to Abstract
2002-2003Curriculum Development GrantYoungblom, JamesStanislausIntegration of DNA Microarrays into the Science Curriculum10945Link to Abstract
2002-2003Joint Venture GrantBenson, SteveEast BayDevelopment of novel ligands for nuclear receptors PPARa and PPARg19200Link to Abstract
2002-2003Joint Venture GrantCohen, AmybethFullertonExpression of Anti-cocaine Antibodies in the Unicellular Green Alga Chlamydomonas30000Link to Abstract
2002-2003Joint Venture GrantEwing, NicholasSacramentoDevelopment of a Large-scale, Low-cost Protein Expression System in Tomato29619Link to Abstract
2002-2003Joint Venture GrantKomives, ClaireSan JoséCloning and Expression of Olfactory GPCR's in CHO Cells14600Link to Abstract
2002-2003Joint Venture GrantMeyer, ChristopherFullertonDissecting the Structure/function Relationships of Bacterial ADP-Glucose Pyrophosphorylases29320Link to Abstract
2002-2003Joint Venture GrantPerrault, JacquesSan DiegoNovel Virus-based Gene Expression Vector for Biotechnological Applications30000Link to Abstract
2002-2003Joint Venture GrantRank, NathanSonomaMolecular Genetics of Temperature Adaptation in a Montane Leaf Beetle14920Link to Abstract
2002-2003Joint Venture GrantTolmasky, MarceloFullertonInhibition of Expression of Antibiotic Resistance by Antisense Oligonucleotides30000Link to Abstract
2002-2003Joint Venture GrantTong, WilliamSan DiegoStable Non-radioactive Isotopes as Safe Biotracers30000Link to Abstract
2002-2003Howell-CSUPERB ScholarDavison, MichelleFresnoPromoter Activity of tfdR2500
2002-2003Howell-CSUPERB ScholarFrancisco, MarkSonomaMeasuring the Effects of Chromium and Other Transition Metals on Glucose Transport Rates in Mammalian Cells2500
2002-2003Howell-CSUPERB ScholarGilley, CynthiaFullertonPathways of Iron Uptake and Transport in the Caco2 Cell Intestinal Model2500
2002-2003Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMcBride, SaraSan DiegoIn Vivo Binding Studies of Novel Immunosuppressing Protein p21SNFT Using Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Assays2500
2002-2003Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMiner, BrianChicoEffect of Glycemic Index and Obesity on Postmeal Lipemia in Premenopasual Women2500
2002-2003Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSeal, VanessaFullertonRelease of Metastasis-Promoting Tumorigenic Factors from Lung Fibroblasts2500
2002-2003Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSmith, PeterPomonaComparative Studies of the Bioactivity, Efficacy, and Cytokine Production of Different Anti-fungal Polyene Formulations2500
2002-2003Howell-CSUPERB ScholarWhitmire III, WilliamPomonaHSV-2 Vaccine Research2500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantBurns, KevinSan DiegoNew Orleans, Ornithological500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantGrotjahn, DouglasSan DiegoParis, Bioorganometallic chem500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantKantardjieff, KatherineFullertonHamburg, EMBO Prac Course250
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantMartinez, HernanDominguez HillsSan Antonio, Biophysical1000
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantMatthes, DavidSan JoséSan Francisco, Cell350
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantMcAlpine, ShelliSan DiegoSydney, Par Synth Comb Chem500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantMcCaman, RichardFullertonedmonton, Intell. Systems500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantMcGuire, KathleenSan DiegoSantorini, Greece, Sig Trans500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantNorris, BrianSan MarcosOrlando, Neuroscience667
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantPrince, JamesFresnoSan Diego, P & A Genome1000
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantSabbadini, RogerSan DiegoChicago, Heart Assoc.599
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantShen, LarrySonomaGuangzhou, OCS500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantWang, XiongFullertonBeijing, Web-Age Info Managm500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantWhipple, FrederickFullertonCSHL, Cold Spring Harbor500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantAcey, RogerLong BeachFASEB/ASBMB 1000
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantAurelio, OscarFullertonInternational Caenorhabiditis elegans Conference 750
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantCano, RaulSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society for Microbiology716
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantEernisse, DouglasFullertonEvolution500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantEggers, DarylSan JoséEMBO Workshop on 'Biological Implications of Macromolecular Crowding'250
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantKitts, ChristopherSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society for Microbiology1000
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantKomives, ClaireSan JoséAmerican Chemical Society 500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantLinder, MariaFullertonBioIron 2003 500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantMoh, MelodySan JoséInternational Conference on Wireless Networks 1000
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantPerrault, JacquesSan DiegoTwelfth International Conference on Negative Strand Viruses500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantPesek, JosephSan JoséHPLC 2003500
2002-2003Faculty Travel GrantZhang, MasonLong BeachAmerican Society for Microbiology 1000
2002-2003Student Travel GrantKahler-Kupferwasser, DeborahLong BeachSan Francisco,Cell Biol900
2002-2003Student Travel GrantLemus, IbetteDominguez HillsSan Antonio, Biophysical442
2002-2003Student Travel GrantMarcu, LauraFullertonOrlando, FL, Neuroscience900
2002-2003Student Travel GrantMoriya, MizueFullertonSan Francisco, Cell443
2002-2003Student Travel GrantSchreiber, MarkFresnoSan Diego, P and A Genome500
2002-2003Student Travel GrantTaft, BenjaminChicoNew Orleans, Chem Soc893
2002-2003Student Travel GrantWells, CornellSan FranciscoMelbourne and Sydney, Phys.& ins neuro900
2002-2003Student Travel GrantWilde, ChristinaSan MarcosOrlando, FL, Neuroscience287.25
2002-2003Student Travel GrantWilkerson, CullenEast BayFt. Lauderdale, Entymology897.5
2002-2003Student Travel GrantAmaladas, NelushaSan DiegoAmerican Society for Microbiology 103rd General Meeting450
2002-2003Student Travel GrantArora, InderpalSan Diego2003 International Conference on Mathematics and Engineering Techniques in Medicine and Biological Sciences 900
2002-2003Student Travel GrantAzevedo, EnriqueSan DiegoNew Directions in Parallel Synthesis and Combinatorial Chemistry 450
2002-2003Student Travel GrantBaker, BrianLong BeachASBMB Experimental Biology 2003 Translating the Genome 898.35
2002-2003Student Travel GrantBlecha, JosephSan FranciscoAmerican Chemical Society400
2002-2003Student Travel GrantBolla, MeganSan DiegoRACI Peptide Meeting 225
2002-2003Student Travel GrantBreitbart, MyaSan DiegoAmerican Society for Microbiology225
2002-2003Student Travel GrantCrabb, TaraSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society for Microbiology750
2002-2003Student Travel GrantEngelbrektson, AnnaSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society for Microbiology General Meeting750
2002-2003Student Travel GrantFanelli, MichaelSan MarcosAmerican Society for Microbiology General Meeting 900
2002-2003Student Travel GrantFrancisco, MarkSonomaAmerican Chemical Society 805.74
2002-2003Student Travel GrantGirtsman, TeriSan FranciscoAmerican Chemical Society300
2002-2003Student Travel GrantGraham, KristenSonomaWestern Division American Fisheries Society400
2002-2003Student Travel GrantHerr, DeronSan Diego44th Annual Drosophila Research Conference225
2002-2003Student Travel GrantHood, CarolStanislausExperimental Biology meeting in San Diego700
2002-2003Student Travel GrantKidane, TheodrosFullertonWorld Congress on Iron Metabolism 225
2002-2003Student Travel GrantKwok, AlbertSan JoséInternational Conference on Wireless Networks893
2002-2003Student Travel GrantLerno, LarryStanislausExperimental Biology Conference700
2002-2003Student Travel GrantLiotta , LisaSan DiegoACS Conference 850
2002-2003Student Travel GrantMackenzie, EmaleeLong BeachAmerican Society of Microbiology 900
2002-2003Student Travel GrantMoriya, MizueFullertonWorld Congress on Iron Metabolism 225
2002-2003Student Travel GrantPeters, ChristopherSan Diego2003 International Conference on Mathematics and Engineering Techniques in Medicine and Biological Sciences 225
2002-2003Student Travel GrantPhan, VanSan Diego44th Annual Drosophila Research Conference900
2002-2003Student Travel GrantPhillips, WendySan Luis ObispoGeneral Meeting of American Society for Microbiology900
2002-2003Student Travel GrantPresley, LauraSan Luis ObispoASM general meeting900
2002-2003Student Travel GrantRobinson, JenniferSan DiegoAmerican Chemical Society National Meeting840
2002-2003Student Travel GrantSanchez, BeckySan DiegoAnnual Biophysical Society Meeting225
2002-2003Student Travel GrantSmith, KateSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society of Microbiology 2003 General Meeting900
2002-2003Student Travel GrantToriyabe, YokoSan FranciscoAmerican Chemical Society898.5
2002-2003Student Travel GrantTunnell, ChrystalChicoACS National Meeting and Exposition885
2002-2003Student Travel GrantVillareal, ValerieLos AngelesHPLC 2003 900
2002-2003Student Travel GrantWegley, LindaSan DiegoAmerican Society of Limnology and Oceanography 225
2002-2003Student Travel GrantWilcoxson, JesseSan Luis ObispoAmerican Society for Microbiology (General Meeting)225
2002-2003Andreoli Faculty ServiceBayliss, FrankSan FranciscoAndreoli Faculty Service Award750
2002-2003Faculty Research AwardKrisans, SkaidriteSan DiegoFaculty Research Award750
2002-2003Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardHa, Hongphuc "Rick"FullertonCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award750
2002-2003Don Eden Graduate Research AwardShukla, UshmaPomonaDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1500
2002-20030Boothby, JohnSan JoséCSUPERB Discretionary Grant19000
2002-20030Kantardjieff, KatherineFullertonCSUPERB Discretionary Grant14800
2002-20030Komives, ClaireSan JoséCSUPERB Discretionary Grant13508
2002-20030Collins, ElaineSan JoséFlexibility Enhanced Binding of Tat Peptides to TAR RNA12620Link to Abstract
2002-20030Harris, GregSan DiegoMolecular Genetic Analysis of Sphingolipid Function in Drosophila10000Link to Abstract
2002-20030Khatra, BalwantLong BeachRole of O-GlcNAc Transferase in the Regulation of Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 Activity15000Link to Abstract
2002-20030Marykwas, DonnaLong BeachMolecular and Genetic Analysis of Archaeal Motility in Marine Methanococci15000Link to Abstract
2002-20030May-Newman, KarenSan DiegoFluid Dynamics of the Heart During Left Ventricular Assistance15000Link to Abstract
2002-20030Medh, Jheem and RheemNorthridgeRole of the Antiproliferative Gene BTG1 in Modulation of Microphage Function and Atherosclerosis15000Link to Abstract
2002-20030Parr, LesleeSan JoséMolecular Genetic Approaches in Determining the Size and Spacing of Marine Reserves14960Link to Abstract
2002-20030Ramirez-Weber, Felipe-AndresFullertonIn Vivo Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Morphogen Receptors in Drosophila15000Link to Abstract
2002-20030Salmassi, TinaLos AngelesUndergraduate Research on Microbial Transformations of Arsenic in Geothermal Waters15000Link to Abstract
2002-20030Schierenbeck, KristinaChicoAFLP Analysis of Hybridization Between Native and Non-native Species14910Link to Abstract
2002-20030Schineller, JeffreyHumboldtQuorum Sensing in Bacteria, what are they talking about?15000Link to Abstract
2002-20030Siering, PatriciaHumboldtMolecular Investigations of Life in Boiling Acid15000Link to Abstract
2002-20030Vredevoe, LarisaSan Luis ObispoCharacterization of Borrelia spp. Isolated from Rodents on the Central California Coast15000Link to Abstract
2002-20030Zeller, RobertSan DiegoA Bioinformatics Approach to Study Gene Regulatory Networks in Ascidian Embryos15000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantAttar, SaeedFresnoDevelopment of a New Laboratory Course in Advanced Synthesis and Spectroscopy19920Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantBolanos, TheresaSan Luis ObispoDevelopment of a Biotechnology Educational Program for Middle School and high School Teachers20000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantBrinegar, ChrisSan JoséEquipment for a Multi-user Environmental Biotechnology and Biodiversity Laboratory at a Bay Area Field Station20000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantBuyuksonmez, FatihSan DiegoInstrumentation to Enhance the Safety in the Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory6506.95Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantChristmann, JamesSonomaMobile Computer Lab for Support of Bioinformatics Instruction and Curriculum Development19558Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantDe Noble, AlexSan DiegoCreating a 500 Level Course in Entrepreneurial Development Proposal for Joint Venture Matching Funds14500Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantEernisse, DouglasFullertonEnhancement of Manuals and Associated Custom Software for Computer Lab Bioinformatics Courses13550Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantElrod, SusanSan Luis ObispoBioinformatics Computational Resources20000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantEskandari, SepehrPomonaElectrophysiological Screening of Drugs in Xenopus laevis Oocytes20000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantJankay, PeterSan Luis ObispoUndergraduate Biotechnology Augmentation17623.75Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantMatthes, DavidSan JoséPhase I Development of an Interdisciplinary Biology/Computer Science Undergraduate Bioinformatics Curriculum15000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantMetz, EdwardHumboldtDevelopment of Molecular Marker Laboratory Resource Facilities for Research Training19494Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantReiss, JohnHumboldtEquipment for Biotechnology Research and Instruction12790Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantYengoyan, LeonSan JoséCapillary Electrophoresis Instrumentation for Biotechnology Teaching/Short Course Program at San Jose State University14000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantGundersen, LarrySan DiegoDistance-Learning Course Development and Presentation : GLC and GCP20000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantJaisen, PaulSan MarcosComputer Modeling Throughout the Chemistry Curriculum10364Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantKovacs, ShirleyFresnoFeasibility Study for Implementing a Professional Master's Degree in Biotechnology25000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Curriculum Development GrantLin, Wei-JenPomonaDevelopment of a pharmaceutical quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) laboratory course24000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantBernstein, SanfordSan DiegoMolecular Modeling and Imaging in Collaboration with the Scripps Research Institute17840Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantBernstein, SanfordSan DiegoMolecular Modeling and Imaging in Collaboration with the Scripps Research Institute13295Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantCano, RaulSan Luis ObispoElucidation on Mode of Action of Basic Peptides of Neutrophil Origin24820Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantCrawford, SusanSacramentoSolid State NMR Studies Examining the Molecular Interactions between Water Purification Materials and Dissolved Organic Carbon Impurities in Source Natural Waters30000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantDixon, BeverlyEast BayIsolation and Identification of Cellulytic Bacteria from Environmental Sources for Use in Commercial Fermentation Systems13350Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantDixon, WendyPomonaDevelopment of Biotechnology Core Equipment Facility for Microbial Gene and Protein Expression29904Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantElrod, SusanSan Luis ObispoAnalysis of Fungal Molecular Diversity During Phytoremediation in a Petroleum-Contaminated Dune System26500Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantEwing, NicholasSacramentoPhase II Development of Large-Scale, Low-Cost Production of Antibodies in Tomato23680Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantKoch, RobertFullertonCenter for Applied BioComputing, BioEngineering and, BioPharmaceutical Studies (CAB3S) Planning Meetings and BioBusiness Symposium17465Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantLindgren, SusanneSacramentoInstrumentation for a Molecular Biology Interdisciplinary Facility30000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantLois, RodrigoFullertonGene Function and Expression Analyses using Real Time RT PCR Instrumentation30000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantRead, BetsySan MarcosMicroarrayer Product Design and Development30000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantSharp, SandraLos AngelesInternships in Bioinformatics for Senior Undergraduate and Postbaccalaureate Students15000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantTolmasky, MarceloFullertonInhibition of Expression of Antibiotic Resistance by Antisense Oligonucleotides27178Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantTong, WilliamSan DiegoMulti-Photon Laser-Based Sensitive Optical Absorption Bioanalytical Methods20000Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantYoungblom, JaneyStanislausAge Determination and Genetic Analysis of Chinook Salmon in the California Central Valley13300Link to Abstract
2001-2002Joint Venture GrantZhou, FeimengLos AngelesDevelopment of a Label-Free DNA Chip Reader26886Link to Abstract
2001-2002Howell-CSUPERB ScholarButtler, BrynSacramentoTime Dependent Induction of Vitamin D 24-Hydroxylase by 1,25 Dihydroxyvitamin D3 in Breast Cancer Cell Lines2500
2001-2002Howell-CSUPERB ScholarO'Roak, BrianFresnoInduction of Programmed Cell Death in Caenorhabditis elegans Using TAT Transduction Domain Fusion Cell Death Proteins2500
2001-2002Howell-CSUPERB ScholarPhin, SopheapLong BeachStudy of the Role of Protein Phosphorylation in Regulation of S6K2 Activity2500
2001-2002Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSondeno, RachaelStanislausThe Feasibility of Applying Chromosome Microdissection to the Field of Clinical Molecular Cytogenic Diagnosis2500
2001-2002Howell-CSUPERB ScholarSoto, MarcoSacramentoGlycodendrimers and HIV2500
2001-2002Howell-CSUPERB ScholarWilliams, BryanSan DiegoFluid Dynamics of the Heart during Left Ventricle Assistance2500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantBernstein, SanfordSan DiegoBiophysical Soc.500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantDixon, ChipHumboldtGenomics Seminar150
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantEldon, ElizabethLong BeachNSF Evol. Biol. Wkshop500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantEwing, NicholasSacramentoAm. Soc. Plant Biol.1000
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantKelley, KevinLong BeachSICB1000
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantKomives, ClaireSan JoséAm Insti. Chem. Engin1000
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantLinder, MariaFullertonBioIron 2001500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantMatthes, DavidSan JoséAm.Soc. Hum. Gen.500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantMcAlpine, ShelliSan DiegoComb. Chem. Symp1000
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantMetzenberg, AidaNorthridgeAm.Soc. Hum. Gen.500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantParr, LesleeSan JoséMarine Mammals Conf.500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantSteele, KellyEast BayBotany 20011000
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantBallard, RuthSacramentoDNA Forensics, 6/27-28; Washington DC800
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantBoothby, JohnSan JoséASM; 5/19-23; Salt Lake City500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantCano, RaulSan Luis ObispoASM; 5/18-23; Salt Lake City558
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantCochlan, WilliamSan FranciscoOceanography . . .;6/10-14; Victoria BC1000
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantDouthwright, JeanSan Luis ObispoASM; 5/19-23; Salt Lake City500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantElrod, SusanSan Luis ObispoASM; 5/17-23; Salt Lake City1000
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantEnssani, ElaheSan FranciscoWater Resources; 3/23-27; Kuwait500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantKantardjieff, KatherineFullertonIUCrystallography; 8/6-15; Geneva500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantLinder, MariaFullertonFASEB; end of April; New Orleans1000
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantMeyer, ChristopherFullertonFASEB; 4/20-24; New Orleans600
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantSharp, SandraLos AngelesFASEB; 4/20-24; New Orleans750
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantSpicer, GregSan FranciscoEvol. Soc.; 6/28-7/2; champaign-urb1000
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantTerrill, RogerSan JoséACS; 4/5-10; Orlando500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantTsukimura, BrianFresnoAmer Ass for the Advancement of Science, Hawaii, June 12-16, 20021000
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantVredevoe, LarisaSan Luis ObispoASM; 5/19-23; Salt Lake City500
2001-2002Faculty Travel GrantZoellner, RobertHumboldtNCUR2002; 4/25-27; U. Wis.1000
2001-2002Student Travel GrantAmer, AnneFullertonSoc. Neuroscience415
2001-2002Student Travel GrantBolla, MeganSan DiegoComb. Chem. Sym500
2001-2002Student Travel GrantBower, KristenSan DiegoKeystone Symp. T Lymph.400
2001-2002Student Travel GrantBreitbart, MyaSan Diego2002 Ocean Sciences708
2001-2002Student Travel GrantGalvan, JuanSan DiegoComb. Chem. Sym500
2001-2002Student Travel GrantGuillen, JoseSan DiegoComb. Chem. Sym500
2001-2002Student Travel GrantTaylor, RachelSan DiegoComb. Chem. Sym500
2001-2002Student Travel GrantWarren, AnneSan DiegoComb. Chem. Sym500
2001-2002Student Travel GrantAgee, AprilFullertonAAAS; 6/12-16; Hawaii450
2001-2002Student Travel GrantBerger, ChristopherFullertonFASEB;4/19-24/NO,LA450
2001-2002Student Travel GrantBurton, JeremyPomonaASM; 5/19-23;SaltLake750
2001-2002Student Travel GrantDi Candia, Maria RitaSan FranciscoSoc.Stud.Evol.; 6/28-7/2; U. Ill360
2001-2002Student Travel GrantDiaz, JovitaFresnoBioremed . .; 6/9-12; Pacific Grove500
2001-2002Student Travel GrantDingle, CarolineSan FranciscoSoc.Stud.Evol.; 6/28-7/2; U. Ill750
2001-2002Student Travel GrantFlores, LeonaFullertonAAAS; 6/12-16; Hawaii450
2001-2002Student Travel GrantGibbs, DavidPomonaASM; 5/19-23;SaltLake403
2001-2002Student Travel GrantGirtsman, TeriSan FranciscoACS; 4/6- 11; Orlando843
2001-2002Student Travel GrantHernandez, JimmyFullertonFASEB;4/19-24/NO,LA340
2001-2002Student Travel GrantHopper, JulieSan Luis ObispoASM; 5/19-23;SaltLake677
2001-2002Student Travel GrantHoward, RachealSan FranciscoLimnology…; 6/10-14; Victoria900
2001-2002Student Travel GrantIwata, NahokoLos AngelesFASEB;4/19-24/NO,LA900
2001-2002Student Travel GrantJankowski, BorisFullertonFASEB;4/19-24/NO,LA450
2001-2002Student Travel GrantJuska, ChristineFullertonTrace Elements; 6/2-6; Berkeley850
2001-2002Student Travel GrantKaplan, ChrisSan Luis ObispoASM; 5/19-23;SaltLake900
2001-2002Student Travel GrantKaufman, JessicaSan MarcosASM; 5/19-23;SaltLake900
2001-2002Student Travel GrantKidane, TheodrosFullertonTrace Elements; 6/2-6; Berkeley900
2001-2002Student Travel GrantKwan, GloriaFullertonFASEB;4/19-24/NO,LA845
2001-2002Student Travel GrantLieu, SerenaFullertonFASEB;4/19-24/NO,LA600
2001-2002Student Travel GrantLord, NancySan Luis ObispoASM; 5/19-23;SaltLake825.5
2001-2002Student Travel GrantMartinez, AliciaSan FranciscoACS; 4/6- 11; Orlando900
2001-2002Student Travel GrantMoriya, MizueFullertonFASEB;4/19-24/NO,LA900
2001-2002Student Travel GrantPhin, SopheapLong BeachFASEB;4/19-24/NO,LA900
2001-2002Student Travel GrantPolder, NephiFullertonFASEB;4/19-24/NO,LA600
2001-2002Student Travel GrantSarno, ReneeFullertonASM500
2001-2002Student Travel GrantSchmidt, LeighFresnoASM; 5/19-23;SaltLake350
2001-2002Student Travel GrantSclafani, PeterSacramentoDNA Forensic; June; Wash.DC706
2001-2002Student Travel GrantSilhavy, JenniferSan Luis ObispoASM; 5/19-23;SaltLake686
2001-2002Student Travel GrantSirajuddin, AyeshaPomonaInvest. Dermat; 5/15-18;LosAng861
2001-2002Student Travel GrantSpiker, DarciSan Luis ObispoASM; 5/19-23;SaltLake825.5
2001-2002Student Travel GrantStoynova, LudmilaSan JoséFASEB;4/19-24/NO,LA900
2001-2002Student Travel GrantSuree, NutteeFullertonFASEB;4/19-24/NO,LA360
2001-2002Student Travel GrantTran, ViviPomonaASM; 5/19-23;SaltLake450
2001-2002Student Travel GrantWilcoxson, JesseSan Luis ObispoASM; 5/19-23;SaltLake813.5
2001-2002Student Travel GrantZangeneh, MondonaSan JoséACS; 4/6- 11; Orlando400
2001-2002Andreoli Faculty ServiceKovacs, ShirleyFresnoAndreoli Faculty Service Award750
2001-2002Faculty Research AwardTolmasky, MarceloFullertonFaculty Research Award750
2001-2002Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardNeuberger, MonicaSan DiegoCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award750
2001-2002Don Eden Graduate Research AwardSilverio, CatherineLos AngelesDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1500
2001-20020Komives, ClaireSan JoséCSUPERB Discretionary Grant13331
2001-20020Saccoman, StefaniePomonaCSUPERB Discretionary Grant6093.29
2001-20020Bernstein, SanfordSan DiegoBioethics in the Molecular Life Sciences17840
2001-20020Gundersen, LarrySan DiegoDistance-Learning Course Development and Presentation : GLC and GCP20000
2001-20020Jaisen, PaulSan MarcosComputer Modeling Throughout the Chemistry Curriculum10364
2001-20020Kovacs, ShirleyFresnoFeasibility Study for Implementing a Professional Master's Degree in Biotechnology25000
2001-20020Lin, Wei-JenPomonaDevelopment of a pharmaceutical quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) laboratory course24000
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantBenson, SteveEast BayCurriculum Development: Bioinformatics15121Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantGirman, DerekSonomaCurriculum Development (K-14) Related to Biotechnology8800Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantKibler, RuthannSan JoséIntroducing Flow Cytometry as a Teaching/Research Tool at CSU Campuses5000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantKomives, ClaireSan JoséAcquisition of Equipment for Student Training in Metabolic Engineering8000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantMatthes, DavidSan JoséDevelopment of an Integrated Bioinformatics Infrastructure and Curriculum20000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantVarkey, JacobHumboldtSupport for Light Microscopy Facility at Humboldt State University18800Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantCohlberg, JeffreyLong BeachMolecular Modeling in Introductory Biochemistry Courses5000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantEskandari, SepehrPomonaData Acquisition and Analysis in the Modern Physiology Teaching Laboratory20000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantLevine, ElenaSan Luis ObispoDigital Camera and Monitor for Fluorescence Microscope9500Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantReiss, JohnHumboldtSequencer: Networked Software for DNA Sequence Acquisition and Analysis8119Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantSiering, PatriciaHumboldtExpanding Biotechnology Curriculum at Humboldt State University18000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantTomasek, PaulNorthridgeEnhancing CSUN Biotechnology Program through Multi-Well10542Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantVeregge, SallySan JoséEnhancement of Computing Capability for Bioinformatics Curricula20000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantYoungblom, JaneyStanislausConfocal Microscopy Exhibit at a Science and Technology Museum20000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Curriculum Development GrantZechman, FrederickFresnoA Bioinformatics Computer Lab for CSU Fresno20000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantBrinegar, ChrisSan JoséThe SJSU Biotechnology Short Course Program4300Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantCohen, AmybethFullertonExpression of Antibodies in the Unicellular Green Alga chlamydomonas reinhardtii30000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantDixon, RoySacramentoIncorporation of Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis into the Analytical Chemistry Lab15474Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantEwing, NicholasSacramentoLarge-Scale, Low-Cost Production of Antibodies in Plants: A Tomato Expression System20045Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantGarcia, DeniseSan MarcosGenome Organization and Molecular Detection of Taura Syndrome Virus (TSV) of Penaeid Shrimp (Penaeus sp.)19000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantGirman, DerekSonomaMolecular Genetic Techniques Training11170Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantMeyer, ChristopherFullertonStructure/Function Studies of Diverse Bacterial ADP-Glucose Pyrophosphorylases11500Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantRank, NathanSonomaInfrastructure Development Related to Research in Biotechnology8646Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantTolmasky, MarceloFullertonDealing with Antibiotic Resistance: Antisense Technology26663Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantTong, WilliamSan DiegoNovel Biosensors Based on Sensitive Multi-Photon Laser Wave Mixing27500Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantBallard, RuthSacramentoAdaptation of the Situ PCR for Forensic Typing of Nuclear DNA from Shed Hair29366Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantBoothby, JohnSan JoséImmunomagnetic Flow of Listeria Monocytogenes in Foods10000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantBuckley, NancyPomonaCapillary Electrophoresis Applications in Cellular and Molecular Biology30000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantKrisans, SkaidnteSan DiegoNovel Genes of the Cholesterol Biosynthesis Pathway14620Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantMay-Newman, KarenSan DiegoImprovement of 3-D MCE and its application to studying cardiac function19100Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantMcGuire, KathleenSan DiegoEnhancing a natural product to develop novel immunosuppressive agents20000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantRead, BetsySan MarcosMolecular Aspects of the Life Cycle and Biominerialization in E. huxleyi15000Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantTsoukas, ConstantineSan DiegoThe Tyrosine Kinase Emt and Signaling through the T cell Antigen Receptor25500Link to Abstract
2000-2001Joint Venture GrantZyskind, JudithSan DiegoIdentification of New Antibiotic Targets using BACs9357Link to Abstract
2000-2001Howell-CSUPERB ScholarBell, Ashley BakersfieldPharmaceutical Prospecting of Medicinal Herbs: A Search for New Medicines from the White Horehound (Marrubium vulgare)2500
2000-2001Howell-CSUPERB ScholarCoope, SharonSan BernardinoThe Effects of Alpha-and Beta-hydroxyallenes on the Growth of Human Breast Carcinoma Cells2500
2000-2001Howell-CSUPERB ScholarFernandez, MarySan JoséTime Course of Ultrastructural Recovery in the Nigrostriatal Pathway of Parkinsonian Mice2500
2000-2001Howell-CSUPERB ScholarGalicia, VivianLos AngelesRegulation of Phosphodiesterase-5 Expression in Ovarian Granulosa Cells2500
2000-2001Howell-CSUPERB ScholarKaddis, JohnLos AngelesCompetitive Binding Flow-Through Partial-Filling Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis (CBFTPFACE)2500
2000-2001Howell-CSUPERB ScholarMayoral, SoniaSan JoséDrosophila semaphorin 1b: Cloning, Developmental Expression and Genetic Analysis2500
2000-2001Howell-CSUPERB ScholarO'Roak, BrianFresnoIncreasing Protein Uptake in Nematodes by Using the Transduction Domain of the HIV Trans-Activating Protein2500
2000-2001Howell-CSUPERB ScholarPulido, ErikSan JoséCharacterization of Ten Mutants on the Nuclear Receptor for 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D32500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantBernstein, SanfordSan DiegoAAAS500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantKibler, RuthannSan JoséInternational Society of Analytical Cytology400
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantStone, KoniStanislausAmerican Chemical Society200
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantStumph, WilliamSan DiegoRNA Polymerase Conference500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantAdler-Moore, JillPomonaFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantAdler-Moore, JillPomonaFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantBenson, SteveEast BayFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantBernstein, SanfordSan DiegoAAAS500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantCano, RaulSan Luis ObispoFaculty Travel Award452
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantElrod, SusanSan Luis ObispoFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantMatthes, DavidSan JoséFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantMcGuire, KathleenSan DiegoFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantNg, KarnoSan MarcosFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantPal, BijayPomonaFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantRank, NathanSonomaFaculty Travel Award300
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantSiering, PatriciaHumboldtFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantTerrill, RogerSan JoséFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantVerica, JosephSan FranciscoFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantWilson, MarkHumboldtFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Faculty Travel GrantZyskind, JudithSan DiegoFaculty Travel Award500
2000-2001Student Travel GrantBekendam, PeterFullertonStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantBerger, ChristopherFullertonASBMB900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantDamle, SagarLos AngelesMolecular Biology of Muscle Development and Disease624
2000-2001Student Travel GrantGrigorian, AlineSan DiegoAmerican Society of Microbiology880
2000-2001Student Travel GrantJankowski, BorisFullertonASBMB900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantKimura, MariSan FranciscoStudent Travel Award766
2000-2001Student Travel GrantKirschke, CathieSacramentoAmerican Society of Plant Physiologists119
2000-2001Student Travel GrantLo, LouisFullertonStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantOrosco, LoriFresnoStudent Travel Award155
2000-2001Student Travel GrantPhongsavanh, SomchanhFresnoStudent Travel Award155
2000-2001Student Travel GrantSmith, JustinFullertonASBMB900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantSong, LucianaPomonaLiposome Research Days Conference700
2000-2001Student Travel GrantZamany, MehranFullertonStudent Travel Award880
2000-2001Student Travel GrantBernard, AnnSan Luis ObispoStudent Travel Award404
2000-2001Student Travel GrantBoulom, ValyPomonaStudent Travel Award125.5
2000-2001Student Travel GrantBurton, JeremyPomonaStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantDahlquist, ChristineSan Luis ObispoStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantFearnley, ShannonSonomaStudent Travel Award99.5
2000-2001Student Travel GrantGrigorian, AlineSan DiegoStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantHerr, DeronSan DiegoStudent Travel Award839.33
2000-2001Student Travel GrantLord, NancySan Luis ObispoStudent Travel Award475
2000-2001Student Travel GrantLum, KennethPomonaStudent Travel Award125.5
2000-2001Student Travel GrantMohan, ArchanaFresnoStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantMorrison, LisaSan DiegoStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantO’Brien, NicoleSan DiegoStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantPalacios, GilbertoSonomaStudent Travel Award139.8
2000-2001Student Travel GrantPerez, MartinSan FranciscoStudent Travel Award99.5
2000-2001Student Travel GrantPerez, MartinSan FranciscoStudent Travel Award1000
2000-2001Student Travel GrantPetchpud, ApiradaLos AngelesStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantPham, HuongFullertonStudent Travel Award800
2000-2001Student Travel GrantSaid, NancyPomonaStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantShem, DianaSan FranciscoStudent Travel Award99.5
2000-2001Student Travel GrantSilhavy, JenniferSan Luis ObispoStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantSindhu, HemantPomonaStudent Travel Award740
2000-2001Student Travel GrantSkalak, MarthaSan FranciscoStudent Travel Award116.7
2000-2001Student Travel GrantSmith, KatherineBakersfieldStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantSong, LucianaPomonaStudent Travel Award900
2000-2001Student Travel GrantWeinsetel, NataliaFullertonStudent Travel Award806
2000-2001Student Travel GrantYang, LiyaEast BayStudent Travel Award166.5
2000-2001Andreoli Faculty ServiceWeber, BruceFullertonAndreoli Faculty Service Award750
2000-2001Faculty Research AwardGlembotski, ChrisSan DiegoFaculty Research Award750
2000-2001Crellin Pauling Student Teaching AwardLauman, DinaSonomaCrellin Paulin Student Teaching Award750
2000-2001Don Eden Graduate Research AwardPerez, MartinSan FranciscoDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1500
2000-2001Don Eden Graduate Research AwardShem, DianaSan FranciscoDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1500
2000-2001Don Eden Graduate Research AwardSuggs, JenniferSan DiegoDon Eden Graduate Student Research Award1500
2000-20010Boothby, JohnSan JoséCSUPERB Discretionary Grant14966
2000-20010Boothby, JohnSan JoséCSUPERB Discretionary Grant24000
2000-20010Komives, ClaireSan JoséCSUPERB Discretionary Grant13161
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantAdler-Moore, JillPomonaDevelopment of a Three-Tiered Biotechnology Curriculum18000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantBenson, SteveEast BayBiotechnology Certificate Program (BCP) Equipment Request11450Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantBernstein, RickSan FranciscoWeb-based Bioinformatics Course5000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantBournias-Vardiabasis, NicoleSan BernardinoMolecular Biology Certificate Program11900Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantBrinegar, ChrisSan JoséDevelopment of a Mammalian Cell Bioreactor Laboratory20000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantElrod, SusanSan Luis ObispoMolecular Biology Training Laboratory20000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantGirman, DerekSonomaBiotechnology Curriculum and Infrastructure Development20000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantGordon, StuartSan DiegoTechnology Transfer Internship Program5400Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantHill, JamesSacramentoBiological Applications of NMR10700Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantManning, BruceSan FranciscoSpeciation of Arsenic, Chromium, and Selenium Microbial Reaction Products2050Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantMobley, PatrickPomonaBiomolecular Modeling in the CSU and Community College Classroom7978Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantPelaez, NancyFullertonBioinformatics On-line for Science Teachers14041Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantPrince, JamesFresnoCreating Academic-industrial Linkages: A Central California Agricultural Biotechnology Symposium14300Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantRead, BetsySan MarcosAcquisition of Luminex 100 Instrumentation20000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantRussell, JackSacramentoA PC Cluster for Molecular Modeling12914Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantShubin, CarolNorthridgeInterdisciplinary Seminar Series8112.5Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantSummers, MichaelNorthridgeEquipment to Upgrade the Bacterial Diversity and Microbial Ecology Courses4735Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantTomasek, PaulNorthridgeUpgrade CSUN ABI Prism Model 377 Automated DNA Sequencer15000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantTroncale, LenPomonaDedicated Lab for a Bioinformatics Survey Course and for Offering Bioinformatics Case Studies throughout the Curriculum20000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantVarkey, JacobHumboldtStudent and Faculty Research Enhancement at Humboldt State University5143Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantVillablanca, FrancisSan Luis ObispoBioinformatics Course Development at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo: Contributing to System-wide Curricula in Biotechnology20000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantWang, RobertSan DiegoRegulatory Affairs Training for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device Industries via the Internet15400Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantWright, AliceFresnoApplied Biotechnology, Internship and Course3500Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantZechman, FrederickFresnoInitiate a Bioinformatics Program at California State University, Fresno19000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Curriculum Development GrantZoellner, RobertHumboldtBiomolecular Computational Modeling Software for Biochemistry Curricular Enhancement13000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantAdler-Moore, JillPomonaDevelopment of Vaccine Technology19350Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantBaysdorfer, ChrisEast BayGenetic Engineering of Acetogenic Microbes7150Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantBenitez, JorgeFresnoIntroduction of proteome research and instructional exercises in higher education5000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantBenson, SteveEast BayCSU Hayward and Bethesda Pharmaceuticals19560Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantBerkman, CliffordSan FranciscoSFSU - Human Biomolecular Research Institute11900Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantBernstein, SanfordSan DiegoCollaborative Research with Scripps Research Institute18517Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantCano, RaulSan Luis ObispoBioremediation Symposium11600Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantEllis, DavidSan FranciscoMathematical Modeling and Quantitation of Competitive PCR14000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantElrod, SusanSan Luis ObispoFungal Diversity Assessment of a Petroleum-Degrading Microbial Community14250Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantGlembotski, ChrisSan DiegoEnhancement of Imaging Facility at San Diego30000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantHarris, GregSan DiegoSan Diego Biotechnology Symposium1000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantMason, AndrewLong BeachDevelopment of an Integrated HPLC-ICPMS System13213Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantOno, JoyceFullertonIntroduction of Sensitive, Non-Radioactive Detection Techniques in a Re-designed Biology Major's Curriculum at Cal State Fullerton30000Link to Abstract
1999-2000Joint Venture GrantStewart, ChrisSan DiegoSan Diego Workshop for University Faculty Incorporating Use of the Biotech Workbench1460Link to Abstract
1999-2000Faculty Travel GrantKoch, RobertFullertonASCB500
1999-2000Faculty Travel GrantYoungblom, JaneyStanislausASCB500
1999-2000Student Travel GrantCrabtree, ChristinaLong Beach9th Annual Western Photosynthesis Conference350
1999-2000Student Travel GrantFabrey, RobynPomonaFocus on Fungal Infection900
1999-2000Student Travel GrantGalvan-Rueckert, FloraSacramentoAmerican Chemical Society325
1999-2000Student Travel GrantHogue, VictoriaSan FranciscoOcean Sciences Meeting710
1999-2000Student Travel GrantHurtado, NancyFullertonASCB765
1999-2000Student Travel GrantLinford, AliciaLong Beach9th Annual Western Photosynthesis Conference325
1999-2000Student Travel GrantLotfizadeh, AliFullertonASCB765.75
1999-2000Student Travel GrantPeterson, MichaelLong Beach9th Annual Western Photosynthesis Conference325
1999-2000Student Travel GrantPotter, SarahEast BayEntomological Society of America793
1999-2000Student Travel GrantRostamiani, KarolineNorthridgeAmerican Society of Human Genetics900
1999-2000Student Travel GrantSmyth, NathanSacramentoAmerican Chemical Society325
1999-2000Student Travel GrantWisedchaisri, GoragotFullertonAmerican Chemical Society585
1999-2000Andreoli Faculty ServiceBragin, JosephLos AngelesAndreoli Faculty Service Award750
1999-2000Faculty Research AwardKoch, RobertFullertonFaculty Research Award750
1999-20000Adler-Moore, JillPomonaSaturday Workshop Series: Product Discovery through Product Development13930
1999-20000Benson, SteveEast BayCell Culture Techniques12500
1999-20000Chapman, BarbaraSan MarcosOnline, Asynchronous Workshop for Bioinformatics Course Development5000
1999-20000Gordon, StuartSan DiegoTechnology Transfer Workshop10050
1999-20000Meyer, ChristopherFullertonGenomic Biology Workshop3300
1999-20000Stubbs, JohnSan FranciscoSFSU/SFUSD Biotechnology Workshop6000
1999-20000Youngblom, JaneyStanislausFlourescence and Confocal Microscopy Workshop16555